The Record “Jury” Lay Out Their Reasons Why The Celtic Boss Isn’t Manager Of The Year.

Image for The Record “Jury” Lay Out Their Reasons Why The Celtic Boss Isn’t Manager Of The Year.

Well, it didn’t take long for the hacks at The Record to prove that they are absolutely shameless hypocrites. On the subject of the manager of the year all four of their so-called Monday Morning Panel wriggled like fish on the hook over this question.

None of them wants to give it to Ange.

Two of them are waiting to see if Van Bronckhorst wins the Europa League (don’t laugh, these jokers are apparently serious), Jackson thinks it should go to Steve Clarke and Gordon Parks thinks – and again, this is not a joke – that it’s time managers on “smaller budgets” had their due. He’s going for Neilson or Martindale.

This is exactly what I expected from these clowns.

All of a sudden we have to consider the little guy?

How many of them voted for Callum Davidson last season? None of them I’ll bet. Yet David McCarthy has the balls to suggest Dick Campbell (a bigot, which should be disqualifying but in Scotland nothing is disqualifying).

And Steve Clarke? Jackson is taking the piss with that. Not only does he think he deserves it more than Ange but thinks he deserves it “hands down.”

So what if Ange wins the treble? Still giving it to Steve Clarke? But of course, because he can’t bear to give it to our manager no matter what he achieves.

Van Bronckhorst has blown a lead in the league whilst Ange has put together a magnificent unbeaten run – and taken the first domestic trophy. Yet two of them are clutching at straws and hoping that the Ibrox boss pulls off a miracle.

Ange isn’t getting their vote either way, any more than he’s getting the votes of Jackson or Parks, who have made their minds up already. By their bizarre logic, no manager from Glasgow should ever have been given the award but of course we know they wouldn’t hesitate to send it to Ibrox if the opportunity presented itself.

Ange hasn’t just rebuilt Celtic – which is amazing enough – but he’s done it from a standing start.

Some of these people were predicting, at one point, that we might finish third or even fourth, so how they can maintain, with straight faces, the argument that having wildly exceeded their own predictions that he doesn’t deserve the gong … it’s disgusting.

It is nakedly biased, and although Ange won’t care, if he’s holding all three of the domestic trophies when this season ends and that award goes to someone else then the embarrassment belongs to them, and not to him.

Because it will be a shocking commentary on their own bitterness.

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  • Tom Foolery says:

    TBF I would never vote for a Celtic or sevco manager given the financial superiority they have over all the rest. If however Celtic or sevco won a European trophy…

    • Martin says:

      I actually agree with you on that. A Celtic or Sevco manager really has to do something incredible to be in with a shout. I think most of us secretly agree. The problem is last season Davidson was hands down the winner, no contest, but the gushing praise for Gerrard has left us where we are. If we’re saying Slippy deserved it last year, then Ange deserves two this year.

  • MArk B says:

    Frankly who cares, winning on the pitch is what counts.
    Of course if Ange wins the treble he deserves it. Even if he wins League and League Cup he deserves it. BUT he has won the League yet so lets focus on winning on the pitch. I always feel these accolades should be handed out after the trophies not before !!!! If Gio does win the Europa League then of course he deserves it ! But as you say these are pure speculation. If Gio wins the League and the Cup he also probably deserves it, so lets not get agitated, lets focus on winning Sunday and winning the League, this is ALL that counts given the financial implications. If you allow the judgements of people like Jackson to be important you are choosing to be disappointed. Who cares who wins press writers manager of the year, I cant recall who ever did win and who didnt. Its just not important. You are making it so with articles like this.

  • Justshatered says:

    How many of them voted for Mr Gerrard last year but not Callum Davidson and now they trott out this tripe.
    A word of caution though, this weekend is a huge match in the development of our team.
    I’ve seldom known such confidence from our support going to Ibrox and yet, the Rodgers years excepted, our record there isn’t great.
    We also know how referees behave when in the middle over there.
    The discussion for manager of the year will become clearer after the three games against them.

  • Pan says:

    This is Scotland for you. Bigots aplenty! Shameless hypocrites.

  • Bennybhoy57 says:

    Had a nephew saying Ange sacked by Christmas after our bad start to season.
    Offered me a £50 bet that sevco would win league by 25 points at least.
    Said I would give him £100 bet and would drop it to 15 points.
    Remembered him about bet when I seen him the other day.
    Said if Celtic win at Ibrox we would have a six points lead with only 6 games to go therefore it would be time to pay up.
    Asked me what the #### I was talking about,
    His da who was there at the time bet was made, couldn’t remember also.
    Said the money not important but at least admit Ange has proved you all wrong.

  • Johnny mcglinchey says:

    Ange should tell them to shove it right up there orange fuckin holes.HH

  • SSMPM says:

    Why would you want an award from bigots that hate you? Why do you continue to recognise them as relevant? What part of their rejection keeps them relevant to you?

    It sounds like you’re still want us to be part of their sphere of consideration as if to recognise them as having some kind of fairness and honesty. They don’t exist in, I hope, most Celtic fans world so what’s up with you man, they’re bigots, award yourself a …

  • REBELLIOUS says:

    This was posted earlier than you usually post topics, made me think it has to be important so skipped to this first. You’re exactly correct they cannot see past their focal point; le merde. Everyone of them knows that they’re bigoted and biased to the core and cannot see past their own blinkered views.
    Reasoning isn’t their strong point.
    Good read and I’m in total agreement, Scotland is backward in so many ways, it’s shameful

  • Tony B says:

    Why do you bother about the opinion of these fannies?

    They support sevco and know the square root of fvck all about football.

    If you asked any random four huns about their nomination for manager of the year none of them would say Ange, so why would these specimens?

  • Scud Missile says:

    Lol 4 glue sniffers from the daily sevco impersonating journalists those 4 jakeys couldn’t pick their own nose never mind a manager.

  • George says:

    I think they should ask boyd who they think should win lol ???brilliant you couldn’t write this stuff

  • Joseph Mcaleer says:

    Do WE really need a silly little “award” like this, from peepul we don’t rate, Quicker we forget about tripe like this from non entities the better.

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