The Record’s Latest Ibrox Feel Good Piece Compares Kent With Mbappe.

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Today on You Could Not Make This Up ….

The Daily Record is quoting a YouTube “star” named Specs Gonzalez who raves about Kent and calls him “the Killian Mbappe of Scottish football.”

He thinks he’s a big miss for England and should be in the national team.

For the record, there is only one Ryan Kent playing in British football, so I have to surmise that he means the same guy.

And this is the kind of “opinion” The Record takes seriously.

As far as I’m concerned, when you are quoting that kind of clownish commentary and giving it legitimacy you are as big a moron as the eejit who’s actually saying it.

This is The Record at its finest; a lazy, idiotic piece repeating an illogical idiotic claim and elevating it to give the Ibrox fans a wee bit of feel-good after a dire performance yesterday.

Kent, by the way, was almost anonymous in that fixture, as he has been since the start of the season. You only need to look at the performances of Jota and Abada to see that they are the players Kent and his acolytes wish that he was.

Whoever Specs Gonzalez is – and I would never have heard of him but for this article – I suggest he gets better specs because his current ones … Jesus, you wonder what game he actually watches.

I mean, seriously?

Who is an article that stupid actually for? What constituency is it aiming at?

There is no group of fans anywhere in Scotland who thinks that Kent is some kind of outrageous talent, not even at Ibrox where their supporters watch him every week and most think he’s lazy and too inconsistent.

This is the latest piece by Gavin Berry, who seems to spend most of his day surfing social media and looking for trash he can mine.

This is a particularly pathetic effort from him, and one which most football fans in Scotland will view with scorn.

That paper really does publish some honest-to-God crap.

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