“Cancel The Celtic Game!” The Call Goes Up As The Crazies Make Their Demands.

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And so it begins; the wailing, the whining, the bitching, the moaning and with it the creation of another toxic myth which is why it should be challenged and shouted down before it even properly starts up. The websites of the club across the city are already filling up with the banshee cry that the SPFL and the SFA owe them something.

“Cancel the Celtic game!” screams the headline of one, because they have to come to Parkhead for their SPFL Waterloo sandwiched between Europa League games. Here’s an idea; why don’t they prioritise the one of those which might actually make a difference to their season.

When we were playing in the Conference League and people thought we might actually win it I explicitly said that we would get no help and I meant it. Nobody would have given a shit, and nobody should give a shit now about the moaning that is already starting up.

Furthermore, at the time when that was a discussion they were about to face Dortmund and we were facing Bodo/Glimt. It looked like we had the better chance of progress, and all the while their fan sites were rubbing their hands about a packed fixture schedule.

You know what they did over and over again? They repeated Doncaster’s mantra about there being no room in the schedule for any further games. Nothing has changed except that they suddenly see a way they can use this to excuse the dire end to the campaign which is coming.

When the league and Europa League are both lost to them at the end of this season they will blame the SPFL for hamstringing them. It is bullshit and we should be saying so. Wasn’t this the team which boasted of being able to put out not one, not two but three squads earlier in the campaign? I seem to remember doing a rebuttal piece on that.

Nobody is asking them to cram four games into eight days or anything like that. They will have to continue fitting two into a week for a few more matches … this is not seriously debilitating. The major issues in Scotland will be almost decided after this weekend.

The game at Celtic Park may or may not be a title decider, but it’s Celtic’s year in the league race and an extension to the season or whatever these goons are squealing for won’t change that. Nor will giving them a few extra days to prepare make the slightest difference against Leipzig, a side who, themselves, are in the midst of a busy schedule.

This is pathetic. Had we got to this stage in the Conference League we’d have been told to shut up and get on with it, and we know full well we would have. Nobody gave a shit the year we got to Seville, although everyone bent over backwards to accommodate the national embarrassment that was the Manchester Riot Final.

These clowns are even using that as part of their argument; that when Rangers got to a European final nobody helped them, which is so far removed from the facts that you marvel at anyone who actually believes it.

This is a joke, and if the SPFL gets the request they should laugh it out of the room. It would be a major brass neck for their club to ask our governing body for favours anyway based on their behaviour towards them and the rest of the game.

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  • bill oneill says:

    I’m sure the SPFL would do this for them , it would be a cinch…..oh wait…..

  • Finbar muldoon says:

    spfl should tell them to f@ck off. And you won’t be getting any second place prize money from Cinch either. How do you like THEM apples? HH

  • Gordon Ashley Ayr says:

    What they want is for the sfa to ask Celtic if they would mind moving the game and for Celtic to say no.. then they can blame al the f*ck ups they’ve had this season on us.. simple as that

  • Jim says:

    In Leipzig we trust.

    • Malc says:

      I certainly hope so – anything can happen in a single 90 minutes and these lucky bastards would probably scrape a win. They need putting down in the semi.

  • Tommy Kennedy says:

    Now you can never have your cake and eat it and the price of success is playing rapid games every few days and the English clubs are in the same boat as sevco so they should shut their big mouths and just get on with it

  • Jack says:

    Hopefully Leipzig will not under estimate Sevco like Dortmund did. I think the Germans will give them the doing they deserve. It would be a catastrophe for the beautiful city of Seville otherwise.

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