The SFA Must Act On Ibrox’s Hate Filled Fans, And The Press Must Help Them.

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This morning, in The Guardian, there is an outstanding article from Jacob Steinberg, about the game that took place between Chelsea and Newcastle yesterday.

Entitled “Stamford Bridge hosts dark day for those who care for football’s soul” it is a searing condemnation of both clubs.

In the article he pointed out that Chelsea fans repeatedly sang the name of Abramovich in spite of his links to the murderous Putin regime. Even as they did so, Newcastle fans chanted insults at them and boasted of being richer, when their own club is funded by people who are just as debased and without scruples.

The game came just hours after the news broke that Saudi Arabia had conducted a mass execution of more than 80 people.

English football is mired in this stuff, in shame and disgrace and scandal.

But there are signs, at last, that their league authorities are intent on getting to the bottom of it and doing something to cleanse the game. How serious are they? We’ll soon find out.

But they are facing up to their problems and are at least willing to try.

Scottish football has no such issues, of course, or not as far as we know. I’ve written at length about how we won’t properly know who has their claws in our national sport until we have Fit and Proper Person rules worth a damn and clubs have to follow the basic principles of financial fair play, instead of relying on an SFA system which plainly does not work.

We have other problems, of course, and as with yesterday in England they were on full display at one of the matches.

As with the Stamford Bridge shame game, the disgrace was heightened by the bile that flowed from the stands, all of it from the away fans. I refer, of course, to the match at Dens involving Dundee and the club from Ibrox.

Phil Mac Giolla Bhain and myself have written about the resurgence of anti-Irish and anti-Catholic singing from their fan-base, and yesterday they went through the full medley of hits. Even the vile Famine Song was heard briefly.

This morning a single journalist – Alan Pattullo of The Scotsman – deemed it worth a mention. But every single reporter should be talking about this, and focussing on it relentlessly.

Everyone who cares about Scottish football should take this seriously.

Along with the disgusting racism they belted out, the weaponization of child abuse was also in full tilt, another appalling manifestation of the intense derangement of a support which hates by default and cannot seem to shake its addiction to it. You have to marvel at people who wallow in filth to the extent that an issue like this is viewed as a means of scoring despicable points.

The SFA should act on this, but they are cowed and terrified. If they could rely on the full-throated support of the press corps, if the media was willing to demand action and strike hard on it, then they may well have a chance of sending a message … but the press itself has not got a yard of guts and over and over again have let the game down on this issue.

Ibrox’s fans behave abhorrently.

Their 17th century outlook, their immersion in filth and sectarianism and their bottomless well of loathing for everything and everyone else in the game should have been tackled years ago, and still we have to tolerate this.

I know there are hacks who weary of hearing about this, but it will not cease being relevant just because they wish that the issue would go away.

I suspect they would be a lot more focussed on the matter if the sewer dwellers singing this stuff wanted to wade in their blood and not mine. There is nothing that focusses the mind so much as knowing thousands of your fellow citizens wish that you and your family and friends were dead.

These Peepul have targeted journalists. They have created enemies lists of parliamentarians. They have expressed a wished to take part in bloodthirsty slaughter. They have hidden behind victims of abuse. They have celebrated a famine that killed a million people.

What low are some in this country waiting for prior to calling this out?

What exactly is it going to take until the football club that permits this is forced to confront the problem and act on it?

How much more of this are we willing to put up with?

If this country is waiting for these folks to grow up and join the rest of the civilised world, I’d suggest that the wait will be long and that we should not have to endure their bile in the meantime. The club at Ibrox has uttered not one word of condemnation for the shameful behaviour of its fans in this past month, and nobody is pressuring them to.

And nobody will until the media here starts to highlight this stuff.

In the meantime, our club is committed to playing a friendly game against the one that allows this to happen in its name. Our directors are just as guilty of refusing to deal with this matter in a robust fashion.

We risk bringing deep shame on ourselves as a result.

Scotland appears to be beyond shame on this. The press and the governing bodies allow it for reasons which defeat logic and understanding. The club itself should want to be rid of this vile element, but we’ve long since accepted that there are financial considerations there which Ibrox is simply not willing to compromise on.

And so even as English football gears up to confront its own degradation at the hands of the oligarchs we allow one set of supporters to toxify our national sport. That was a cup quarter final yesterday; Hampden is next to house this filth and it will belch forth from every corner of the ground where they are allowed to have fans.

Maybe that’s the answer. Maybe it’s time to tell these Peepul that until they cease their disgusting songs that they aren’t welcome in the National Stadium … if I thought the SFA had the guts for it, I’d be banging that drum loudly.

