Kris Boyd Latest Slander Against Celtic Fans Shows The Dangers Of This “Friendly.”

Image for Kris Boyd Latest Slander Against Celtic Fans Shows The Dangers Of This “Friendly.”

Yesterday, Kris Boyd launched an attack on Ibrox and Celtic Park simultaneously, accusing both clubs of having supporters who shouldn’t be allowed to export their bigotry to Australia.

I think it’s a pretty outrageous slur on the Celtic fans.

Yet it’s an example of exactly what I was talking about; the awful prospect of “guilt by association.”

Here’s this muppet falsely tarring us with their brush not only before anything has actually happened but actually months before the match takes place.

“The religious bigotry in the West of Scotland is something I’ve lived through my entire life, and for thousands of people that’s what Rangers and Celtic are all about,” he wrote. “What is there to be gained from taking that hatred to the other side of the world? You only need to look at banners on show at their games in midweek, and listen to the songs that were sung to realise this just cannot be allowed to happen.”

Our banners were objections to our own board, so I fail to see where the hateful connotations are.

Their banners – and songs – on the other hand … disgusting, as I pointed out in a piece just the other day.

Boyd has, in effect, smeared us with their shit.

It will not be the last time that happens if this fixture goes ahead.

His comments about our fans are a disgrace when it is the Ibrox fans who have bounced to racist chants over the last few weeks, but this is precisely what we’ve warned about.

If that game turns into something shameful – and their fans will almost certainly bring that about – then our global reputation won’t be enhanced; it’ll be harmed.

It is naïve, at best, to think that you can travel abroad to play a fixture notorious only for its level of hate and escape any odium which comes from those who might not enjoy the exposure to that kind of atmosphere.

It won’t matter whether it’s their fans who cause it or not; our media certainly won’t care.

We’ve seen “Shame Games” happen here when in fact only one side behaved shamefully.

The one at Celtic Park involving Lennon and McCoist was only one example.

Boyd has also called for their club to be the ones who cancel the fixture.

I think that if their fans continue to so vocally oppose it the pressure on them will grow and grow until they are looking for an excuse to.

But his attack on our supporters shows exactly why this fixture is dangerous to our club and why we should not be anywhere near it. The dangers of it are obvious to anyone who opens their eyes, and I cannot believe that our board has agreed to it.

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  • Sean says:

    James I’m sorry but your away with the ferries if you think our fans are whiter than white, cos we arnt. It will be 1 set of things singing crass ira songs, and the other ones singing crass loyalist songs. Celtic and rangers is poison, it always has been, you need to wake up pal. I’m the same, the west of Scotland is toxic for football, it’s been blighted by religious bigotry for years. Liverpool can play man utd, ac Milan can play inter. But when we play them, it’s the usual not 1 song from Celtic or rangers, it’s the usual Ira, and uvf toxic garbage.

    • Roonsa says:

      Sean. You are a dick. End of.

      Comparing their stuff to ours does not wash. Not even close. It really fucking riles me when Celtic fans (not that I think you are one) say we are as bad as each other. It is so fucking clueless to say that and so untrue.

      James is 100% right on this one. King Billy, sorry Kris Boyd, has a cheek to drag Celtic into his argument. And I’d like to know what anti religious bigotry he has been subjected to? Fat Orange Bastard? He is a Fat Orange Bastard. What’s that got to do with being anti religious? Fucking tard that he is.

      • Sean says:

        Who the hell do you think your speaking to you creep, calling me a dick you clown, cos I don’t agree with your idiotic rhetoric. See tomorrrow when we playing Livingston, let’s have a bet and see how many actual celtic songs get sung. Your a bigoted clown, and it’s people like you, why the west of Scotland, will be a land of the dinosaurs. You embicile you. A dick, I’ll tell you 1 thing you said that to my face, I would put you to sleep you idiot.

        • Roonsa says:

          Ha ha ha ha ha. I’m soweee xxxx

        • Roonsa says:

          The fact you call me a bigot just shows how right I was though. Go support the Jags, Sean. I think the Celts are a bit too rough for you. Too many big boys who might get you into trouble.

    • Dora says:

      Sevco—disgusting, vile songbook—skum!
      Celtic—songs of freedom with a fine mix of tuneage aimed at the players—what’s not to like..??
      Living a long, long way from my beloved Celtic, I personally can’t get enough of the amazing Celtic support…
      My personal Fav was the away support at Aberdeen when Jota was the star of the show and the Celtic support sang, with gusto ‘this is the day’ for 20 mins straight—stunning!
      Anyway we all dance to different beats

  • himuptheroad says:

    “smeared with their shit” captures it perfectly. Using the “Old Firm” branding will be dangerous to Celtic’s reputation. It will lump us lazily together with the vile hordes of Ibrox when it goes tits up in Sydney. And it will. They are utterly incapable of going anywhere in the world and behaving as normal people should. Win, lose or draw with us and the good people of Sydney will not know what’s hit them. Recent experience here tells us that. Glasgow city centre wrecked twice in the space of a couple of months as they angrily celebrated with dignity winning the league for the first time in their short history! You have to wonder about their klub wanting to export this thuggish behaviour half way round the world in their name. And as for Celtic? What the hell are they thinking about? Are we really so in need of cash that we want to hitch ourselves to Scotland’s shame and possibly ruin our well earned and respected reputation abroad? For a “friendly”? The contrast between Seville and Manchester couldn’t be more stark. The scum support of the current and former team from Ibrox have been like this for decades and they ain’t about to change any time soon. This has a whiff of Lawwell’s involvement but Celtic have to think again.If it does go ahead then we should at least remove all reference to “old firm” as that no longer exists!.

  • Seppington says:

    You can see why they (sevco the klub) fancy it. It would be a humiliation for us and Ange if we go there and they’re champions, and that (and the desperately needed fundage) will be what has driven them to want to do it. However, being severely lacking in follow-on thinking, they haven’t considered the opposite happening, and what an absolutely 10 times worse humiliation it will be for THEM if they go there to pay fealty to the success of a nan they were writing off as a joke less than a year ago!
    I reckon they won’t make a decision until the league is over. If we’re champs they’ll cave and it’ll be some excuse about logistical difficulties (going bust) and it’ll just be the friendly tourney we’d all rather it was instead of the bigoted disaster it will be…

  • FSTB says:

    The fact that our board even considered
    It is worrying enough

  • Quinny says:

    Celtic FC 1888 were formed by a Catholic Priest to help support the Catholic Immigrant population of Scotland . This fact is kicked about by Scottish Society as if was a crime . Even Fergus tried to camouflage it with the new Social Statement to appease business sponsorship . There’s nothing wrong with our Catholic roots , it’s those who dislike Catholic’s who have the problem , their ignorance is the problem here , yes Fat Boyd is ignorant like the rest of them , Catholic teachings promote goodwill to all men (and women) what more is there to say ??

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