The SPFL May Just Have Made The Celtic-Ibrox Game A League Decider After All.

Image for The SPFL May Just Have Made The Celtic-Ibrox Game A League Decider After All.

The SPFL has done something I didn’t expect.

They might just have made the Glasgow derby at Celtic Park a league decider.

The odds on it are low; they would have to drop something in their first post-split game, away at Motherwell, on 24 April and we’d have to win our match, the same day, against Ross County. I expect we will … I don’t expect they will.

But if they do then it’s high-noon on 1 May, as they come to Celtic Park. If they roll into that game seven or nine points behind, we’re playing for the title that day.

That aside, we would almost certainly win it the following week against Hearts, also at home.

So 1 May or 7 May … those are the two dates to ring in the calendar because the chances are that the league will be secured on one or the other. What surprises me here is that the SPFL appears willing to risk allowing us a title decider against Ibrox.

I thought they would play it safe and pencil us in for the first game.

Perhaps, though, the police didn’t allow that.

Maybe they ruled it out on the grounds that there might be trouble if two of these games were played inside of a week. God alone knows what they think will happen if we play two in a fortnight to end the Ibrox club’s season for them.

Regardless, this sets up the scenario all of us would have wanted; a relatively straightforward away game followed by two matches on our home turf, the games which will ultimately decide the race.

That is a decent outcome, and one I honestly didn’t expect.

But how sweet – oh my home sweet would it be? – to win it at home against them? I thought that was the one chance we wouldn’t get … and the governing bodies may just have presented it to us on a silver platter. Wow.

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  • Olly says:

    Do you think they will be aloud to drop points to Motherwell?
    Will have to see who referees that one!

    • Sonny says:

      When rangers finish second they will need the money from cinch to stay alive .
      I would not give them a thing they did not comply to the deal cinch prescribed

  • Scouse bhoy says:

    The police do not have a clue in these decisions. It is bad enough this bile and hatred on easter sunday now we have another hate fest on the may bank holiday weekend. A shocking decision.

    • Bennybhoy57 says:

      Then what happens when sevco go looking for their prize money when league is over. Another fight if sponsors cinch decide they want some publicity.

      Mr Park given them more publicity than they could have hoped for already.

  • Stephen McAdam says:

    We win nex twot and ts over anyway! As it be like 25 goals at least ahead so we will Celticbrate! That’s for sure. Also these poisonous orcs by not being held accountable for their vile behaviour all round their midden last week will think it’s ok to do what they do best and we all know what that is! Hell mend the authorities for normalising their sickness under the b s ” o f” problem bs!They are the sickness and their enablers aid them which is disgusting! Regards! Bhoys and Ghirls we will party but be safe as the cretins are dangerous in groups 99 percent cowards in most other situation tho, this country have a lot to answer for in enabling their vile perma rage and sick hate, shame on them. Treble on the way so dont double doon! Treble doon!????

    • Stephen McAdam says:

      Question Mark’s typos! As there is no question! We be Champions on 1st of May!

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