More Tiresome Trash Linking A Celtic Player With A Move To The English Leagues.

Image for More Tiresome Trash Linking A Celtic Player With A Move To The English Leagues.

It was a matter of time, right?

No sooner had he started scoring goals than the tiresome junk that we most forever endure has sprung up about Giorgios Giakoumakis.

I don’t know why this stuff is given prominence by so many of our fan-sites, but this absolute non-story is now “live” and it is a matter of time (by the end of the day for sure) before the hacks are writing it.

Transfer rumours involving our players bore me to tears, and I am sure they bore most of our fans to tears.

We certainly don’t need them right now, with a settled squad heading into a massive month.

But this is what we have to endure, always.

Are English clubs watching him? Very possibly, but then he wasn’t exactly flying under the radar last season when he was outscoring every other player in Holland.

If they wanted him he was available, then, for a damned sight less than he’ll cost them now that he’s doing it in a Celtic strip and we know we can command a mammoth transfer fee.

Giakoumakis is a cut above.

We knew that when we signed him.

You can see that he has physical presence and that he combines it with a keen eye for goal. The only unexpected thing about this is that he took a while longer to settle than some thought.

I expected this nonsense to surface.

The minute he bagged his first hat-trick for Celtic you knew that you would have to read this dirge. The minute he bagged his second there was no doubt that it would happen before we rolled up to Ibrox.

Most of our squad is tied up on long-term deals, so all this stuff does is cause minor irritation for the most part.

But it can unsettle players as well, and that’s why I know the mainstream press will do its best to push the story as hard as they can.

The rest of us should scorn it as nothing but idle gossip and at a most unhelpful time.

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  • GourockTim says:

    You’re partially spreading this yourself, James by giving these stories airtime. Let’s just enjoy two weeks have when we have them.

  • BhilltheTim says:

    Hazard of the profession, happens with all good players. They’ll be saying the same thing about the players at Ibrox..

    Aren’t they? What?

  • Scud Missile says:

    Lol aye it certainly can MoreorLess has had a combined transfer value over a billion pounds with the amount transfer windows that’s came and went without his move, and his form did take a dip with the figures quoted in so called newspapers and sevco blogs.
    From £70 million being asked for by wee Coco the clown at ibrox noise to him giving him away for £2 million when the form dipped.
    And in between all that £100 million figures being mentioned.

  • John Surgeon says:

    Rising, successful player attracts attention. This is news ?

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