Are Celtic Starting The Summer Spending Early? Reports Suggest That We Are.

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Are we about to start the summer spending?

It seems like based on reports that are doing the rounds tonight, from “sources close to Cameron Carter Vickers.” That is music to the ears of every fan, and it would be a real coup if we could pull it off.

I think most fans, by now, recognise that of our two loanees he is the most important. Tying this guy down gives us a top class central defender for a pittance, and he’s still young enough that he’ll improve steadily and the move later on will recoup our outlay.

If we win this league the money will be there.

In fact, the money is there right now because Ange is trading at a significant surplus at the moment, and although he’s been backed very well by the board up until now there is always more they could do for him.

Cameron Carter Vickers doesn’t represent a risk.

Neither does Jota really, but of the two he has proved himself to be pretty much indispensable, and if you presume that Jullien doesn’t have a long term future here then he’s more necessary than ever.

Not only would it be a good signing in and of itself, and one that would calm the uncertainty over what the defence might look like next season, but it would be a major statement of intent from the club at a time when were are pushing hard for this title.

What could signify our confidence more than spending this kind of cash?

What would show our strength more than signing a big cheque to keep a big player at Celtic Park?

Not only does it make good sense in squad terms, but it’s a show of force.

That is more money than our rivals will be able to spend on any single player, and it would come before the Champions League cash was secure, before season ticket sales, before bonuses from the re-sale of players we’ve already brought in fees for … it would be a massive demonstration of how far ahead of them, financially, we actually are.

This one feels like there’s something in it.

This one feels as if it’s got juice.

The rumours have been gathering pace now for weeks. This would be a great time to seal the deal. Announce it before one of these major games coming up … and get the party started early.

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  • Tam says:

    I’m not sure I get the logic here. Maybe some contradictory statements above

  • Bob (original) says:

    The January window was managed well: early signings and no p!ssing about on deadline day to save a few quid.

    Same again please for summer window.

    And with the prospect of guaranteed CL revenue – maybe a ‘marquee’ signing to get us all excited ? 🙂

    • 18871888 says:

      Totally agree. , Glad to see your use of the Big F.%+king tent word. I was beginning to think it was justme who was obsessed by its misuse

  • REBELLIOUS says:

    Ah great news if it all pans out, for me though we’ll still need another there even with Big Chris back in the line, whilst we’re at it; two full backs to complete the set.
    Great work James, thanks for the many articles

  • Jimmy says:

    Get CCV in please. James you were stating only yesterday that the club might not value Jota at the price set. Your point that it isn’t a risk signing him seems strange. Have you changed your mind already. He needs to have a very strong finish to the season to justify his price tag. Otherwise 6 million could be better spent elsewhere.

  • Johnny Green says:

    Jota, despite recent form is a fantastic player and if we get him for 6M then we have done extremely well. I’m not sure why he has gone off the boil, but we can only hope that being a signed Celtic player instead of a loanee settles him down and he starts to produce what we all know he is capable of. In the end though it will be down to what Ange wants and I am confident in our manager choices whatever he decides.

  • Martin says:

    I do hope Jullien has a future with us. He’s probably the only aerial threat we have in the team right now.

    CCV would be a good signing. We definitely need full backs too, and it would be great for us to strengthen rather than let teams catch up. We’re still some way off being CL quality.

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