A CelticBlog Reply To The Angry Sevconuts Who Never Get Comments Approved.

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Ladies and gents, welcome back.

I say welcome back, although I know that you’ve never really left us. Of all my regular readers, I know that you are amongst those I can count on most because based on the volume of your responses to what I actually write you must read more of this blog than the average Celtic fan does. I owe you my thanks for that, so cheers.

I do find it curious, though, how long some of you spend trawling Celtic sites. I know most of the other bloggers and so I know I’m not alone in having to sift through your nonsense every single day and on almost every post. You spend an awful lot of time focussed on what we’re doing on these pages, even as you wail every time I mention your club.

So let me explain, for a second, why I do it and try to figure out why you do.

I do it because, to put it simply, it’s my job. This site is called The CelticBlog but long term readers know it’s sort of a cross-over from the days when I ran a site called On Fields Of Green.

Which was a Scottish football site, written from a Celtic fan’s perspective.

So is this. Go and look on our Twitter handle, @CelticBlog2018.

It says so right there. “Scottish Football From A Celtic Perspective …”

As part of my job, I read everything I can get my hands on, from every part of the Scottish football scene. Including some of the Ibrox fan sites. I watch as many games as I can. How else can I write about this stuff without understanding it?

So that’s why I do it. It’s not complicated.

Why do you do it? Why do you haunt this site and others? It’s never made clear, but the nature of your comments heavily hints at an explanation.

None of your comments ever address the point of the article you are commenting on. Almost all are some variation of the same point, and I hardly need to point out to people what the subject is. You come on here to post bile.

You come on here to spread rancid hatred.

That’s why your comments never get on.

That’s why your remarks will never see the light of day on this website.

Most of them are disgusting and those which aren’t, frankly, are too banal and ignorant and would lower the level to debate to below that of a stag-do weekend.

There are a couple of you, of course, who haunt this site and others more than all the rest put together and as your comments are almost all loathsome and I never post them I can’t respond to them in a proper way, denying me, in effect, any right of reply.

Well this is what I’ve waited a while to tell you.

Your constant presence here is the sign of a tragic real-life existence where your utter worthlessness is hammered home to you every day. This is clearly what you do to find some measure of validation in a world that otherwise treats you as an irrelevance.

But you are an irrelevance. Someone as hateful as you are isn’t going to find succour because your kind of dark obsessions cut you adrift from the rest of mankind.

This is a close to your 15 minutes of fame as you’re ever going to get.

Every day you get the minimum bit of my attention necessary to send your comment to the bin. Don’t flatter yourself into thinking that makes you important.

You’re not even a minor irritant.

It is the sign of an utterly worthless life … and I really wish you’d find something else to fill it with, something that might even make you happy.

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  • Bob L says:

    Excellent, James

  • John Harvey says:

    Must be sold destroying James to have to read their utter drivel.Well done on your blog though, it’s a source of football insight rarely seen by the MSM.

  • Justshatered says:

    James, I hope I’m not included in the above description but I’m finding a lot of my comments aren’t appearing.
    I understand you are busy with guys like ‘Ted’ but could you let me know if you are receiving my comments.

    • James Forrest says:

      Hey man

      Sometimes certain comments get caught by spam-guard cause of language etc.

      I’ll keep an eye for you mate, as I read a lot of your comments and they genuinely don’t fall into the nasty category.

  • james says:

    well said.

  • Dora says:

    Nice one James..
    Lot of anger amongst the sevvies…hurting hunnies is glorious and any goons reading GiRFUY!!!

  • REBELLIOUS says:

    FQN brilliant James, I always wondered how much of this you have to sift through to get anything worthy of posting but you’ve told them now and we both know they’ll still persist, even after this slating.
    For me, they’re a breed apart, thankfully. Let’s hope they keep to themselves to be exactly that; inbred.
    That certainly me made me laugh and I thank you for that, PLEASE keep up the great work; for now I fear what all us Celtic fans would do were you All to disappear, such is my reliance on the blogs. esp. TheCelticBlog.

  • John leslie says:

    Beautifully written Awesome blog

  • S J Turnbull says:

    Well said James.

  • Pan says:

    Well done James. It had to be said. Thank you for keeping them out of sight and putting them in the bin. Hatred is not something we wish to be part of.

  • BhilltheTim says:

    I was just thinking I’d not been able to give TED a good slap for a while.

  • Stevie c says:

    It’s the bile and hatred that keeps them happy. Good to see your not letting them vent it here

  • Chris says:

    Getting rid of ‘ted’ was brilliant.
    You destroyed him.

  • Stephen McAdam says:

    Dont bother mate they are utter ” weirdos” deep down they crave our validation and relevance! Hence they love the ” o f” tag makes then feel important whereas 99 percent of us never ever used it! Ever! And since they let their club perish in 2012 and they did! In a internet banking age to!! Ha ha says it all they didnt really care! There is no ” o f” tho as I say there never was to anyone I ever knew , they really are strange weirdos that go on all Celtic related YouTube content comments! Weird weird weird but it’s all jealousy and want to be seen , you find these comments on all ” walk on ” youtube segments of our great fans and that last game one idiot was arguing with a leeds fans ” bet you wish you had the o f” Ha ha I destroyed him on there I reminded him his dead club had no fans there! As I say weirdo creatures that act to like some wee ” clipe” in the classroom. Then weaponisibg child suffering even after they claimed ” old club” on that disgusting horrible situation, it says it all utter poisinn best ignored mate I rather you said nothing about them at all ignore them totally!Tho flag up their cheating and posion but in general say little else on that utter posion

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