Of Course Hatate Has Been A Better Signing Than Ramsey. Celtic Fans Know He Exists.

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Scottish football’s most hilarious question at the moment is this; “Does Aaron Ramsey even exist?”

I mean, we know that there is someone using that name on the books at Ibrox, but is he a real person, a real identity, or is this some kind of time-card scam or mobster style no-show contract where he pretends to work there but actually drives a getaway car for somebody?

I love that the likes of Gabriel Agbonlahor are actually debating whether or not he’s been a better signing that Reo Hatate. I also love that the ex-England striker thinks Juventus knew about his injury issues before foisting him onto Ibrox … well of course they did.

I want to laugh out loud at the notion that they were as surprised as the Scottish media seems to be.

The unfolding Ramsey calamity is one of the funniest stories of the year so far for me. It wasn’t as if people couldn’t see this coming; we did see it coming and we pointed it out to those who were dribbling all over themselves when the signing was confirmed.

It looked like a desperate move. It looked like a disaster in the offing.

I am delighted that it is proceeding along exactly the lines we thought that it might, and not just because this expensive folly is going to cost Ibrox a goodly sum … I am pleased because of the embarrassment it heaps on our drooling hacks, who could not wait to talk him up and talk the rest of the game here down at the same time.

Hatate has been off the boil recently – the whole team has.

But it is clear that his superb impact in the early games has already made him far and away a more effective signing that Ramsey. Time is running out for the Welshman to prove that he’s anything more than a colossal waste of Ibrox’s cash … another one in a long line of them.

Even as it stands right now, there’s no real debate about who had the better January window. The folly of the Ibrox club – in all its dealings – becomes ever more apparent, especially now that their manager isn’t even using these guys as subs.

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  • Bob (original) says:

    Sevco went all in to steal the headlines before the transfer window slammed shut.

    Yes, they got a big name and some additional media attention.

    Just don’t think they will get even one 90 minutes game out of Ramsey before his loan period expires.

    • Martin says:

      Will Ramsey ever play again for Sevco? I honestly don’t even know if he’s already played, such is his lack of impact. If he doesn’t play before he heads back to Italy on May, I think he’s been an absolutely brilliant signing.

  • harold shand says:

    Those two goals against the deadclub and the goal against the diets

    Anybody who tries to say Ramsey has been a better signing is a lunatic

  • Funtime frankie says:

    Best signing since gazza who said that has really made a massive difference.

  • Rob says:

    They seek him here they seek him there that dammed elusive Juve player.

    The Welch scarlet pimpernel.

  • Scud Missile says:

    A think we should pick up Gordon as freebie in the summer just to annoy sevco.

  • Jack says:

    Celtic fans may wonder if Ramsey exists, but there’s no doubt the huns know Hatate exists. They are still licking the wounds he inflicted on them when he helped us go top of the league. A note of caution on Ramsey though, when fit he is a top player. Sevco will be pulling out all of the stops to get him fit enough to play against us. I’m sure we’ll cope though.

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