The Ibrox Fans At Perth Were Disgusting. Those Are Your “Friendly” Opponents Celtic.

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For all I’ve written on Australia, for all I’ve talked about the so-called Old Firm brand, and for all I’ve said about not wanting them even a shadow on the edge of our spotlight, my principal objection to playing the Ibrox club in a “friendly” with the eyes of another continent on it is that they will almost certainly bring shame on the occasion, and that cannot but have an impact on how our club is viewed in relation to them.

Which part of this is our board struggling to understand?

Any association with them, however fleeting, however one-sided, risks bringing disgrace on us.

If we’re seen as “part” of some rivalry involving them then their own behaviour cannot but reflect on us in some small way, and the degrading atmosphere of such an encounter smears us with their filth.

That is unavoidable unless we stay well clear of them.

Last night, I took advantage of simultaneous kick-off times to listen to their game on Radio Scotland as I attended the match at Celtic Park.

It is such a rare thing to be able to do.

What I found most illuminating is that their supporters sang non-stop bile from start to finish.

Even as the teams were lining up for kick-off, The Billy Boys was in full tilt.

Both Phil and myself wrote about this song and its return a few weeks ago.

Last night both stands housing their fans reverberated to it, that and a host of the Gutter’s Greatest Hits from yesteryear.

It was as hateful as I’ve heard them in many a year.

It was so bad, in fact, that it’s a major talking point on their forums today, with many of them delighted to see such songs re-appear whilst other fans are deeply disturbed by it.

The attitude of some of them appears to be that Scotland hates them anyway so to Hell with what anyone thinks, and besides there are no punishments here for singing such filth in the stadiums.

Well there are no punishments whatsoever for singing that degenerate filth in a stadium in Australia.

That’s what the land Down Under has to look forward to.

Worse than their songbook however were some particularly scummy banners which their fans held up in relation to the Australia trip and not wanting to be associated with us.

You can guess at the content. These Peepul are just so immersed in bile all the time.

And that’s my real message to Celtic, and the one they really shouldn’t ignore.

This is who your “friendly” match is against.

This is the backdrop against which you want to “showcase this club.”

Woe betide allf of you if their gutter element turn up in any kind of numbers and shame us with their scandalous conduct.

They did it in Florida some years ago.

They do it almost every time they set foot on the European continent.

If they decide to use the event, and their freak show status in it, to behave like freaks and embarrass Celtic then that will be on the people within our club who thought this was a good idea.

To offer this hostage to fortune on a trip which is supposed to raise our profile in a faraway land is beyond belief.

Our board better hope to God it doesn’t backfire.

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  • John says:

    Fair enough, but if we want to stop them singing their vile sectarian crap, our lads have to stop singing The Ploughboy and Sean South etc., songs I’ve sung many times in my youth. It’s perfectly audible when watching on TV.
    Can’t be doing with double standards!

  • Brian says:

    I gave up my season ticket this season, I do miss going to watch my team, but this Australia nonsense just reiterates the reason I stopped going and it is our board. I still feel fully justified in give up my ticket, and until there is a huge change in our board I won’t be back.

    • REBELLIOUS says:

      Brian I salute you because I cannot bring myself to switch off from my one true love.
      The board play on that emotion and they rely on folk behaving like me, and not like yourself, you can commit to it and stand by that commitment.
      Whereas, I cannot help but tune into matches, I even chucked the tv packages, final part end of this month.
      I’ll no longer have any tv sports packages, although, I now watch it all free online from various sites. As much as I try , I just cannot turn my love off.

  • Alex Campbell says:

    I couldn’t agree more. Our board needs to move on from being dragged into this mire. I said in 2012 that Rangers would come back in a worse reincarnation than before and I think I have been proved right. Even in ordinary daily life it’s hard to escape the bile and hatred that they hold for all things Celtic. Of course it’s wrong to generalise on a whole support but they have been allowed to perpetuate the victim card and rewrite history.

