Shame On Celtic For Using Ange To Sell Their Promotion Of A Toxic “Rivalry.”

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The desperate cynicism of our club, which we’ve seen before, has shown itself today in the all-too predictable decision to push Ange Postecoglou himself to the front of their indefensible, amoral plans to play the Ibrox club in an “international friendly.”

Everything about this is highly suspect and reeks.

The decision to use Ange Postecoglou himself in such a breathtakingly cynical manner is an utter disgrace for which those involved should forever be ashamed, if they had any shame at all.

This deserves the outright condemnation of every fan group.

Celtic has announced that we will “take part” in a “four team tournament” in Australia at the end of November. Obviously with something like this you’d publish the details of the other teams involved and what the fixture list is likely to be.

We’ve not named any of them. What does that tell you? That we aren’t sure who they are?

No, they know exactly who they are, and who we’ll be playing.

The Australian media leaked that one earlier today, and the websites have been vocal in their opposition to it.

Every Celtic fan should be boycotting the whole rancid idea.

I think their using Ange to promote this – and that man has no idea what the depth of feeling amongst our fans towards the very idea of this is – reeks of contempt not only for us but for him as well.

They’ve stitched him up here, good and proper.

Do they really think that promoting it through his image makes it any more palatable to those of us who believe it to be a full-on disgrace?

This compounds the disgrace.

It multiplies the disgrace.

I think for a lot of us it is going to seal the deal on how we approach our coverage of this whole “tournament” as it gets closer.

Don’t be surprised to see a unified call for a full-scale Celtic social media blackout of the match and everything to do with it.

The board may want to promote this dire shite, but the rest of us don’t have to and some of us absolutely won’t.

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  • Funtime frankie says:

    Jumping to conclusions James, at least let all who are in the tournament come out , have you spoke to Ange about it face to face with him what he thinks stop the shit stirring.

  • Pan says:

    The tag “Old Firm” is a despicable one and suggests the importance of 2 clubs with all others in Scotland on the outside. Celtic should never contemplate being part of this brand and being associated with a truly despicable, criminal and evil brand as that from Ibrox.

    That club is openly bigoted, fascist and racist, with its connection with the DUP, paramilitary groups and the “billy boys” as well as its fan-based association with these groups and the Klu-Klux-Klan. The billy boys were Nazi supporters and sympathisers. Modern day fans of that club still use the Nazi salute.

    It is enough (even too much) that we have to compete with them in domestic competition and we should have nothing else to do with them as they lie out-with the normal parameters of civilised society.

    Remember the phrase “Guilty by association”.

    • Michael McCartney says:

      By your way of thinking we should refuse to play the new Rangers anytime any place and boycott the games against them.
      honestly think some of the support are way over the top with all this. Yes The new Rangers have a problem with sectarianism and racism from some elements of their support, it has been ever so. At least they ditched the sectarian signing policy which we put up with for nearly 100 years without boycotting games against them. If some Celtic supporters feel so strongly about playing The New Rangers then just don’t attend these matches in protest.

      • Seppington says:

        The current Currants would have that policy back in a heartbeat if they could, of that be in no doubt.

        Element? Majority, no matter what the SMSM apologists might claim.

        We are obligated to play them in Scottish competitions but that doesn’t mean we need to associate with them in any other capacity. Their brand is toxic and we shouldn’t have any unnecessary dealings with any of them. You don’t see Pampers teaming up with Halliburton, do you?

      • James Forrest says:

        Since you are determined to prove yourself too moronic for words let me spell it out to you:

        Playing them is permissible in a MANDATED FIXTURE because we have no choice.

        This is NOT that.

        You get it now, or is that too complicated for you??

        • Michael McCartney says:

          Calm down, you better watch Your blood pressure and no I’m not moronic, Their is nothing complicated about it, if I hated the new Rangers as much as some Celtic supporters and you seem to, then I would just give up on Scottish football completely. My 1st game watching Celtic was as a 5 year old against Rangers in 1949. Since then I’ve supported the Celts through good times or bad and still have my season ticket. In my opinion some Celtic supporters are becoming obsessed with hatred of Rangers rather than support of Celtic. We’re better than that or at least we should be.

      • Chris says:

        ‘ At least they ditched the sectarian signing policy which we put up with for nearly 100 years’

        Wow, that was so nice of them.

  • Michael McCartney says:

    Honestly don’t think most Celtic supporters could care less about any meaningless friendly under the guise of a tournament that Celtic play in on the other side of the world. Celtic and the reincarnated new Rangers have both got to earn money any way they can to compete as best they can in the modern game. If people are willing to stump up the cash for these type of kid on tournaments then so be it. There’s more to get annoyed about.

    • Seppington says:

      I wouldn’t give them my cash under any circumstance. They need wiped from existence ASAP not helped to perpetuate their bigoted filth!

  • John A says:

    Nothing thr tory @$$holes running our club should surprise. Bankier and Co are charlatans.

  • George says:

    I heard the rumours we were to play Sevco, but they aren’t mentioned in the article as being one of the teams taking part. I wouldn’t be in favour of helping them out of a financial hole. I’ll hold judgement until it is confirmed who else is playing.

  • jrm63 says:

    24 hour flights to Australia during peak season when we are (hopefully) involved in Europe. How can they find time for that?

    • Jake Hansen says:

      It’s during the World Cup shut down. It’ll be a “B team” for us, but Sevco’s first team.

  • Jack says:

    If true, this idea is totally unacceptable. Can’t see any true Celtic supporter not being utterly disgusted by it. If this nonsense of a proposal is not closed down immediately, there will be absolute uproar. Surely the board would not be so stupid?

  • Michael McCartney says:

    James, that was a very educated reply, I thought you were better than that, but no you do not seem to accept any kind of alternative view to your own. I have went out of my way through the years to not fall into the bitter sectarian attitude of both Rangers football clubs and some of there support. I think you are in danger of putting hatred of Rangers over love of Celtic. Just my opinion.

    • Jake Hansen says:

      “I try not to get caught up in the sectarian ways of Ibrox.” That’s a pretty piss poor attitude to have.

      “All it takes for evil to succeed is for good men to do nothing.”

      • Michael McCartney says:

        The comment you quote is not what I said. I didn’t want to be a bigot like most of the Ibrox support is what I more or less said. Celtic FC have never been a sectarian club in their history, something to be proud of. As an active trade unionist I fought against sectarianism in the workplace for 30 years.

  • Joe Murphy says:

    No old firm… Eh ! Stand alone club… Eh ! Not half of anything… Eh ! Denied any hint of corroboration, yet agree to play a “friendly” with them, selling our soul to the devil for cash. Money desperately needed by them to keep the lights on, to keep them afloat. To even consider taking part in anything that assists them is sickening. When will the suits in our boardroom learn, they’re no friends of ours.

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