Celtic Striker Responds To Ibrox Idiot Who Called Him “Disrespectful” Last Week.

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In the run up to the weekend, there was a lot of fantasy thinking in the media about how the game might go. Amidst it all we were told we should watch out for Aaron Ramsey.

That he scored is neither here nor there to me. He was pretty anonymous throughout and as he was signed to make this big impact on the campaign I can confidently state that he’s been a failure.

The other nonsense, of course, was from Ryan Jack.

But it was the self-pitying kind of nonsense that so often characterises the behaviour of those at Ibrox.

His club simply does not like criticism, no matter how deserved, no matter how minor and in the run up to the match he was whinging about the comments Giakoumakis made about us having the better team and the better players.

Jack seems to be labouring under that standard Ibrox misapprehension that his club is due some respect that they never give to others. It’s okay for their players to talk all sorts of bombastic tripe and make all manner of absurd predictions, but when others do it out come the violins and the chatter is all about who isn’t giving them their due.

Giakoumakis didn’t say anything particularly controversial. It’s nothing that a lot of commentators aren’t being forced to look at, finally, as the facts come more into focus; we are Scotland’s biggest club and with a settled squad and a top manager we’re only going to get better. Giakoumakis is not crowing for nothing. His comments are justified.

Today he has sought to assure people that he wasn’t being disrespectful, not that he needed to except to satisfy a handful of hacks and the pitiful Ibrox club.

“I didn’t make these comments to make anyone angry or feel disrespected by me,” he said. “But I said what I was believing for my team. I believe this time that we played better as a team, that is the only thing I said … Every player can say that his team is the best, I don’t think this is bad.”

No-one really does, and if it hadn’t been a Celtic player who said it the comments would have generated no headlines at all, but Jack had a willing audience amongst the hacks, their ranks swollen with ex-Ibrox players, and who took offence to the Greek.

They are offended by everything, but I would defy anyone to show us where their side has performed better than ours this season. Which of their players would be guaranteed to start in our team? Can you name any one of them?

No, neither can I.

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  • Scud Missile says:

    Lol the sevco support have put it out there that there is not one Celtic player who could get into the sevco side.
    With talk like that some of them must have been smoking some really stuff since Sunday.

  • Seppington says:

    What Jack the Whack and other Sevconians do not realise is that respect is earned, not given freely. They may say their “invincibles” (pfft) are due some but nope, not from me. They had zero challengers from November onwards, we might as well have put out the under-9s for all the difference it would have made. Plus the fact thst refs were handing them penalties like they were needing to be used up before they went aff, purely to assist the quest for an invincible campaign. Hardly worthy of respect. There’s old EBT teams that for all the corrupt illegality of them being a team at all were at least decent players who could play a bit, and had done something in their careers. The current hun mob are a shower of absolute nobodies, Ramsay aside, but even then what has he really achieved? Not much as far as I can see.

    TL/DR? Praise big Giakky, but f**k the scummy huns.

  • John mcghee says:

    Ryan jackawanker just cant except his team are not that great does he not remember tavawanker saying last season his team will won the treble i bet he wished he kept his mouth because that new club jack plays for has only win 1 title in 10 years going on 11 years so mr jack get ur facts that team you grow up supporting got liquidated 2012 and are dead ur pain is great to watch ya little ratbag..ryan scumhun jackawanker.

  • Tam burns says:

    The only rangers players that would walk into Ange’s team wear all black

  • Jack says:

    A new club trying to claim 150 years of history and 55 titles, can never be respected. This is the stuff of pure fantasy. Tribute act.

  • Jimmybhoy says:

    Neither can I

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