Report From Australia Suggests That Celtic Are About To Promote “Old Firm Inc.”

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One of the stupidest ideas ever mooted is being mooted again today, with the suggestion that we have agreed to play the Ibrox club in an “international friendly” in Australia in November.

I sincerely hope that this is a joke or someone getting ahead of his or herself self and reporting on something that is a mere idea and not a reality.

But you know what? I have a bad feeling that this is true.

Celtic fans have zero interest in this ridiculous concept. There are thousands of teams in world football we can play in a friendly event abroad. If we’re going to Australia, then let’s set up games against their best sides.

Nobody at Celtic benefits from this at all.

What is the Ibrox club’s profile over there? Very little, if any at all.

Ours, on the other hand, has never been higher.

In terms of outright PR, they are the only beneficiaries.

It is their club which clings to ours like a drowning man grabbing at a life preserver.

Our so-called policy is to stand alone, so what in God’s name would the purpose be of “promoting” the two clubs as if we were one?

Celtic could play against literally anyone over there and fans would come to watch it because of the Asian players and the manager being a national hero. The money on offer for this might be decent, but I’d stipulate it’s chump change in comparison to the damage it will do to the relationship with the fans here at home.

For the sake of a few quid only Ibrox would actually benefit.

Why would we want to share that spotlight with them?

I’ve written about this enough times to know that Celtic fans do not want this to happen.

Celtic fans are dead set against it.

Celtic fans will be infuriated at the very idea, especially if it’s tagged an “Old Firm” game as it absolutely would be by those too ignorant of the politics of football over here to understand the connotations of that.

There is absolutely no merit to this idea whatsoever. None.

If people inside Celtic want to promote Old Firm Incorporated, they are employed by the wrong Glasgow side.

They should be at Ibrox where the idea is tied up with the Survival Lie and the understanding that without being able to promote a “rivalry” with Celtic their backward, redneck, bigoted shitkicker, “provincial West of Scotland club” would have no relevance or attraction to the outside world at all.

Do not do it, Celtic. Do not make this one of the running stories of the next nine months. It would be an act of gross stupditiy and an abject failure to listen to the wishes of the supporters. It would be an insult to all of us.

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  • Peterbrady says:

    This must not happen under any circumstances we have no connection to sevco and all the vermin filth that follows them the sooner they go they whey of the dinasaurs the rappanuheh and the dodo the better

  • Pan says:

    If they do it, they will have to live with the consequences.

  • john mc guire says:

    James i have been in Oz 3 times dont be fooled by nothing to offer in Oz ,the amount of huns out there is very large that and the orange order ,so dont try and let anybody kid you they scum rats are all over the major towns out there.

  • Bob (original) says:

    Celtic playing sevco in a country full of expats – trying to recreate “The Old Firm” experience…?

    What could possibly go wrong! 🙁

    The risk of guilt by association springs to mind: ‘simply the worst’ for the CFC brand.

  • scouse bhoy says:

    why on earth would we take part in this ? the present ibrox club have banned our fans from their place just as the first club did in the nineties.

  • Chris says:

    You’re a month early with the April fools jokes HH

  • Stevie says:

    Couldn’t agree more mate.

    Playing that mob in league fixtures disgusts me.

    As far as glamour friendliest I have to say no no no no no no no no no no no no.

    Just in case I didn’t make myself clear NO!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I hope people inside Celtic park read this because I will not be alone

    • Droopy McCool says:

      Spot on, it disgusts me too, I could happily live without having to play a team/club/entity from ibrox ever again. Thoroughly enjoyed the years when they were on their journey, making lots of friends. Ahem.

  • Roonsa says:

    Any Celtic fan (regardless of their location) who wants this to happen needs their head looked at. It’s bad enough being forced to play them 4 times a season. But choosing to play against them? That’s just lunacy. Don’t let this happen.

  • john clarke says:

    Aussies can watch the Celtic FC Blue Bags derbies on Fox Sports TV (possibly) or subscribe to other internet live stream sources. If Ange Postecoglou supports this imbecile proposal (not that he would) he needs to be pulled down a peg or two…it’s called, knocking someone off his pedestal. There would be more sense playing such a game in Japan, if the Japanese squad members played. I am pleased you called it a “friendly”. Even Boston, USA may be better.
    James, I wholeheartedly agree with you. I don’t give any credence to this rumour. It’s all Chinese whispers.

  • scouse bhoy says:

    after oldco ceased to exist we then had sixteen weekends when we were spared their bile. it was only meant to be twelve but super salary scuppered that plan. these games are a blight on scottish society in this day and age.

  • john clarke says:

    It is half the distance to travel to Tokyo from Glasgow than to Sydney.
    I have an idea that is absurd to Celtic fans but more acceptable to the Blue Bags. Consider a Glasgow football team comprising the pick of the Blue Bags and Celtic Firsts to play the Japanese National Team but not in November (too cold)…need a warmer time of the year. The Japanese would fill their largest stadium. The TV viewership would be massive even in Australia.
    I welcome all fans (celtic and blue bags) scathing, insulting, derisory and rude comments…but not racist or bigoted tirades.
    I say that the Japanese National Team would “run rings” around a Glasgow Representative Team. My first pick is Joe Hart.

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