It’s a cause that our media should be taking up without delay.

But I am not holding my breath.

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  • Johnny mcglinchey says:

    They are a fuckin disease but what do you expect when buster bloodvessel parks is an orange cunt and dup man is pulling the strings, tell putin the tea lady is ukranian and bomb the fuckin lot of them. HH

  • Gordon Ashley says:

    There is only one way to get back at this utter vile rodent scum and that is to hit them where it hurts them most and deny them trophy after trophy, they cannot handle seeing us pick up trophies and the upturn in their embarrassing racism is purely down to us soaring past them in the league and the sheer terror of us landing that champions league spot.. win this league title and rub the £40m in their ugly little pug nosed faces like never before, that is the answer ! And then next step overtake their claimed made up trophy haul.. which were only a couple behind, the chance is their to bury these zombie tramps for good if we win this title.

  • Scud Missile says:

    You could always get Thomson , Foster and Miller to discuss this they seem to pick up on everything else to talk about.
    Opps they would have to be intelligent to suss that out but they only have the blinkers on to focus on all Celtic and the decisions they get,but another set of blinkers to not pick up the hatred from sevco fans.

  • Seppington says:

    This will continue as long as a “Rangers” is allowed to exist. The problem runs through that klub from the bigot scum in the stand to the bigot scum in the boardroom. Their hiring of DUP-Man for PR confirmed it, and his elevation to the board (descent to Lucifer’s table, same difference) cements it. Park et al know that if they aren’t winning on the pitch the scum in the stands will turn on them, so distract those dumb clowns from the failure by perpetuating the convenient claim of Unseen Fenian influence being responsible for all that is wrong there. Keep the gullible believing as long as possible to keep shafting them for cash as long as possible. The only difference between their board and their fans us that the board can afford suits and brogues instead of Castore school jumpers and plimsoles…

    • Dinger says:

      If you are waiting on the sfa or the press to do anything about this you got more chance Prince Andrew going to jail

  • Cairncross says:

    Agreed about the fake trophy haul, which is almost as bad as the fake history.
    They are now 10 years old, having won only one major trophy in all that time, mainly due to our irresponsible board and covid. We however have won 13 of the last 16 trophies and hope that rises to 15 from 18 by the end of the season. They have never won the big one as that kind of success is not for everyone and at least 5 of the old clubs titles should be stripped for cheating, with another of the old clubs shared with a club who had the better goal difference.
    If you consider the total existence of both Ibrox Clubs, their win percentage against time is significantly inferior to ours.
    In short we totally dominate them in every way.

  • Frankie says:

    Gordon Ashley don’t insult pugs they have more brains than any of that lot.

  • Stephen says:

    To deal with the trophy shite I just tell them Celtic are going for their 106th league title this season.
    Just let them rage on.
    They know we know and it’s killing them.

  • Roonsa says:

    Right OK – time to play Devil’s Advocate here.

    One of my favourite TV shows, for reasons I won’t bore you with, is Judge Judy.

    The presiding Judge will sometimes explain a legal term of “clean hands”. That is, if the Plaintiff is making a complaint against the Defendant but is also guilty of a related misdemeanour worthy of note then they have no complaint to make.

    e.g. Plaintiff is suing for the proceeds of a joint investment that the Defendant acquired to the detriment of the Plaintiff. That venture turns out to be dodgy so the Judge will just say – clean hands and then bid both parties goodbye knowing full well that 10 million people are watching this including the IRS as well as others – so neither of them will get away with what they stupidly admitted to on national TV.

    So using that framework of “clean hands” – do we, as Celtic fans, have “clean hands”? Regardless of how you would argue against any such accusation that we don’t – the FACT is that Celtic fans sing songs that glorify an outlawed paramilitary organisation that killed innocent people. That cannot be argued against. It’s just fact. Don’t bore me with historical details ( I know them already ) – only the headlines apply here in my Devil’s Advocate world. Did an organisation with that name kill innocent people? Answer Y/N?

    If Celtic fans want to stop the hate filled garbage that comes from sevco fans, and do that by drawing in an intermediary (just like Judge Judy) – i.e. an official body – they have to adhere to the “clean hands” concept.

    That just isn’t going to happen. I am 53. I’ve been following Celtic for as long as I can remember. Huns are huns. They will never change and nobody has the balls to deal with them properly. Like it or lump it. Soz – thems the facts.

    • Boobs67 says:

      It’s a political issue of civil rights vs an issue of downright hatred and kkk thinking. Nothing in Ireland would have changed if they had not done what they did. Killing innocent civilians, don’t want to be that guy but they were doing it first along with the British army. Ballymurphy massacre, derry, the young Rooney boy sleeping in his bed, the recent revelations of collusion with armed forces to blow up a show band. F off your not one of us.