  • Finbar muldoon says:

    Family bought me a paving stone at Celtic Park for my 60th. Took them eight months to lay it. Good mind to tell them to dig it up. My Da will be birling in his grave with this shite. HH

    • Dora says:

      Sevco do not travel well and history will remind us of how that skum support act when abroad and when they celebrate at home, what a klub!
      Guaranteed riots amongst that hate filled support…who’d want that rotten vermin on their shores.

  • Robert Jenkins says:

    When everything kicks off in Sydney in November you can trust the SMSM to go on about “Old Firm Riots” even if Celtic fans are nowhere to be seen.

  • james says:

    What is it you don’t get John? Rebel songs that celebrate struggle,martrydom and freedom? Songs with no vile sectarian guff that are completely dfferent to what you hear from the rebrobates
    We don’t sing about being up to our knees in other people’s blood, we don’t sing about hating other people’s religion, child abuse, people fleeing from starvation, sending people home, wars,ect, ect
    Sang all the rebs in my youth, still sing them today and god bless all who still sing them.
    Nae double standards for me.

  • Nick66 says:

    Send all the footage of Bears in full Bear singsong mode and full on “happy” mode as they wreck all on front of them. Keep sending it to all the appropriate authorities in Sydney and let them know what is coming down the line.

  • The Green Jhedi says:

    So you were at Celtic Park watching Celtic but listening to their game on the radio? That’s serious weirdoness James to be honest, why would you even do that?

  • Scud Missile says:

    So where is Kenny the bawbag Mckintyre in all of this while his klub scream out this bile.
    Quick out the blocks to challenge Ange on tactics and performances but dare not go near ibrox and the manager over there and ask questions about the songs being sung.
    They are dregs of humanity and will never change they live and feed from the bile they spew out.

  • Stephen McAdam says:

    I stated this on your blog twice in last few days there is nothing surer huns keep low profile in Sydnry unlike our great club we are the top team in cheers on George street they have no place to go ,as some rioted in boogie bay years back( shock horror eh) not! , The thing is every english right wing goon over there and hun under a rock will appear they cause chaos this has to be cancelled or they do from it! The cheek if that scum moaning about it! That posion live of the ” o f” garbage we hate, Celtic board sort this out there not enough money on the planet to accommodate with that poison! And no part of our club should ever be associated with it! How dare this board do this!Utter disgrace our fans need to bombarde them and push it big time! This cannot happen they riot and it be all over the place there as I said earlier nothing surer! A disgrace this has even went this far that board should be removed for this! We cant let up on this it is a disgrace they putting our World renowed reputation in the hands off utter scum! Madness!

  • Stephen McAdam says:

    Coogie bay

  • Allaboutceltic says:

    How on earth does it reflect bad on Celtic because them animals don’t know how to behave? Whether you like it or not, the tag “old firm” and our affiliation with klub 1872 was going for generations, so it will take further generations to wash off. Celtic don’t use the term “old firm” and haven’t done so for some years now. The fact that it’s gathered the reputation for decades/century and both teams are from Glasgow, means you just can’t hit a switch and expect everyone not to use the term as it doesn’t exist anymore. A big step towards that goal would be to get the media to acknowledge that klub 1872 died and TRIFC is in fact a new klub. Still has the same animals & scum that support them, but a new klub nonetheless. Even the tournament organisers aren’t naming this the old firm. Only the SMSM and certain fans in Glasgow are classing it as such. Because they will most probably disgrace themselves, it doesn’t mean we have to follow suit. We will no doubt once again stand out as fans like no other, and other good people in different parts of the world will see them for what they are.

