Another Ibrox Civil War Backtrack As Albertz Slams The Record For “Breach Of Trust.”

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Wow. This is getting crazier by the day.

Last night, I posted a piece on the latest developments in the Ibrox civil war, as Jorg Albertz went to bat on behalf of Club 1872 and the former players who were excluded from their phony birthday party at the weekend. Today, a stunning development.

Albertz is claiming that the Record misrepresented him and is threatening legal action. Albertz is claiming that the article went out without he or his representatives proof reading it – more fool them – and that the journalist has not accurately reproduced his words.

This went out under Albertz own name. For him and his people to let that happen without them reading it first is amateurish.

But The Record is so keen to proceed in its war against the Ibrox PR department – which has been ongoing, don’t forget, since their paper was banned from pressers because they wouldn’t pay the £25,000 – that it seems to have gilded the lily in a big way.

It’s clear too that the Ibrox club has leant on Albertz and asked him to explain himself. He did, of course, play at the weekend in their phoney-baloney game and that’s why his comments, in the aftermath, surprised me as much as they did.

Although, apparently not as much as they surprised him.

The Record has been caught doing this before, of course, but usually with people connected to Celtic. It is a measure of how much they detest David Graham that they are willing to go as far as this, and although I suspect Albertz said most of what is quoted the inference seems to be that some of it was off-the-record and not related to what he wanted in the piece.

This is getting crazy now. Everyone’s swinging at everyone else. You can just imagine how this will go when we win on Sunday; there’ll be no stopping the mayhem.

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