Rogic’s Injury Shows How Bad The Tackle Was, But Anti-Celtic Hacks Still Defend It.

Image for Rogic’s Injury Shows How Bad The Tackle Was, But Anti-Celtic Hacks Still Defend It.

Almost a week after Kayne Ramsey was sent off for Ross County against Celtic, the injury he inflicted on our player continues to be assessed. The Australian national team has already suffered for it.

Celtic may yet have to do without him for a spell.

Not every tackle that ends in an injury to a player is a red card, but this one was. The player had already committed a couple of silly challenges and the ref had let them go.

Had he gotten a grip on Ramsey sooner that rash lunge might not have happened.

After it did, I knew there would be some hysteria over it in the press. Mackay’s comments about how he thought it ended the game as a contest were gobsmacking; what’s worse is that some of the hacks seemed to agree with him.

Others – including some former refs now making their living “analysing” these decisions on behalf of the mainstream press – continue to say that the challenge didn’t merit a red.

I would be curious to know what their attitude would have been had Ryan Kent or Morelos been on the other end of that tackle. They’d still be raging about it.

It was a nasty challenge that fully merited the maximum punishment.

All season long, we’ve seen these sorts of challenges on our players and the “leniency” of refs was always going to end with one of our footballers being out for a spell … you just hope that Rogic’s injury isn’t a bad one and that he isn’t going to miss more than a week or so of training.

I think it’s irresponsible of the media to push the idea that challenges like these are legitimate, and we know full well that some of them don’t even believe it; they are justified only when it’s a Celtic player on the end of them.

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  • Seppington says:

    I’m not anti-Celtic and I will honestly say that in my opinion the tackle itself looked worse than it actually was and I think Ramsay didn’t intend to injure Rogic in this instance. The challenge merited a yellow card, not a straight red. Of course, if the referee had done his job properly earlier in the game it would have been a second yellow then red card. In isolation the tackle is bad but not the worst, and I think even with the injury we’ve gotten a little worked up because of recent referee performances. We’ve seen many scumbags get away with much worse against our lads, and it’s because of over-lenient (crooked) refs. Stop focusing on the tackle and ask these SMSM twats why Ramsay wasn’t booked for his earlier assault which was clearly intended to put the hurt on his opponent???

  • Finbar muldoon says:

    This Robertson character has previous for this. Ideguchi out for weeks after alloa game, Turnbull out for months after motherwell game. Both culprits were given retrospective reds. Worth a watching this chap. HH

  • Justshatered says:

    I honestly think the reason a red card was given was because the game was already over.
    If the match had still been nil nil or only one nil I don’t think he would have given a red.
    Remember this is the guy who’s allowed a Motherwell player to stamp on Kieran Tierney’s knee. This is the guy who allowed Butcher of Dundee United to assault Turnbull and the guy who thought the tackle on Ideguchi was only a yellow.

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