Why Celtic’s Biggest Problem With The Aussie Trip Could Be The Fury Of The Ibrox Fans.

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Our club has put itself in a proper bad place with their decision to play this Australian friendly, as I’ve already written and as others have already written.

The Celtic fans are angry about it, and even Ange’s comments – which I’ll write more about later – aren’t quelling the flames.

The board obviously knew we would not be happy.

That must have been “factored in” when they were putting this together.

Here’s what they didn’t expect; the full-on fury which has erupted across the city.

That fury is a major, major problem for Celtic because it is a major problem for the board over there.

Because Ibrox dances to the tune of their fans in a way that is sometimes truly reprehensible. No fan base that deranged should ever be taken so seriously by its own club but the simple fact is that they do listen to their lunatic fringe to a worrisome degree.

And right now that segment of their support if beyond enraged.

They are clamouring for their club to think again about this game, and if their board pulls out of this our own is going to look even shittier than it does right now for not doing so first.

There might be commercial contracts signed and sealed, but let’s not pretend that Ibrox takes any of that seriously because we know that they don’t. They won’t even participate in the SPFL’s sponsorship deals although they are obligated to do so.

Nothing is going to calm their supporters down on this; they see the whole thing as being about the promotion of Celtic and Ange’s brand Down Under and understand full well – another subject I’ll be tackling later – what their status on this “tour” is … they are the support act at best, the whole match itself like a circus side-show, with them in the role of the freaks.

There is every chance that their clamour will result in their club pulling out of the whole thing.

The second they believe their own financial bottom line will be impacted for showing up the meagre cash they are getting for it – do not believe a word of their hype about it being more than they get from the SPFL – will be a secondary consideration.

The Celtic board needs to think again about this game, and if that means that they once again get their heads together with the Ibrox board to ditch the whole grubby concept than I reckon we can overlook that and simply accept that the right decision has been arrived at … but I strongly suspect they will persist with this long after the point where it has become toxic and that will not be too long in coming as should be evident to them.

The Ibrox fans are much, much more vocal on this than our fans have been thus far although I fully expect that to change the second we make the official “announcement” that we are playing them … if indeed the club intends to confirm it.

Oh how thoroughly cowardly the charlatans who have made this decision are.

When everyone knows what the agenda is our club is yet to offer any comment on it.

If you ever wanted a clear picture of who runs us this offers it to you.

Ibrox is almost certainly already looking for a way to pull the plug if they cannot quell the tide of anger.

Our own club is hiding from the anger they too know will explode online the second they confirm this disgrace.

They should act first and end this farce and set up the kind of homecoming tour for Ange that will not leave this club tainted and scarred.

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  • jrm63 says:

    The point about not being associated with them on a voluntary basis is well made. However, let them combust a while reflecting on their secondary status. You are right, that is the source of their ire. If they do pull out, then I am sure that we can find somebody else and make it something we might wish to be associated with

  • Tom Foolery says:

    Dear God, we are in the final stages of one of the most important seasons in my living memory…let this go until a more appropriate time. Let’s all just get behind the team 110%. This sideshow crap is not needed at this time!

    • Roonsa says:

      Tom. You are a walking continent of common sense, sir.

      Wise words!

    • Anthony Mcquade says:

      This farcical idea makes the Dubai trip under Lennon look good .
      For Celtic to travel across the world and be used as a warm up act for teams in the A league is , in my opinion , not in any shape or form realistic.
      Financially you are risking £40 m champions league money should this trip result in any serious injuries to key players .
      Let us forget anything SEVCO says on this matter and do what is best for GLASGOW CELTIC .
      That is – win the league next year as well as this , and improve in Europe

      • Jake Hansen says:

        This trip will take place during the World Cup shutdown in late November. We’ll already have the UCL money…

    • Michael McCartney says:

      Well said Tom Foolery. Has anyone asked the Celtic supporter clubs in Australia what they think. If they are against this “Friendly” then I think the organisers and sponsors should think again about who Celtic’s opposition is. If they are all for it then go ahead. Maybe after sometime away from Scotland the supporters of both clubs have a different perspective on the rivalry, hopefully a bit more civilised or am I kidding myself on..

    • Droopy McCool says:

      Maybe the Celtic board should have considered that before signing up to this farce. They might be idiots but they knew there would be a tremendous backlash.

  • Roonsa says:

    The CFO (Chris McKay) will never stand for that – a guaranteed revenue stream with potentially large penalties if we break that contract. Plus we have a lawyer as CEO who will not want to be seen on the wrong end of it.

    If, as you say, the huns wouldn’t care about such things and just pull out anyway (and whoever comes looking for the penalties can whistle for their money) then Celtic are stuck between a rock and a hard place.

    You know what? I’m going to break rank and start wanting this thing to actually happen. You know why? Because if it winds up the huns then will arouse me. And that’s far more important to me than the Green Brigade getting on their high horse about something which, let’s face it, should be WAY down the list of our concerns and priorities.

  • Pan says:

    Replace Sevco with a Japanese team. Simples!

    • Seppington says:

      Great idea. In fact, replace the scum with an “In memory of Neighbours” Erinsbrough 11!

    • Roonsa says:

      So the huns pulling out will be a good thing then? Even more reason to support it. If we want it, they will want it even less. Club caves in, an Ange love in ensues. Win win.

      Fuck the evil hun!

  • John S says:

    The Board has miscalculated if they thought they’d get support for “friendlies” with such an infamous club (that are the focal point for social harm) and just for a few extra bob. There’ll be a few Russian teams on the lookout for continental opposition.

  • Daniel Higgins says:

    A friendly in the middle of the season’s first half? Won’t we be in the later stages of playing for the first trophy of the season? Why has this being considered when we are already playing far to many games, are we only sending a second string team to Australia?

    • Jake Hansen says:

      It’s during the World Cup shut down. That’ll be a month without competitive games for everyone not involved in Qatar. Have some sun and a way to stay fit.

  • Jack says:

    If this game against the tribute act goes ahead, Celtic, as holders, will surely parade the League Cup, League Trophy and the Scottish Cup prior to kick off. The Australian fans of all clubs involved in the tournament will surely appreciate this.

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