Foster And Mills Compete To See Who Can Annoy Celtic Fans Most.

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Ricky Foster, of BBC Scotland fame. The guy who has a professional contract to play football for Partick Thistle but instead spends more of his time interviewing in the media without having a single original thought in his head. The ex-Ibrox player who has to fight other ex-Ibrox players for a spot in the national broadcaster’s studios.

This will surprise precisely nobody, but he thinks Aaron Ramsey is the best player in Scotland. As if that made a blind bit of difference. As if he was suddenly going to prove it by saving Ibrox’s floundering season.

As if Ramsey isn’t a triumph of hype.

Ramsey played against us at Ibrox, and bar scoring a goal he was easily handled by our midfield once it settled into its rhythm. The guy was brought here to dominate the league. He has certainly imposed himself on the Ibrox treatment room and warmed a seat on the bench. Aside from that, his full impact has been to the club’s bank balance rather than the league table.

Which is to say nothing for Danny Mills, who is proving that England can do brainless dolts who used to play football and now make a living as pundits every bit as well as Scotland can.

He has talked some nonsense in the past year or so … tonight’s is a beauty.

Celtic’s league position has nothing to do with us but it’s because the Ibrox club has “dropped off.” Oh dear God. We’ve beaten them the last twice. We’ve been unbeaten since September. We’re on a run as good as anyone in Europe’s and we have the best passing stats on the continent. Not to mention a trophy in the bag already.

Maybe we’re just daft and don’t understand how football works, but I always thought that what generally happened is that you played your matches and won them and if people around you didn’t do the same that made you champions and worthy champions at that. The league table doesn’t lie, even if it does sometimes exaggerate.

But this is just more of the ghastly narrative that our splendid form and brilliant football aren’t the reason we’re top. Who believes this crap? Would Ibrox’s slip-ups matter if we weren’t on such good form? No they would not. We have earned this and more. We deserve the praise that goes with such a great run of results.

The passengers of the clown car don’t want to give it to us. Mills and others want to create a brand new myth and Foster … well, I don’t know which games he watches but it’s a Celtic player who will be player of the year this season and his name is Callum McGregor. And the last time I watched him and Ramsey on the same pitch, Callum owned him.

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  • SEVCO ARE DEID!! says:

    He’s no called Dik fur NUTHIN LOL!!

  • Jimmy R says:

    Remember when Foster had to leave St Johnstone? It was only a few weeks after they shipped a barrowload in Paradise. He joined Ross County and was quickly involved in another doing by Celtic. By the end of October he had personal stats against us of:
    Played 2
    Lost 2
    For 1
    Against 13
    Is it any wonder he can’t stomach us? We live in triumph inside his head.

    • michael mccormack says:

      This balloon is the worst player to be playing at senior level I have ever seen , he would receive a ball from a throw in and immediately mis control it , absolutely shite , pro player fuckin can’t believe it when you see the boys who never did when I was young.

  • Seppington says:

    Mills is the typical arrogant ex-pro from Englandshire who mouths off about Scottish football whilst having zero knowledge about the game beyond what he finds on Wikipedia.
    Foster is only there because he’s an ex-hun and married to a “pop starlet” (with a voice like a goose farting in the fog, it’s beyond terrible, I mute it whenever she comes on and have been doing so before I knew anything about her hunnish leanings). He’s a dimwit who talks shite but to his credit at least he isn’t staunch like Ferguson or Boyd, whose every word is dripping in loathing for us…

  • Nick66 says:

    Ange, Manager, Cal Mac, Player, should be the 2 names preceding, “of the year”. There’s no doubt in my mind. Player of the year could go to any of 6 in our squad, but let’s see how it pans out. To me the job CalMac has done in taking on the mantle of Captain gives him the edge over the others that are also worthy.

  • Scud Missile says:

    Foster and Mills sounds like a romantic book,we would be better listening to Foster and Allan.
    These 2 clowns have been drinking the Fostrers by the sound of it slabbering over each other praising the failure klub and it’s players and manager.
    When new klub get skelped tonight out of Europe watch as the press then push for some comfort eating for the sevco fans klan base for Goi Fanny to get manager of the year,even though he has won the middle of a DOUGHNUT.

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