Anger And Betrayal Rock Ibrox In A Crucial Week As The Board Turns Down Dodgy Dave.

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The news that broke this morning, that Dodgy Dave King had been roundly knocked back by the Ibrox board over his “offer” to meet the shortfall from any withdrawal from the Australian tour was met, on their forums, with a mixed response.

Perfect. Absolutely perfect. If they were all agreed on what to think of it there would be nothing for them to argue about, and we want them arguing. We want them clawing each other’s eyes out.

We want the tension to be palpable in that stadium next Sunday.

Yesterday, they had their phony celebration.

They were able to keep from brutalising each other for the duration of it, but the peace lasted only as long as it took Jorg Albertz to get in front of a word processor. His piece, which The Sunday Mail published this morning, on how some of the “greats” of Ibrox’s history have been effectively locked out of the whole thing was telling.

The likes of Hateley and Gough have been essentially frozen out by the current Ibrox board, their status as “official ambassadors” cancelled. Albertz speculates it’s because of their “loyalty” to Dave King.

This can only increase the pressure on the directors.

For a lot of people in and around the environs of Ibrox, they have no greater wish than to avoid taking a side in the brutal civil war that looks certain to break out there once the big prizes are handed out at the end of the season, and probably before.

The trouble is, if you’re caught in the middle, as most of these people are, there’s simply no hope of staying neutral. Circumstances and external pressure will eventually come to bear and force you to pick a side.

And so a lot of bloodletting over there is inevitable.

Take Mark Dingwall. He has picked his side. He’s chosen the board. Because he knows on which side his bread is buttered, and he won’t do anything to upset that. Dingwall has backed every Ibrox board that we’ve seen since the death of Rangers in 2012. He isn’t alone there, but he maintains a high profile and so his declaration of loyalty means something.

Other fan groups will look at him and see someone with a nose in the trough, and they will feel betrayed and pissed upon. And who’s to say that they aren’t right? The one thing Club 1872 and their allies were never going to get was a united front, particularly as they are simply stamping their feet right now without even appearing to have a plan.

But come the end of the season, if they’ve won nothing, if they are staring at a long, hard summer, then I would put my money on them being willing, and able, to cause real problems over there for everyone in the power structure.

Albertz and others are calling for a united front, but as the Ukrainians could tell them, negotiations can’t be had with someone who has a gun to your head, and as long as the Ibrox board leaves it on the record that they are going to sort people in Club 1872 out when the season ends, there is zero chance of a rapprochement.

The two sides are miles apart anyway, with positions becoming ever more entrenched. And behind one of them is King, playing everyone else like a fiddle.

According to Dingwall, the Ibrox board rejected his “offer” before it even went public, and in no small part because it was only a loan, a piece of information which some of King’s supporters simply refuse to believe, although it was obvious to any sane individual that it would be.

This guy doesn’t do things for charity, and this wasn’t going to be any exception.

He is going nowhere, this guy.

He is intent on making mischief and he wants to sell the shares to people he can continue to exercise influence through.

More than that, Club 1872 is really his only option if he wants to get what they are hilariously valued at; there have been so many share dilutions at that club that toilet paper has a higher value than one of their share certificates.

And so it goes on. King in his corner, gathering his allies, and Dingwall and the Ibrox board in their corner, gathering theirs.

Sooner or later it will all kick off, and in the meantime they circle each other like wild animals, goading and snarling and looking for the right moment to strike.

It’s fun watching them like this, isn’t it?

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  • Nick66 says:

    Spot on James, the fun and games are building up to the Derby a week today. Lose and everything is going to be so joyous to watch on the Sevco side’s meltdown.

  • Stevie c says:

    Let’s all sit back and enjoy the show .

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