Massive Embarrassment At Ibrox As They Mess Up Their Phony Anniversary Strip Launch.

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What an embarrassment the club at Ibrox is.

Honest to God, they get all sorts of praise for nothing at all but over and over again they make the kind of amateur hour mistakes which would have other club officials running for cover or hiding under the bed.

For the whole of last week they talked up the launch of their “all white kit” to celebrate the “150th anniversary” of the club.

What a joke that is.

But the joke turned out to be on them.

Because although they trained in the strip they didn’t wear it for the game.

In the aftermath they took questions on social media and the club released an utterly ridiculous statement saying that they made the decision not to play in it because they felt the “occasion” – the one they invented, remember – required that they play in their “famous” jersey … a run of the mill blue top to the rest of us.

As explanations go it had more holes than Swiss Cheese.

The idea that they would wear the white strip was widely publicised. Did they simply decide, after all that preparation, not to wear it?

Of course not. Their story was a pitiful attempt at spin.

It was merely a cover for their own dire lack of professionalism.

Anthony Joseph of Sky Sports had a different story to tell; they forgot to get permission from the SPFL to use an unregistered strip for the match.

It seems they thought the governing body would overlook this – you know, since they have been such an upstanding member of the Scottish football community.

Alas, however, the SPFL didn’t want to play ball and so they warmed up in and then promptly ditched it. They will now submit it to the governing body so that they can wear it some other time.

It is a major red face moment for a board that for all the praise it gets is as rank amateurish as you’d get at a junior club … most of which are better run.

The media should be all over this story, but most of the hacks have swallowed Ibrox’s pitiful spin. Their fans are not so gullible as the club and the media seem to think; many of them know full well that their directors screwed up here.

As a way to end a week where they are being barracked by the supporters for signing up to the Angeball Aussie Tour as the warm up act for Celtic, this is not a good look.

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