Boyd’s “Joking” With Madden Should Drive Home To Celtic What We’re Up Against.

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Scotland’s incestuous little world of mutual backslapping and nudges and winks, the atmosphere which our club and its official leaders tolerate for reasons passing understanding, has been revealed at its worst this weekend with the “jokey banter” between arch-Celtic hater Kris Boyd and the referee from yesterday’s game.

Boyd is a troll, but even in terms of trolling this is more outrageous than normal and not just from him but from Madden as well. This isn’t even on the level of a nod and a wink, this is open and in our faces, this is naked and on full display.

I find it absurd that some in our support would seek to create phantom enemies when the real ones are right in front of us and not even operating from the shadows.

This club doesn’t have to go out and find antagonists, the opposition already exists and is fully engaged with their task.

Scotland is a tiny country, a country where there is an active dislike of our club and its roots and origins; this is a fact. Some of those people are in the media. Some are in the governing bodies.

Some of them run clubs.

Others are, as we all know, active on the periphery of the sport … they exist, and it would be foolish and even dangerous to deny that they are out there. Boyd’s open sniggering with someone he clearly knows reasonably well doesn’t prove that they are part of the same nexus but it proves that they aren’t shy about the idea they might be.

See, when the Ibrox fan-base rants about the Unseen Hand, I think they envision genuine sit-downs between all the principal parties, where conspiracies are mapped out and bad deeds plotted for the future.

Even if their own worst fears were realised it wouldn’t work like that … people don’t get together and plot.

They don’t have to.

In a country this size, these people all move in the same circles so they all know each other already and they all know what’s what.

That’s why when you accuse refs of bias their mates in the media rally round.

Dick Campbell can be touted as a manager of the year in spite of being a stone bigot; his numerous pals in the sport will tell you he doesn’t have a bigoted bone in his body.

I remember Keevins praising – praising – John Brown over his reaction to a bowl of green jelly at an event one night … these people all think this is perfectly normal and even quite funny.

That’s how these things really work, on nods and winks and words to the wise, wee asides which normally happen in private … but which Boyd and Madden, because they are now so confident that they can act with impunity, have made public.

None of these people gives a damn anymore, and that, folks, is what we’re up against.

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  • Tom Foolery says:

    To be fair Boyd comes across as having the IQ of a stucky that’s drunk on fermented apples. Hopefully, in the next 3 weeks, that stupid smirk will be wiped clean off his face.

  • Jim (2) says:

    And what do CELTIC intend to do about it ?

  • Dora says:

    One thing I did enjoy about the game yesterday was witnessing Alfredo’s new wig—I thought she looked great..!

  • Bigmick says:

    I’ll say without hesitation that in my lifetime, we will never get a fair shake in this shitty little country.
    I commented elsewhere after our 2-1 win at Ibrox the other week that Willie Collum had the best performance of any referee here for years…of course the authorities couldn’t possibly let that happen again.
    He stands guilty (in their eyes) of applying the laws of the game, and common sense, too well for Rangers good….i.e,”great game Wullie, fuck off now”

  • SSMPM says:

    How seriously does anyone believe the SFA would address a complaint from the Celtic board, let alone effect positive change? I mean really? We don’t get to make the decisions, ‘they’ do and you don’t need to know them to know who ‘they’ are. Look to the past and you’ll see the present and the future.
    IMO any governing body in this country beginning with a capital S is riddled with ‘them’, Blob and the Madden are more overt than the majority in their triumphalism and they do act with impunity because they are allowed to by the citizens of Scotland and that includes us. The Celtic board could stand up against the football issues but why should they stand up against the anti Irish/anti Catholic abusive songs, and so called ‘banter’, etc, at Hampden and in society generally. Surely that’s up to us Irish, Irish descendants, Catholics and decent citizens of Scotland to stand up against. Otherwise its not just the Celtic board that’s impotent.

  • Stephen McAdam says:

    ” Hey what you talking to him for he’s a ” kaffir and fenian bastard” that’s the code of many with brigadoon as we all known and not just one from mordorr motherwell fans one the worst for it seen it plenty it’s their code and plenty admit i tho others hide it but we know! Flushed out loads of the cretins.What a place! Only in brigadoon Scotland pathetic! But accepted thi it’s made us stronger it sums up the place

  • Stephen McAdam says:

    ” kafflic” tho many of us arent but he still ” a fenian ” Pathetic creatures utter poison

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