Maniacal Boyd Lashes Out At Celtic, The SFA, The Unseen Hand And His Own Colleagues.

Image for Maniacal Boyd Lashes Out At Celtic, The SFA, The Unseen Hand And His Own Colleagues.

Wow. You know the pressure is getting to the Rejected Village Idiot when his column descends into a scattergun rant, rampaging against everyone in the vicinity.

Today he has done exactly like that, as his frustration at a season which is going all Celtic’s way boils over into an insane screed against Celtic’s chairman, the SFA, the Unseen Hand and even some in his own profession.

It is the raving of a maniac.

For openers, he has repeated a discredited lie that our chairman “lambasted officials” at the AGM last year.

No such thing happened.

Ian Bankier – who I rate about as highly as a chairman as I do Boyd as a “journalist” answered a direct question on officiating with a vague answer about how we’d raised some concerns behind the scenes.

He did not lambast anybody.

Nobody amongst the Celtic support was in the least satisfied with his answer, and if Boyd or anyone else thinks that such an inconsequential comment had some huge impact on refereeing they are wired to the moon.

Celtic has not attacked officials. Quite the opposite.

We have a manager who just the other day said that they have a difficult job, and that players and managers make more mistakes than refs do. If Boyd thinks this is us pressuring people, I think he needs to read the instructions on whatever he’s been sniffing and stop doing it immediately.

His wider comments, which seem to hint that there is some secret opposition to VAR at Celtic or the SFA are deranged.

No such opposition exists, not at our club.

The governing body has come up against some resistance, but it’s not from Celtic Park.

It is good to see him joining the chorus in favour of this but he seems, as some others do, to be of the opinion that if it is implemented Ibrox will get everything it wants.

The experience of watching Red Star put the ball in the net three times only for them all to be ruled inadmissible has clearly fried this guy’s brain to what the reality actually is; VAR will punish them far more times than it gets them off.

It is incredible to me the way the whole debate over this has been hijacked by people who want the implementation of it as a punishment to one club, our club, the club most in favour of it, the one that has been calling for it for years.

You would think Celtic had publicly spoken out against this.

Not only have we not, but we’ve been one of its most public backers going back through recent history.

Our club believes that it’s a critical tool in preventing some of the more ridiculous decisions.

Lastly, Boyd slapping out randomly against others in the media is barking, and shows the rest of them how divorced from the sane world this eejit actually is.

He is talking as if the acres of press coverage and media scrutiny of those decisions – so severe and over the top, even hysterical, that it has prompted our genial manager to slap back it in frustration – wasn’t happening at all.

Who are these “pundits” he’s talking about who aren’t commenting on them?

He alleges that it’s those with a Celtic bias.

But Sutton has discussed them, Hartson has discussed them, McFadden has talked about them and Bonner on the BBC has too.

So what in God’s name is this maniac raving about?

The whole article reads like something a rabid Union Bears nutter might have written on a fan forum after a night on the drink.

It reads like a Vladimir Putin speech, with both feet outside the circle of normal.

His bosses need to sit him and down and find out if things are alright with him at home, because he sounds like someone who’s cracking up.

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  • Bhoy4life says:

    Walked by him n his mrs the other day walking the dug.
    He just smiles wi that dead behind the eyes am right up masel look, u need sunglasses to protect your eyes fae they teeth o his.
    Honestly, he’s just a street urchin who could kick a baw…thick as feck, blue nosed buckie boy made good.

    • Dora says:

      Sorry you had to endure that Bhoy4life!
      He’s as thick as 2 short hunnies…as bright as my bumhole and how anyone entertains that fkwit is beyond me and he actually collects a wage from SS!???????
      Staggering that he’s employed!

  • Finbar muldoon says:

    Celts should DEMAND this technology be brought in at start of next season. No phannying about till “sometime in 2023”. Most leagues in Europe have had it for 2-3 years. This little piss-ant country needs to get it’s act together. HH

  • Tony B says:

    Bydie is a brain dead moron fae Tarboutin. The village idiot in a village with an average I.Q. lower than room temperature.
    Only in Scotland would this cretin be given the time of day.
    He tells you all you need to know about the sevs, their mind set and their followers.

  • Scud Missile says:

    Definitely a special needs school for Boyd.

  • Scud Missile says:

    Wait till you see his coupon tomorrow when Dundee aka sevco rejects put their fellow brothers out the cup,possibly even by the alkie Charlie the BOOZE jockey Adam.

  • Aaron says:

    Every time this plonker is on sky covering celtic games I press the mute button

  • Patrick McCann says:

    He is off his trumpet, think he is smoking too much funny stuff, and cooked his half wit brain

  • Pan says:

    The time is near when this idiot is taken to court over his rantings, some of which are slanderous.

  • Roonsa says:

    I don’t read his column and I have no interest in his opinions. I think he sees himself as a “leader aff” in a war of attrtition and that his rantings have real impact. He is of the belief that if he moans about decisions going our way then refs will take note and revert to type.

    I was reading the Daily Spastic the other day and they were going over future career options for Broony. According to them, an obvious choice would be to act as a “sparring partner” for Boyd on Sky Sports. I really hope Broony has a little more self respect than that.

    Whilst Sky would obviously see it as “levelling up” (because surely even they must realise that him being the voice of Scottish football on Sky is fucking lunacy after recent performances), watering down his hate filled pish by having Broony as a foil is not the answer. The answer, clearly, is sack the cunt and Broony gets himself a proper job in football.

    Don’t do it Broony!

    • Stephen McAdam says:

      Disgrace comment on the ” Daily ####” wont even write what you said , have a word with yourself leave that stuff to the huns! No befitting of a Celtic man

      • Scud Missile says:

        Sometimes that is the only way to describe this nugget,what do you want people to write and say about him that he is the Bamber Gascoigne of the football world.
        Hence the BENNY(fae Crossroads)script to describe Boyd and the klan.

      • Roonsa says:

        It’s just a word mate FFS. Don’t get too hung up up words. If you look at the definition of that word in Google – you will see there are no negative connotations whatsoever. I do know what it was used for back in the 70s and 80s but it’s just a word mate. I mean it to refer to something or someone who is totally stupid. In this case, the Daily Record. If you think it means something else then that’s your problem – I am not trying to offend anyone. But it’s all too easily done these days.

  • SSMPM says:

    Sad discriminatory comment above worthy of Keevins

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