Gascoigne’s Flute Playing Today Proves That This Degenerate Thinks This Stuff Is A Joke.

Image for Gascoigne’s Flute Playing Today Proves That This Degenerate Thinks This Stuff Is A Joke.

An Ibrox “legends” game wouldn’t be complete without at least one moronic act that makes you wonder about the sanity of some of the Peepul involved. It was, of course, Gascoigne who decided to pander to every bad element of their support with an action that was as applauded and cheered as it was utterly stone stupid.

For the delectation of the Ibrox crowd, he repeated his notorious and moronic mimicking of the flute.

That they lapped it up hardly needs saying.

That’s all this is to some people, and to this clown in particular; a joke.

Sectarianism, racism, bigotry, the kind of thing people get killed for in this city is, to this geezer, something to mock and laugh at and snigger over. He has never learned a thing.

There are people who are psychologically predisposed towards all this stuff.

It takes someone made of really strong stuff to be immersed in the “culture” over there without swallowing the kind of attitudes that would never be allowed at another club.

The likes of Terry Butcher found themselves deep in it before they snapped out of it. He tells the story of how his wife pointed it out to him with deep shame. He got it, in the end. He understood why it was just plain wrong.

The media has encouraged this sort of stuff by never outright condemning it.

The likes of Novo, who lap it up and embrace it, are held up as heroes because of that.

Gascoigne almost got into the SFA Hall Of Fame only for a public outcry to change people’s minds … and that public outcry should never have been needed because he’s a woman beater, a racist abuser and an unreconstructed sectarian bigot.

This guy’s moronic behaviour never was funny, but that it took so long for some people in this country to recognise what he was, and is, defies belief.

I am sure sections of the media will lap up his antics today, as will the Ibrox fan-base which loves all this stuff; proof of a player’s “staunchness.”

It is about time the rest of Scotland spoke with one voice and told the truth about this degenerate.

He would be an embarrassment to any other profession, but football somehow tolerates these kind of people when it should be pushing them to the margins.

That Ibrox even invited him back for this when he’s racially abused his own bodyguards, attacked women on trains, beaten wives and girlfriends and where he’s frequently demonstrated an affinity with sectarian bigots and their attitudes is very telling indeed.

That he feels he can still get away with this stuff – and that he’s undoubtedly right – tells you a lot about the country we live in.

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  • HelpMordorPolis says:

    He’s the ‘close clown’ mate. Calm doon ffs.

  • Ally Mac says:

    Lump of wood

  • Martin Macfarlane says:

    He’s an Arsewipe

  • Bigmick says:

    A wretched specimen of a human being…what a pathetic little man.

  • SSMPM says:

    Just take a look at the state that boner is in. Celebrating a wife beating alcoholic abuser and bigot is the rankers fans all over. We’re always hearing its a minority of rankers fans views and behaviour though they all looked to be cheering the brain dead alcoholic. There’s probably some guy in the crowd jerking off to him.
    I would normally say something about this shit government and police that allows this alcoholic bigot’s behaviour but he’s in their company at the midden. This country is a bag of shite, ran for bigots by bigots, the sooner they pile his ashes on the midden the better

  • Thomas Short says:

    His grandparents on one side where catholics
    So he doesnt know what he is doing .a
    Complete idiot

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