Ange’s Aussie Tour Answer Shows Again That He Didn’t Care Who Celtic Were Playing.

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Jane Lewis spent a good bit of yesterday frantically trying to defend herself from the allegation that her question to Ange Postecoglou was more Ibrox centric than one that should have been directed to the Celtic boss on the eve of a massive game.

Joe McHugh of VideoCelts has written a piece on that, but her question, although absolutely dire, wherein she asked if Ange was “disappointed” that the Ibrox club has pulled out of the tour, was nothing compared to his answer.

His answer was the story, although the question was ridiculous and she deserved his slap down.

Since the tour was announced, the media has been making up its own wee fantasy about it, which is that Ange is one of the leading advocates for the Glasgow derby abroad idea … and it’s not true at all.

I have listened to every word he has said on this, very carefully, and at no time did he specifically talk up that game. Oh he was asked about it a bunch of times, but at no point did he ever give any indication that he cared that much about the fixture.

He is obviously thrilled with the idea of going back home at the helm of this club.

It is the vindication of his whole life’s work, and what’s more, he knows that he is now the example to every other aspiring coach in the country. It is a huge deal for him.

The opposition has never mattered to him one bit ahead of that. Yesterday confirmed that.

“I’m the manager of the club that’s going there and I’m looking forward to it,” he said. “Apart from the fact I think it’ll be great for our football club because i know how passionate people are about this club and football in general. For me, it’s a trip back home so I’m certainly looking forward to it. I’m not going to get disappointed over things I have nothing to do with.”

We have a media that is utterly obsessed by that club and about its perceived place in The Grand Scheme Of Things. Our manager sees them for what they are; just another club we have to beat, a rival yes but not one that defines who we are or what we do.

The Australia trip is better without them. It was supposed to be about our boss. It should be about our boss. The rest is white noise, and they were a particularly aggravating version of that.

He must be delighted not to have to answer any more questions about them … he can concentrate on being a great ambassador for his club and country both.

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