English Journalist Shatters Ibrox’s Delusions About A Huge Fee For “Scotland’s Mbappe”.

Image for English Journalist Shatters Ibrox’s Delusions About A Huge Fee For “Scotland’s Mbappe”.

Should Celtic win this title, Ibrox’s hope of doing the kind of squad rebuild which will be necessary to catch us will hinge, to a great extent, on their ability to move on their soon-to-be out of contract players to other clubs, predominantly clubs in England.

Amongst these players is Ryan Kent, who the media loves and drools over endlessly in spite of his form averaging about one good performance in every ten times you watch him play.

Bear in mind, this is the guy The Record was calling “Scotland’s Mbappe” earlier in the week.

That he lags behind almost every Celtic player in his position – someone said to me yesterday that he’s even behind Tony Ralston in goals and assists – doesn’t dissuade them.

I am always interested in what the view from south of the border is when it comes to their players, and the press offers so little of it except for the idiots on TalkSport who’s “Scottish news” comes from the likes of Jackson and McCoist.

Every now and again, someone completely unbiased takes a swing at it and that’s where you get a wildly different view from anything that you get up here … and in the case of Gabby Agbonlahor today the verdict is searing and awful as far as Ibrox’s delusions go.

His view on Kent is that he wouldn’t get in a team in the Premiership’s top ten.

I would go further and say he wouldn’t make it to a top 15 side, but we’ll go with the Englishman’s view for the moment. “Where does that leave him?” he wondered.

Leeds, maybe? He doubts that Villa would be interested (notice they are not in the top ten) considering the calibre of footballer they could probably go for … I agree wholeheartedly.

And with top team interest off the table, what does that leave?

A fledgling, floundering team who can’t afford – and wouldn’t pay – the type of money that Ibrox wants. Their best hope was that some rich club took a punt … other than that, I don’t see that they have much hope of getting a mega fee.

There’s allegedly a minimum release clause in his contact; one would think that it would be realistic, or his agents would never have agreed to it.

I wonder if they’ll even get a figure like that, depending on who the interested parties are … but the idea that they will get crazy money for this guy was always for the birds, and if this is the general view down south then watching them trying to punt this guy will be highly interesting and amusing.

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  • Al says:

    More pro hun bollox from the SMSM . Truth is he is decidedly average. At best.

    • Tim Buffy says:

      Talksport’s usual “Scottish football expert” is David Tanner. The acumen of an arsehole and the personality of a pebble. I despair.

  • Martin H. says:

    He ain’t Clark Kent.

  • NorthamptonTim says:

    Must admit having seen great deal of him . But got pals who are Leeds fan’s who are totally against idea of Kent in Leeds top

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