Ibrox’s Incredible Decision To Withdraw From The AngeBall Tour Is Absolutely Insane.

Image for Ibrox’s Incredible Decision To Withdraw From The AngeBall Tour Is Absolutely Insane.

Nobody who reads this blog on a regular basis can think that I have the slightest bit of respect for the Ibrox board, because I don’t and I couldn’t make it more obvious.

They are irresponsible, unprofessional, without a single scruple, greedy, arrogant and amateurish.

But I am on the record, over the past few weeks, of giving them more credit than they are due.

I did not believe, not for one second, that they would pull out of the Australian event.

When the story broke that we were taking part with them, I did warn our board that the greatest threat to the whole idea of it was their support and their reaction to it, but I thought a threat was all that it would be.

One that would tempt their club to do something damaging to itself, but ultimately one that would be resisted.

I thought even they would balk at such obvious lunacy.

And I was wrong.

I have credited their directors with more sanity and sense and rationality than was justified.

Their decision to pull out of this event is incredible, and will have enormous consequences.

This is supposed to be my day off and I intend to take it as one, so I won’t do a major analysis of why or what those consequences are likely to be today, but tomorrow I’ll detail them and why this is a turning point in our relationship with their club as well.

For tonight, they have taken an action that is so reckless and self-harming that it simply blows my mind.

I thought that club had rendered me unshockable, and this has managed to do it.

The organisers must make it clear that the show goes on, that they will find another team to complete this tour and give the Celtic fans over there what they paid for.

I am immensely glad that this goes on without their club, for more reasons than just the obvious ones.

Ange deserves his homecoming to be a celebration of him and his football philosophy. He deserves to return to his native land in triumph, instead of having it overshadowed by one toxic football match.

He will get that chance now.

This whole thing will be better off without their presence … but boy, oh boy, is their withdrawal going to cost them in both the short and long term.

Their directors have detonated a grenade under their own boardroom table.

I cannot believe they’ve been this stupid.

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  • Benjamin says:

    Almost enough to make you feel bad for the Rangers fans who booked non-refundable flights, hotel, and match tickets.


  • Justshatered says:

    To paraphrase Carry Grant in Arsenic and Old Lace:
    Insanity runs in their club, in fact it practically gallops.

    They didn’t market it as we wanted and the timing of the announcement !!!
    This has got to be the weakest excuse they’ve come up with in their long list of contract breaches.

  • Bennybhoy57 says:

    So so happy they have pulled the plug on this game. Whatever is going on in the background over there, its obvious the board are now running scared of losing the fans come season ticket renewal time.
    They don’t have much reputation abroad, this decision though should make it impossible to ever be trusted to participate in these tournaments for a good few years.

  • Gerry Graham says:

    The truth behind this is obvious..They want the cash now because they have none..That club is toxic from top to bottom..Those on that board deserve those fans because they’re toxic as well..They’ve known about the conditions in that contract for months now..But as usual it’s everybody else’s fault..Good enuf for them

  • Stephen McAdam says:

    Great News! Especially for the people of my old home city but what a red neck to use thst pathetic term ” o f” I wont even say it never min write it! They did this fearing their poisonous hoards especially as sunday is looming! This is the time to totally distance ourselves from this toxic club and that dreadful term they strangely love! Weird tho it validates them and gives them relevance hanging off our coattailswell in their tiny minds !! If we had a real board we now tekk sky and the media neverr to use this term in any relation t our club! Even sue if needed we want no part of anything that poison bring and tonight Sydney can be thank God they wont have those cretins on masse in their city. Thank God

  • Stephen McAdam says:

    Now tell sky and the media even

  • john clarke says:

    Rangers FC will change their mind within days, when they smell litigation wafting over IBROX from Australia and America. Americans don’t hesitate to take civil action in the courts for breach of contract, particularly over such petty matters as the use of “OLD FIRM” in promotions. The case for the litigant is that the Scottish Press still used the term “OLD FIRM” following the 2012 Rangers’ financial debacle without any complaint from Rangers FC or Celtic FC administration.. It looks like Rangers fans and Club agree with Celtic fans and their Club in that the term “old firm” (c 2006 – RIP 2012) should no longer be used. It was impressive that Celtic Fans showed restraint in their wrath against their Board and calmed down very quickly. The other irrational mob behaved like HOONS and may cost their Club big time. How about the Rangers fans and the Celtic fans have a MOCK FUNERAL and bury a copy of the original paper that first used the term “old firm”. It should be a lot of fun.

  • john clarke says:

    The Japanese J-1 league will now play its last game on 5 November with Yokohama FM being one of the teams. They could be willing to come to Sydney. The most competitive teams in Australia are Melbourne City and Western United. I don’t think Rangers, have told the full story. I doubt that their fans “spitting the milk-sop” is a compelling contributing reason for withdrawing. It was Jason Pine a Sky Sports NZ football broadcaster who first broke the story of problems with the deal. Shortly after, Jim White of TalkSport fame; broke the story in Scotland. Could the dispute be connected to, a fair share of …..

  • john clarke says:

    The Fans have won the rebellion and taken the Rangers Board and Exec prisoners.
    All the Rangers Board and Executives are males and the Fans’ victory means they have these men in their “squirrel grip”. Do you think they will release their grip?. No way! The testosterone will ebb away and the heroic testosterone fueled Dave will be the Fans Man-in-Waiting….unless Rangers quickly put some women on the Board.

  • SSMPM says:

    Immensely pleased indeed, and shame on our board. Again.
    Fortunately the lunatics escaped from the asylum and appear to have done in hindsight what we should have done with foresight.
    I hope this board will see clearly now and into the future that we are what they themselves advertised. We are Celtic, One Club since 1888, half of nothing. We Celtic fans want nothing to do with the new bigoted son of Frankenstein club from the midden. I hope they realise and regret putting us in this position and learn from it.
    I like the idea of Ange being hailed in Oz so why not bring his old club from the J League to play. It will be their end of season, and that would be a more appropriate celebration of his achievements.
    There will be a lot of huns displaying their hatred on Sunday, its great to watch them falling apart. Enjoy your day off man

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