      • Roonsa says:

        You are right, I’m obviously an idiot and I apologize to all the victims of the Brit’s. The Irish people are justified in wanting civil rights and freedom from the Brit’s after 700 years of atrocities. I’m really a rangers fan anyway

        • Roonsa says:

          That wasn’t me who said that. That was some dolt who used my name. I don’t need dolts to speak on my behalf.

      • Roonsa says:

        Boobs – you are not picking up on what I mean by Devil’s Advocate. I agree with everything you say. I am a great admirer of many of the Republican movement – especially the hunger strikers.

        But if you want to talk about that lot in an official capacity, then you must have “clean hands”. We do not. When you lay out the facts on the table, Celtic are glorifying an organisation that blah blah blah blah blah. There is nothing you or I can do to change those facts. They are facts. Hence the reason we can’t get get involved in a discussion that questions the hun scum as it just turns into whataboutery.

  • Mark B says:

    Racism and such chants are awful. I agree with Roonsa. They are bad but I am fed up hearing anti Protestant or “orange b*****” chants and shouts at Celtic Park …. And much worse in away games. So we also need to improve. And of course they do also…. It’s 35 years since Souness broke the non-Catholic singing policy. Things are barely better on the terraces. It will change but very slowly.

    • Quinny says:

      I’d agree with your Sentiment … but they all are Orange Bastards … thats the truth of it …so what can you do except call them out for what they are … it’s back to the Old days of yore for us ‘Fenians’ I’m afraid … The 150 years Birthday and 55 titles for a Dead Club proves it…

      • mark b says:

        I am surprised this comment is not edited. “..they are all Orange Bastards”. Unbelievable comment to allow James.

  • Roonsa says:

    Hold on Mark. I didn’t say anything about “anti Protestant” songs coz I am not aware of any, never mind ones sung by Celtic fans.

    I said specifically songs glorifying a paramilitary organisation which killed innocent people. Specific refences to “PROVISIONAL WING!” means we can’t play the freedom fighter card.

    I do agree that calling out players and ex players or whatever for being Orange bastards when they are nothing of the sort (this does not apply to people with the initials KB because they ARE orange bastards, FACT) isn’t exactly helping our cause.

    We either stay out this argument or clean our own act up first which would be the right thing to do.

    • Boobs67 says:

      ?????? Contradict much, are civil rights not freedoms. Maybe not freedom like self government but freedom to be left alone and not discriminated against because of old religious background. The freedom not to be murdered by the state. F of u are not one of us.

      • Roonsa says:

        Soz to have disappoint you Boobers. I am also disappointed not to be one of u – whatever that is. I’m not sure even you know what that is.

      • Roonsa says:

        I’ve also just realised that you were responding to Bizarro Roonsa who is not me. I can assure you of that fact xxx

  • AntonDeclan says:

    Different sh#te, same flies……

  • a cullinane says:

    murderous Putin regime,you should check the facts,dont read the MSM,thats what the other side of glasgow does

    • James Forrest says:

      Are you trying to talk yourself off this site?

      He’s bombing civilians. He’s a murdering bastard.

      If you want to argue that point you’ll do it somewhere else, I’m not having it on here.

      • Terence Nova says:

        ” Soon there’ll be no Protestants at all ??” Now there’s an add on that needs binned…No room for that at our Club…BIN IT NOW…

        • Roonsa says:

          Does that ever get sung at CP? Look I aint saying it’s not – I’m just not sure if that’s what is actually sung. If it is then get it to absolute fuck now.

          • mark b says:

            Really are you serious? Of course its sung ….. We had “Roamin in the Gloaming ” on Weds night, with the famous “F*** King Billy and John Knox”. I mean come on I h,ear anti-Protestant stuff all the time, it’s frankly is a disgrace. We are a club open to all and we cut this out or frankly we are as bad as those we despise for the same reason. It atually makes me ashmed to be a Celtic fan when I hear this. No wonder the EPL would never take us with this bile attached to our name.

  • Quinny says:

    It’s a waste of time , the Peepul and the Puritan Press are in cahoots , from Liquidation to 150 years old …. 1 title to 55 … even something as the Semi Final Draw …even though Celtic were first out of the Hat … the Scottish Sun has it Sevco 2012 versus Celtic …. the Billy Boys are back in Town because Celtic PLC did nothing to stop them…Money talks.

  • John Tunn says:

    Totally agree there comes a time when enough is enough . But sadly there are not enough good people willing to stand up and be counted . Journal integrity is not a priority for most journalists . They have to speak up, and speak up now

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