There Is A Sectarian Element In Our Support. Celtic Fans Must, And Will, Stand Against It.

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My good friend Ross Taylor wrote an excellent piece this morning in which he lamented the shameful songs some of our supporters sung last night at Dundee. He said some of what I had intended to say myself, because having spent the last few days lashing the Ibrox support for their own disgraceful singing I was not going to stay silent on this.

I don’t want anything to do with these so-called fans.

They don’t speak for me and they do not represent Celtic.

Their sectarianism belongs in the gutter with those who sing songs of hate across the city. Anti-Protestant sentiment is every bit as loathsome as anti-Catholic hate and I abhor it and all decent Celtic fans abhor it.

Ours is a multi-cultural, multi-ethnic support.

We are, as has often been stated, a club open to all and if a group of our fans want to start drawing up an exclusion criterion then so be it; but I warn those people that they are ones who will find themselves excluded and driven out.

They are not part of us. Their mentality is the antithesis of what we represent.

Think for a moment of what goes through the minds of these cretins, if indeed anything can be said to go through their minds.

I don’t mind the Papa Franceso chant; I find that one frankly bizarre and think that if these people want to sing about a religious leader that they should do it in the chapel, if most of them could find their nearest one.

But whilst it’s a factional song, that still makes it one you can either join in or not as you see fit and if you don’t mind looking ridiculous to anyone who thinks the whole thing is pretty stupid.

But these folk should get any notion of their thick heads that Celtic is a “Catholic club” because it never has been and never will be, and if you have somehow convinced yourself that it is then you, idiot that you are, you have already swallowed the “two sides of the coin” narrative and you are doing your bit to promote it.

A brazenly anti-Protestant song like Roamin’ In The Gloamin’ is nakedly sectarian and amongst others it discriminates against legions of our own fans and plenty of our ex-players, not to mention – and here comes the rub – our greatest ever manager.

You demented fuckwits.

Is that me spelling it out enough? Is that me making it clear enough?

That’s at the root of what you are doing.

Is it finally getting through to you, you bigoted, shit-kicking backward facing clowns?

You would discriminate against the great Jock Stein.

As to the On The One Road add-on “soon there’ll be no Protestant’s at all” – which is our own version of “up to our knees in fenian blood” – I marvel at the mentality of twisting a song about unity into an anthem of hate, and especially when it was made famous by a band named after a Republican hero who was also a Protestant.

A grasp on history isn’t the only thing that escapes these arseholes.

I know a lot of our own supporters have spent the day emailing the club on this, and asking that something be done about it.

If these goons won’t ditch the vile singing and stop trawling the gutter, then these people need to be removed from our support and the club will have the full support of every decent fan if it sets out to do precisely that.

I said yesterday that if the problems at Ibrox were, as they often claim, confined to a “small minority” then they would be easy to deal with. The yahoos amongst our own support do represent a small minority, and that means the rest of us won’t accept their vile behaviour for very long, and especially not if the club itself is determined to act.

The mainstream media has stayed out of this, for now, but all these idiots have done is give them a chance to conflate our problem with the one at Ibrox so that when they do decide to write about it they present it in the context of a joint problem … but this is our problem and they have their problem and Celtic fans will not be as silent as the fans across the city will.

The people who are speaking out right now are amongst our own, or at least people we would regard as our friends. Jim Spence and Roger Mitchell are not enemies of Celtic by any manner of means, and when they are talking about this we should be listening.

We have a problem here.

I do not believe that we will refuse to face up to it.

Indeed, we can’t afford not to and it’s not who we are anyway.

We are Celtic, and this is not Celtic.

At a time when much of the world is watching us, the world must know that and it will.

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  • Mark B says:

    Thank you for this article James. Celtic is supposed to be a club for all. This singing is a disgrace. Those who support such singing are simply the mirror image of what they detest at Ibrox. I wish to see the fans and club do more to eradicate it. I had a person in the seat in front of me banned as he constantly stood spouting such vitriol.

  • Michael McCartney says:

    Well said James, these idiots most definitely Don’t know their History. They are the opposite to what supporting Celtic is all about. It’s time for the majority to let them know that this behaviour is unacceptable.

  • Jim says:

    Great piece James. Some of our fans are a disgrace but in their simple and tiny minds they don’t see any wrong.
    Go back a couple a couple of weeks against Livingston we get awarded a penalty, some of our fans burst into song singing The boys of the old brigade. Our club captain preparing to take the kick and that’s what some fans seen as appropriate. Time to challenge these people.

  • Joseph Mcaleer says:

    A big thank you for your article , scum need to be called out ,our good name,and Impartiality is so important, get this vile stuff stopped at the source on the terraces.

  • Sun Tsu says:

    Unadulterated Pish! A Catholic club ? Aye Right !
    James speaks for me and the overwhelming majority of our support.

  • Quinny says:

    What a load of Tosh …. Celtic’s good name has been tarnished by the Idiots trying to look good on a web site … We’ve had Liquidation turned into Relegation, we’ve had 1 title turned into 55 titles and now its 150 years of the Billy Boys with their Red , White and Blue . Meanwhile we have the Celtic wets complaining about the singing of our Folk Songs and the Part some of our Family members played in fighting for freedom in Ireland and Scotland . In the days of Fr Walfrid , do you think there were complaints about singing Hymns and the Rebel songs ??
    or were they more concerned about the treatment and Standing of the Irish Catholic Immigrant population .
    I like a bit of Fenianism when I go to Paradise , apart from 9am Mass on Sundays , its the only place I feel safe enough to express my Catholic upbringing and my Republican politics without having to suffer the usual Puritan drivel but reading some of posts …. you’d think the Softies that wrote them had been turned by the Oranjies … no wonder they parade in their Sashes down our Streets just to take the Mickey out of the soft Celtic softies .

    • king murdy says:

      quinny is just a bigot with these views….why don’t you come and join us in the 21st century mate..?
      or is it you just like being a bitter wee man?

    • Brian Cavanagh says:


      That is not Fenianism -that is sectarianism- there are plenty of songs you can sing. Being anti -protestant isnt expressing your Republican politics – why do you think the tricolour is designed the way it is?

  • Tommy McQuillan says:

    Well said James every decent Celtic supporter hates to hear this nonsense and if we don’t stamp it out we’re condoning it. I commented on the piece Ross had written earlier and I pretty much agreed with with everything you’ve alluded to in your piece too. There’s no place for it in society much less at Celtic Park it’s time the club and support took more stringent steps to weed out the perpetrators at our club and ban them for good.

  • Peter Cassidy says:

    This has been going for years by some of our fans sadly most of them never go to Chapel etc and shout about ira: not knowing what they are singing about. a lot of our players past and present are and where non catholics the club should ban them they are just as bad as the bigot fans suppose most of them brain dead just enjoy our football team all this bull$hit is well past its sell by date.

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