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The BBC’s Apology To Celtic Shows That The Hacks Will Pay A Price For Slandering Us.

Image for The BBC’s Apology To Celtic Shows That The Hacks Will Pay A Price For Slandering Us.

Yesterday, the BBC apologised for the appalling tweet which Tom English put out concerning Celtic’s message of condolence to Shane Warne. English had already removed it and announced that he had been instructed to.

It was a humiliation for him, and one that he richly deserved for thinking that his personal animus to our club could be indulged in public.

A couple of folks have said that it was wrong for the BBC to impose that policy on English whilst he was commenting on Twitter, but he forgets that as a representative of the national broadcaster he isn’t allowed to publicly go off on one like that.

English has been made aware of his personal responsibilities, and what the BBC’s late apology proves is that Celtic has reminded them of theirs.

This is a pro-active move from the club, and one that should fire a warning shot across the bow of anyone in the media who consistently abuses their position to attack our club for no reason.

Boyd already found out how far he can go when Celtic had him slapped down earlier in the year. Now the BBC and English have been given a reminder that not anything goes.

It’s actually pretty shocking that Celtic has had to resort this not once in recent months but twice. Our media’s inability to analyse our club in a responsible, professional manner clearly irritates the manager and others inside Parkhead too.

And finally, the club is saying no more of it.

This is long overdue.

The hacks should be warned, and especially at the national broadcaster; Celtic is no longer willing to tolerate unwarranted attacks. Criticism is fine, and our club has always been perfectly happy to be given stick when it’s deserved but what it will not take is those who think their media jobs give them a platform to grandstand at our expense.

The manager will not accept it, the club will not accept it and we, the bloggers, will continue to excoriate these people every time they cross the line. That, on its own, would not be enough.

That Celtic is now hitting back is a sign that things have changed.

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  • Finbar muldoon says:

    Next time tom english turns up at Celtic Park security should tell him to f@ck off, unless he issues an unequivocal apology. HIM. Not his paymasters. HH

  • Michael Miller says:

    The BBCs apology means nothing because the Clown that posted this garbage has not personally apologised and this is not the first time this Nomark has had a go at our club .

    • Roonsa says:

      Why should he have to apologise? He meant every word he said. You might not like it but, last time I checked, not everybody has to like what journalists convey as their viewpoint. Journalists should be allowed to speak freely without censure like this.

      Michael Stewart has had his card marked by the Beeb because he upset the huns with something he said. Why is this any different?

      I don’t think this is right at all.

  • SSMPM says:

    Its cheap and disingenuous bile under the disguise of journalism. He’s not conveying his viewpoint on Shane’s Warne’s passing or Celtic’s statement or words in it. He’s highlighting the worst devils of his own nature, ugly ongoing hatred, using the death of a great sportsman as his mask to utilise still further the ugly-ness of his own belief system to a brotherhood mass of haters. His first thought must have been, ‘Oh aye here’s another opportunity, I’ll use that to have another dig’. That’s an agenda not journalism.
    Michael Stewart’s comments do not reflect a barrage of ongoing hatred to a barrage of lifelong haters. With some there’s no point in an apology, not when its just be words hiding further sneering insincerity. Shame. HH

    • Roonsa says:

      That’s your opinion mate. You found it offensive. Fine. That is no reason to restrict freedom of speech. That’s what happens in dictatorships, not in a democracy.

  • SSMPM says:

    Or apparently in Tom English hun supporters mate

    • Roonsa says:

      Don’t get me wrong I thought, after reflection, that the comments were uncalled for. But two things apply:

      1) There were calls for an aplogy. No chance. He meant what he said. He isn’t going to stumble across a sudden realisation just because some Celtic fans were upset. I didn’t want him to apologise, nor do I feel he should have to. The fact that the BBC did is indicative of an organisation that panders to too many feelings which surely must go against their mission statement.

      2) I think it is our right to know what others think of us. That should not be controlled. Within reason of course. There has to be a line in the sand. In my opinion, English did not cross that line.

      If he worked for Sky that would be a different matter. I took my money from Sky Sports because I didn’t like what Kris Boyd was saying. It’s a bit more difficult to do that with the BBC although I do know there are plenty out there who don’t pay the license fee. Good on them I say. But it doesn’t stop the fact that those working for the BBC should be able to operate without censure. That’s why people like Emiliy Maitliss is fucking off to LBC which is a travesty in my opinion.

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