    You’re spot on about their songs of hate and the sickening bile about certain coaches activities of yesteryear. Now, I am in absolutely no way even remotely suggesting our hymn sheet is anywhere near comparative with these Neanderthals, but what I would say is, that it’s time to bin the IRA songs and instead belt out Celtic songs only. There’s a plethora of fantastic songs, so much so that they’re being copied up & down the lands. It’s very much cringeworthy every time you hear these getting belted out at Celtic Park, but even worse at away grounds where the stadiums are smaller and get picked up by the various cameras & radio stations microphones. I know I’m not in the minority in this thinking, and the instigators of these songs might just find that the rest of the ground might join in and get Celtic Park rocking & even more intimidating on a weekly basis.


  • Kevin McGrandles says:

    As long as the green brigade sing songs glorifying the IRA we are in no position to be giving out lectures it’s as simple as that We’ve a great song book and don’t need them

    • john mc guire says:

      well said Kevin you and me and thousands of Tims like us our own guys have to get rid of the songbook about the i.r.a. they dont sing for me or my club .

    • Droopy McCool says:

      And it’s not just the green brigade, the mob behind me in block 444 are constant with the ira songs as well.

  • James cullen says:

    This feeling is reverberated through almost All of the support.
    Our board have again crossed swords with the fan base just as matters were beginning to simmer a little.
    The boards ONLY objective is cash.
    SKY sports flatly refused to apologise for loudly broadcasting the bile songs….using every excuse going.
    This matter of singing banned (uefa) songs needs to be addressed at sfa level…..
    These songs (some) have also been denounced as illegal by the Scottish High court.
    The police need to get involved and the club must accept responsibility for their fans hatred and anti Catholic, anti Irish…bile.

    Financial punishments don’t seem to deter the mob, so perhaps its time to look at greater punishments.

    I have said time and again, that since their getting to the Premier league and before…their hatred has intensified and their sense of entitlement grown….not only amongst the support, but within their board.

    They need to be dealt with by actions that will deter them….and our club are a disgrace for even allowing the suggestion that some form of old firm prevails.
    It’s a red flag to us all and an unspoken acceptance that the ebt, tax dodging, debt dodging club that died in 2012 still exists by our board.
    Shame on our board who have acted in the interest of cash and not the best interest of the club or its followers by remaining silent on all the events of 2012 and further moves made, including the 5 way agreement.

    Action needed at highest kevels

  • john clarke says:

    My brother Brian Patrick lives in Sydney. Enmity between Protestants and Catholics no longer exists in Australian society. Most Masonic clubs are shells or have been sold. Except for the capital cities, membership must be at an all time low. No one calls people from the Mediterranean “wogs” anymore. Fans leave football games peacefully. If flares are let-off, a few burly polynesian security guards will bundle you out of the Stadium…police will take your IDs, put you in night-watch, and you will face the Local Court the next morning. You won’t get off lightly. The last flare-ups (fights) occurred between a Croatian club and a Serbian club around the mid-1970s.
    When Croats from the beautiful Dalmation Coast migrate to Australia their spots fade quickly. On reflection, I have changed my mind on the Rangers and Celtic FC trip to Sydney. I believe that working together with your enemy for a good cause is an act of reconciliation. For some fans Celtic and Rangers football clubs are a big part of their reason to exist. That’s sad but OK. Unfortunately, some diehards are cultish in their behavior. I think the two Boards should be thanked by fans of both teams. Ange could talk about this to Hamish on his Celts TV program. My brother said that many of the fans will be families with boys and girls who play football. If there are any skirmishes, it will be amongst the backpacker Glasgow fans or Scots that are on holiday. Aussie-Irish follow Australian Rules teams. They only reclaim their Irish heritage on St Patrick’s Day, 17 March.
    Australia IS NOT FREE of race riots (Cronulla?) sadly. There were bad things going on when ISIS was active but football was good for all..

  • john clarke says:

    please don’t post my last lecture like comments.
    It will only infuriate fans.
    The comments from Roonsa yesterday or earlier should be heeded.
    Sorry about that.

  • John S says:

    One doesn’t have to imagine the filth they will come out with. The Celtic brand and the city of Glasgow will be tarnished. Is it worth it ?

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