The Media Continues To Twist Ange’s Words On The Subject Of The Gutter Ball.

Image for The Media Continues To Twist Ange’s Words On The Subject Of The Gutter Ball.

Today Celtic released an interview with Ange where he talked about the upcoming Australian tour.

As per usual, the only thing the press wants to talk about is the Gutter Ball, which is making the headlines on the other end of the city as well today as rumours swirl that the entire event is at risk and very well might end up called off.

Nobody should be shedding any tears if it does, least of all the manager, who will get to return to his homeland as manager of Celtic whether this shabby event takes place or not.

In the meantime, the press continues to shoehorn references to the game into every single interview with him on the subject. But if you listen to Ange as carefully as I do you will know that short of being asked a direct question on it, he never talks about the Gutter Ball at all.

Still the media continues to mislead on this matter.

One of the outlets doing so is the counterfeit “fan site” run by the mainstream press which calls itself The Celtic Way, a name so dishonest in terms of what that site frequently puts up that it’s a wonder those writing for aren’t showering twenty times a day.

“Ange Postecoglou doubles down on Celtic vs Rangers friendly backing as he admits ‘great pride’ in return” reads their headline.

But Ange never mentioned the game at all in the comments that they bothered to publish.

Not. At. All.

He didn’t “double down” on anything, it’s a brazen lie to suggest that he has.

Whether this guy has been briefed properly on this or not, Ange Postecoglou has not, at any time, or in any way, advertised this particular fixture far less “doubled down” on it.

He certainly “waxed lyrical about the trip” but not that game.

Any time he has talked about that game he’s done so in the context of the wider tour as a whole.

I’ll say again what I have before; Ange does not care who we are playing and if this collapsed and we lined up a bunch of friendly matches he would be just as pleased and proud as he is now.

Our club really has put this guy in a crappy position here.

An event which should be all about him has become about this single, toxic match which very few fans on either side of even wants to take place. Every time he’s interviewed this is what he’s asked about, and the press keeps trying to ram words into his mouth … or inventing them whole when he won’t play the game.

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