If The Ibrox Gutter Element Is A Minority, Shouldn’t They Be Easy To Deal With?

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Earlier on, when I published my piece about how Scottish football needs to face up its own issues and finally reckon with the fans at the club across the city, I heard a lot of nonsense along the lines that I am tarring the whole support with one brush and that this problem remains limited to a “small minority” of their fan-base.

I’ve heard it before. We all have.

But nobody ever confronts the blatant contradiction at the heart of this assertion; if there are so few of them, why haven’t they been dealt with before now?

If this is such a tiny segment of their support, why haven’t the “good fans” rallied alongside the club to purge them from the stands forever?

If this is such a small number of people, why hasn’t the press highlighted their despicable chanting again and again and again and helped the club properly confront this instead of letting them ignore it for years?

It shouldn’t be hard to do, after all.

The trouble with this oft-stated nonsense is that it’s easily contradicted by the hard facts and by the simple act of opening ones ears and eyes. At St Johnstone and Dundee those songs didn’t emanate from a “small minority” but from near enough the whole away support.

We forget that the SFA has rules on this stuff and that a club is liable for sanctions unless it can prove that it has taken “reasonable steps” to rid this stuff from the stands. Where are those steps? Ibrox’s failure even to condemn this damns the club … and until the SFA forces them to confront it they quite clearly aren’t going to bother.

If this is a “small minority” then what exactly is the SFA and Ibrox waiting for?

If you were at the SFA and wanted to get to the bottom of this there are certain questions you would be asking the club at Ibrox.

First, when does the club intend to comment on this stuff?

Secondly, what steps have you taken to identify those whose behaviour shames the club?

Thirdly, what measure have you taken to punish those responsible?

This is the bare minimum of what the governing body should be doing, and if this is a small number of fans then the club should be able to demonstrate real progress, instead of the shameful regression we’ve seen in recent weeks.

This “small minority” stuff is, of course, risible nonsense and the problems Ibrox has are much, much bigger than that.

This is a deflection tactic which is as old as the hills.

It should be called out as such, because if this was a small minority they’d have sorted it out years ago … and I cannot believe that nobody ever blows that excuse out of the water.

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  • Delbhoy says:

    The scum being scum will not b called out for they r scum to

  • Pan says:

    This should have been dealt with already. This wee country is full of hypocrites and cowards in government, in opposition to the government and in the police and authority. They are too scared to deal with the mob and some are even of a kind disposition to the mob. After the reformation, many countries evolved, but Scotland and Northern Ireland remained in the 16th century and embraced intolerance. My own SNP councillor let it slip that they wanted to do away with certain schools. She was very surprised when I gave her my point of view, considering she was aware of my atheism.

    • Dinger says:

      Never let them back into parkhead never go back to Ibrox tell them to save the song sheet for George Square

  • Mickey says:

    Perhaps the problem is bigger and more wide spread than just 1 club and the SFA? Perhaps the other teams and supporters agree with the racists chants and songs?

  • Johnny mcglinchey says:

    These cunts that are the minority must be over 70 cos its the same minority for 50yrs, just execute the fuckin diseased orange retards. HH

  • Frankie says:

    A small minority what a load of shite if sfa or spfl or their board tried to ban them there would be hardly any of them at their games , most of their support are bigots.

  • king murdy says:

    They are ALL scum… staying quiet, they are tacitly condoning the racism and sectarianism…..
    all those years ago, when the ibrox klub policy was to employ anyone except a catholic…and the players, greig,jardine,henderson,cooper et al stood by looking at their shoes,or,agreed with the policy…that of course goes for “nice guy” mccoist….
    no point in asking what the SFA ……SFA!

    in my estimation….if you support them…then you are a bigot too…no question.

    • Thomas Daley says:

      Must agree with above!!
      In all my years working overseas meeting met The ‘rangers’ fans in the repair and shipbuilding yards of Singapore, Korea and Japan and on leave in KL and Thailand. What they all had in common were from a dislike to outright hatred of Scottish catholics and the R.O.I.

  • Jimmy Mccairn says:

    The SFA be will never act against. sevco for the simple. reason ,they are has corrupt and bigoted has Scotland’s shame

  • Stevie Bhoy says:

    It will never be condemned by the hierarchy at Ibrox as it’s music to their ears.
    Loved by everyone & anyone it keeps the hate, bile and bigotry alive in 2022 and keeps the lie of the oldco alive.
    We all know it will never end!

    • Quinny says:

      It’s Simple …their ethos and Club is based on a Traditional hatred of Popery and Scots/Irish Catholics …. they will never move on because they will have nothing to sustain their reason to live … the Entitled died but Scottish Society brought them back .The Funny Peepul are a scourge on Modern Society …but I’m sure Brother Walfrid had the same problems in the 1880’s.

  • Stephen McAdam says:

    Nobody ever did or do blow it out the water! As they are the enablers of the poisin and Celtic guys in the media dont want to ” keep the head down”bs! Which older generations allowed! Sadly we have idiots that are now dragging our great club into the cespit! Thats makes me sick! Difference is we will call it out ! The huns never will is who they are but their also in positions of power ” the enablers” as we all know in the police force which has always been rife another fact ! Been told to me by many in it and a retired ex one who is now a minister and big Celtic fan! He told me plenty tho not surprising sadly! So forget them being condemned in ” brigadoon ” Scotland !

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