Pay No Heed To Ibrox “Injury” Rumours. Expect Celtic To Face A Full-Strength Team.

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The great maxim of planning anything is that you can have the luxury of hoping for the best only when you are truly prepared for the worst. That’s why Celtic should shut out all the white noise and the gurning from across the city over Morelos.

All season long, we’ve been getting told we’re a one-man team.

The thing is, the one man has changed often to suit the circumstances we’ve been in. First it was Kyogo we wouldn’t do without and then it was Jota and then it was McGregor … and on and on.

But the truth is, across the city they do have an over-reliance on Morelos.

If he’s out that’s obviously going to change their entire outlook and their playing style. He’s actually not been fit for weeks, but they’ve constantly thrown him into the team anyway.

Which is why I know he’ll play next Sunday, even if they have to strap up a broken leg.

Ange and the coaches will plan for his inclusion; he’s not difficult to handle anyway, because if someone gives him some needle at the start of a game he forgets he’s there to play football and spends the rest of the day waging war against people instead.

For all that, they need him and they know they do.

That’s why playing him week in week out when he hasn’t been fit was reckless lunacy on their part. But this is the position we put them in with our consistency. From the moment we went top they were locked into this craziness.

Morelos will play and so Sakala will be in the squad and I expect them to have just about a full team, including Ramsey. We will prepare accordingly, I’m sure. At the end of the day, as Ange has pointed out, there are “big consequences” for them if they lose.

I couldn’t agree more.

Indeed, I wrote about them yesterday!

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  • Martin H. says:

    In la larterna a few weeks ago, the ibrox club were playing that day, must have gave him a rest lower league opposition, in scottish cup, he doesn’t look fit.

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