The Most Significant Title Update Today Was The News Kyogo Brought The Celtic Fans.

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Ignore all the headlines about Ramsey and about Ibrox finding the dig required to stay on our coat-tails. Ignore the 2-1 win they secured at the club rooted to the bottom of the table.

By far the most significant development in the title race today came online.

It was Kyogo Furuhashi’s update on his fitness, where he thanked the fans for their support and declared himself feeling good and that he would be “back soon.”

Another significant development happened yesterday, but it was little commented on.

It was Celtic admitting that they may schedule a “bounce game” or two during the international break. That’s clearly intended to get our Japanese bhoy back up to speed.

He may not be in the starting eleven at Ibrox – there is even some debate about whether he should be, but that’s for another discussion – but he will be in the squad. Of that I have not the slightest doubt.

That will give everyone at Celtic a huge lift.

Let’s be honest; we’ve missed him. Even if we’ve been putting points on the board, and even if the big Greek has started to turn it on and score on a regular basis. Kyogo offers us that little bit more, that something different.

And they are afraid of him. Oh boy, how they are afraid of him.

That’s what was behind all the nonsense about him being a diver from earlier in the season.

They came to Celtic Park a lot less worried than they should have been explicitly because he was not in the team that day, and although they paid a high price for that hubris they know they’d have paid a higher one had he actually been fit.

The idea of Celtic as a one man team has long ago been laid to rest, but Kyogo is one of the best footballers in the league and everyone is well aware of it.

His being fit and ready for duty strengthens us immeasurably and the news that he might just make Ibrox after all must be scaring the Hell out of a club that isn’t remotely ready to deal with a rampant Celtic side with him in it.

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  • Paul says:

    The big Greek has now 8 league goals in 14 games. Scoring a goal every 93 mins. Kyogo also has the same goals to games but he needed 114 mins a goal.
    Fat morelos takes exactly 100 mins more to score a goal in the league at 193 mins a goal.
    It will be good to have Kyogo back in the squad for ibrox, he will be deadly from the bench in the second half as they tire.

    • john clarke says:

      Henrik Larsson played 221 games for Celtic and scored 174 goals
      @ 0.79 goals per game. Thanks Paul for the minutes /goal comparisons. Henrik could be the most valuable SPFL player ever.
      Alfie Morelos is 146 for 67 @ 0.46 g/ Rangers game…..still fairly good.

  • Seppington says:

    It’ll be great if he’s in the squad but if he’s on the bench, we’re crushing them 3-0 again and there’s 15 minutes to go I say keep him on the bench. If we don’t need him we shouldn’t give one of their petty vindictive thugs the chance to immediately injure him all over again.

  • Peter Cassidy says:

    Won’t need him for the bigot dome match .

  • peterbrady says:

    James I am gonnae have a rant

  • peterbrady says:

    I do not ere anymore on the cheating in the past madhun beatonbigot and all them scum I do not care

  • peterbrady says:

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    With syphillis and his brain is getting eaten we have NATO stop this now celltiic Joe get it done no more innocents dying you dirty russian scum

  • MArk B says:

    Tend to agree, Kyogo in the squad, but I would play Giakoumakis at Ibrox he also gives us physicality. Make no mistake they are a whole differnet team with Morelos, without him we would beat them easily I believe (he didnt play at Celtic Park). With him in the team I think it will be a helluva battle these next three games.

    • Stephen McAdam says:

      Aye no bother he scored 2 in like 20 odd games and both in empty stadiums! In the ghost league! So geez peace! Celtic will hammer that team we have way too much all over the park and keogo if fit ! Wow!

      • Martin says:

        He is pretty ineffective as a goalscorer against us, but does change how their whole team plays. He’s also good at the old cheating. What he offers them against us is not goals, but a focal point and a penalty decision

  • peterbrady says:

    Who cares I implore one of Putin’s security to end him now

  • peterbrady says:

    What the fuck the2 polar caps are out of sycs and you care about a irrelevant shite

  • peterbrady says:

    Are you all blinkered wake up stop this now

  • Stephen McAdam says:

    Let’s go to that hellhole and finish that poison! Batter them! The excuses are in already saw that twat foster say their eurogamer game makes us favourites! Ha ha Aye clown shoe never mind 32 games ubeaten !with like 2 draws! Only here you have this pish! We are the best team in this league by a mile! Cektic go and hammer these pretend chanpions the ” ghost league empty stadium ones! We are the Real deal! Let’s win this league at mordor as win and it’s done! And they know it!

  • Stephen McAdam says:

    Celtic go hammer them! I meant

  • Hatate Hat-trick! says:

    Get the SCUM SKELPT!!

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