Clownish Ibrox Podcasters Don’t Get To Lecture Celtic Fans. How Dare They Try.

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It was Tennessee Williams who said “The one thing worse than a liar is a liar who is also a hypocrite.”

Scottish football is full of these people, and I’ll be writing about one of them later on.

But the most extreme examples are to be found across the street, in Sevco social media, where they have an incredible, and uncanny, ability to speak out of both sides of their mouths and have each express an entirely contradictory point of view to the other.

Orwellian doublethink has always been part of the prevailing mind-set over there, and when you think about it for two seconds it’s not really a surprise.

They contend that their club exists but that the sins it committed were washed away when the company died.

They mourned a death and then proclaimed a resurrection.

It must be confusing, and this is all without even getting into their mad ideologies and all the raging inconsistencies there.

Today one of their podcasts is attacking Celtic fans, and Celtic social media in particular, which includes a lot of us in the blogosphere, for being “spoiled brats” and “sore losers” because we’ve asked legitimate questions about refereeing, defended our players and have objections to hearing their gutter dwelling fans sing that they are up to their knees in our blood.

Let’s put a couple of things straight for these eejits.

First, some of us have been complaining about referees all season, even when we were getting decisions.

This blog has never once stopped criticising them. Refereeing in Scotland is like a bad joke, and if some of our officials are not biased or incompetent then they are bent.

Every country in Europe has had refereeing corruption scandals. We only don’t have one because here neither the governing bodies or the media wants to examine the issue.

This blog and many others in Celtic cyberspace have been wholly consistent in our position on this and so this weekend’s focus on Madden is only a continuation of what we’ve been saying all along, and for many years now.

Scottish refereeing is in a scandalous state, and I don’t care whether bad decisions fall for or against us; some of them are indefensible.

This website has said, repeatedly, in the course of this season, when the media and others were howling about refs giving us decisions that we should have the debate, that we on this side of the city were eager to have it, and that it was overdue.

For them to be crying on Madden’s behalf doesn’t just smell fishy, it reeks of hypocrisy.

Many of them have obsessed over decisions this season more than they usually do about a certain other dark subject.

The about-face must be giving some of them whiplash.

Today our club voted for VAR.

Know who is shocked by that? Their websites, where they assumed we would rally our “allies” against it.

They have wilfully misrepresented our position on this every step of the way, and I have no problem calling them liars and especially as the scheme has been overwhelmingly passed and will now be implemented.

They love to lie about our positions on this stuff.

Are we not supposed to comment, either, on the thuggery of their players at the weekend?

To me it was exemplified by Lundstram berating Bassey for helping a Celtic player to his feet.

Their fans loved that, but we’re not supposed to point out that it confirms the brutality of their methods?

And since that feeds into how the game was refereed it is perfectly fair comment as far as I’m concerned.

It’s rich that they are doing so much grousing and bitching over it, since they spent part of the season wailing about “Kyogo the diver” and other things … but I suppose they operate on the “one rule for us” principle … not a surprise really.

Lastly, the reference to us complaining over the scandalous and disgusting singing from their fans is abhorrent.

What does it say about their mentality that they chose to whine at us for objecting rather than at the trailer-trash who are singing the songs?

We’ve highlighted those songs since they reared their heads earlier in the season, and we’ve urged people like these to condemn them loudly so that they might be removed from Scottish football.

At the same time, this site and others have been as committed to removing offensive songs from our own support.

We act on this, we don’t pretend it’s not happening.

There are only two explanations for a fan media rep who doesn’t confront this kind of behaviour in his or her own support; they are either too gutless to tackle it or they agree with whatever is bringing the fan-base shame and disgrace, and I would be horrified if there were members of our online community who were doing either of those things.

Let’s be honest, with numerous members of their online community already bang to rights on this subject we know which of the two it most likely is.

We’re supposed to be okay with Peepul singing anthems of ethnic cleansing … it’s despicable and our willingness to say so and confront it has been steadfast all through this campaign whether we’ve been winning or not.

Who do these goons think they are?

What do they represent?

If their club is moulded in their image – and it is – then no wonder it too remains silent in spite of the shame they routinely heap on it.

Two weeks in the last three now their support has been the subject of police investigations for their behaviour and this is how their fan reps behave.

And they are calling us out today? How dare they.

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  • Stephen McAdam says:

    Thats the scum for you! These clowns actually are happy to walk down your street singing their vile hate in july but think you are ok with it! Utter scum enabled by a bitter wee country of huns and casual bigots! It was always thus! They gi on Celtic blogs,YouTube Celtic sites the lot seeking our validation and relevance they love the ” o f” bs shit but live to hate us our club and culture think it’s fair game to attack people even wearing green! Yes that’s what doing nothing to sort these scumbags out has created shame on scotland its authorities and so called decent huns ! They have nothing but hate then go all pretend shock when pulled on it! The media has always gave these cretins a pass under the bs ” o f ” problem football fans banner! Our club are to blame also for allowing it! I said Iit a million times I rather not even play any club from that hell hole! Sadly not enough of our fanbase think likewise

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