Mouthy Steven Gerrard Ran From Big Ange And The Challenge From Celtic.

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The press this morning is full of Steven Gerrard. It’s full of the guy who won one trophy out of nine in Scotland sharing his thoughts on the title race.

The guy who, years before he went to Ibrox, had a clear and openly expressed affection for Celtic now self-defines as “one of their own.”

I wonder how he and little Lourdes reconcile that with the bile that pours out of the Ibrox stands every week now? He never was that complicated. I bet he sleeps like a baby.

Still, I find it amazing to read his comments as if he was still a factor here. He ran from this title race. He saw, perhaps more clearly than most, the writing on the wall.

He had lost his dressing room.

It had lost its purpose.

He had suffered the humiliation of not getting the players he wanted, and then being knocked out of the Champions League.

Serious questions ought to have been asked of him.

Only Celtic’s stuttering start to the campaign, when we were still effectively in rebuild mode, was saving him from those. But he looked at what was happening at Parkhead and knew two things; that Dave King’s hope of a general collapse of our club had been in vain and that we would soon be back on stable ground.

And, to use the American parlance, he ran like a bitch.

Gerrard could not wait to get himself back south, whilst he still had a remaining shred of his reputation up here. It is no coincidence that he left with a League Cup semi-final to play; he could see what was about to happen.

He knew the structural weaknesses in his team and the way his dressing room had become factionalised.

Our press corps might be stupid, but they’re not that stupid. They know this guy got a free ride up here and he’s still getting one from them. They call it a successful spell because he won that one title, but if you’d given Derek McInnes the type of money Gerrard was able to spend. And you know what? He got very little for it.

Look at the three players who are carrying this Ibrox team at the current time; Goldson, Morelos and Tavernier. None of them were his signings; he inherited all three from the previous reviews, the two defenders from Warburton and the striker from Caixinha.

The smartest thing he’s ever done in his life was to clear out of Ibrox when he did, just as we were getting into our stride, just as big Ange and this team were hitting form.

If big Ange wins this league he will have accomplished more in one season than Gerrard did in three and a half of them … who cares how he thinks this title race will go?

He did a runner from it at the end of the day.

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  • Scud Missile says:

    Lol he won’t even be Villa boss come the end of this season. He is a nickel&dime manager hence it is nickel&dime teams he takes charge of.
    Just look at sevco straight out the scrapyard.

  • Frankie says:

    Slippy congratulates them on 150 years the man that done a runner,what does liquidation mean , defunct,

  • Seppington says:

    Gerrard is and always has been a coward. His opinion as a cosch is worthless If we hadn’t have collapsed so ridiculously last year he would have been sent packing with his tail between his legs and zero trophies in his arms. Their win last year happened because our players had checked out by November and weren’t willing to bother their arses for Lennon anymore, and of course a big helping hand from their supporters in black. I don’t say this to be bitter, but they are the least worthy ‘invincible’ champions in history. When you think of all the legnedary financially-doped teams they’ve had over the years…and a side with Scott Arfield in it is their “invincible” team? That klub can’t do anything right! Good, as their perpetual fuckwittery is an endless source of hilarity for the rest of us!

    • Eoin Baillie says:

      I was amazed but not surprised at the back page on the Sunday Mail on the rack this morning. I certainly don’t remember anyone asking Brendan Rodgers if he was looking forward to Celtic going on and clinching a triple treble( then a quadruple) when Lennon took over . Yet some no mark has sought out Gerrard to garner his views on the Huns potentially winning the league , unbelievable but then I remember what the MSM is like in Scotland . Forget Gerrard and let’s go forward with Ange . HH.

  • PartickBhoy says:

    It’s a pity you didn’t elaborate on the comments that you refer to, never the less I can guess that they were bullshit.

  • Iljas Baker says:

    James Forrest wrote:

    “If big Ange wins this league he will have accomplished more in one season than Gerrard did in three and a half of them … who cares how he thinks this title race will go?”

    Well the reason you wrote your piece James is that you obviously care. Just relax. Don’t take it all so seriously. Scottish football will soon forget Gerrard. The less you talk about him the quicker will he be forgotten. Really.

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