Hugh Keevins: U-Turning On Celtic With Every Change In The Breeze.

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Of all the things that a journalist can be, the worst – the very worst – is to be a windsock.

You’ve seen those, right?

You find them at little airfields and other places where the weather needs to be monitored all the time. Whichever way the wind is blowing at any given moment, that’s the direction they are pointing in.

I should have known that last weekend wasn’t going to go according to plan when he wrote, on the morning of the game, that we would win and suddenly started pouring honey all over Ange.

I should have felt the deep sense of foreboding that if Keevins was tipping us that disaster was only but a hairs breath away.

That’s how consistently he’s wrong.

But of course, it’s not being wrong as much as it’s about being grotesquely ignorant of the sport he is supposed to be covering. He gets caught out over and over again.

But this clown has somehow made an entire career out of looking like an idiot.

This morning he’s back to lashing Celtic. All the praise of last week is forgotten, transformed, changed in a single result.

He’s back to bigging up Van Bronckhorst, who he had hilariously predicted would go through the league campaign unbeaten shortly before we cleaned both of their clocks in February.

One defeat we’ve suffered, domestically, since September … it wasn’t enough to win us praise until we won at Ibrox. It’s not enough for Keevins to offer a realistic and fact based assessment of our chances of winning this title now.

Keevins is a windsock. Blowing whichever way the wind is moving.

A windbag, puffed up and full of self-importance.

Nothing that a good fart wouldn’t cure.

Falling back on Helicopter Sunday over and over again is one of the laziest trick in the media book. We shot ourselves in the foot that day and no mistake but it was something you could see coming across the horizon.

I never felt totally confident during that run-in, we looked shaky and frightful, like a team on its last legs.

This team is very different.

And he thinks that Ange was quoting Russell Crowe when he said last week, “Our greatest glory is not in never falling, but in rising every time we fall.” Apart from it being Confucius who said it – which I didn’t expect this clown to know – I thought he might at least reference one of the many, many, many figures in sports who’ve said it down through the years, from boxers to football bosses.

It’s the kind of thing that any sports journalist should readily have to hand.

But of course not. He thinks “Ange went all Russel Crowe in Gladiator”; a movie in which those lines are never spoken.

A movie which doesn’t have anything remotely like them in the entire script.

Reading Keevins this morning, I detect more anger than insight.

(Insight is too much to hope for even on his best day. You may as well Ask Alexa.)

He’s angry because he did do a full back-flip reversal and suddenly go all AngeBall crazy last weekend after months of sticking to Van Bronckhorst like a shit on the bottom of a shoe … and he is pissed because once again he looks like a fool.

But he should be used to it now.

And with that change in the weather, he’s shifted his position.

That is not what somebody remotely credible does. That’s what a fraud does.

That man is a wage thief.

There are guys propping up bars, too drunk to see straight, who could produce better copy than him.

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  • Tony B says:

    Poor auld Spew Heavins: a demented geezer without a tribe.

    Mind you, he gets paid good money for talking shite, so any sympathy to his plight must be tempered.

  • JimBhoy says:

    Shouldn’t be too harsh on Keevins, don’t scorn the afflicted, everyone knows he is a dillusional crackpot, has been for years.

    The problem is there are a bunch of them maybe all part of the Murray legacy then there is the new breed ex-rangers players who seem to find it easy to get a paper, radio, tv gig. You know the ones.

  • scouse bhoy says:

    ask him if he stands by what he told andy gray that is the big question. scotlands media shame.

  • Stewart says:

    Since mid week it started way lackies stating pressure on us why I don’t know, being 6pts ahead talk of collapses!!!!,, it was one game,,, very big game granted, but that’s fitba,,( and dodgy reffin) nota mention bout gio an his mob all week kept well outa back pages,,,itl be tough tday up er but we can break em down,,and back to 6pts again,

  • Scud Missile says:

    You call him a wage thief I would just call him a PONCE.Talking through that broken snib of his telling more lies than Boris Johnson.

  • Starman says:

    Soup taking whining PISH STAINED AULD WANKSTAIN! Naebdy pays ANY NOTICE tae a single word he talks oot eez snib!!

  • Bennybhoy57 says:

    Thanks Mr Keevins..was delighted he was back to predicting our Demise again.
    Thought nice one.Hugh that’ll be 3 points in the bag today.
    Here’s hoping I’m reading more of his piss next Sunday aswell.

  • Jonnie Mutch says:

    Totally agree!!! I read his pish this morning and thought what a wanker!!! ?? It will make it all the sweeter when the buoys take the title back!!!! Hail hail ?

  • harold shand says:

    Do you think he’ll write something like this when Rangers* have to come to ours next week ? The place where they absolutely sh*t it last time , you think he’ll be slaughtering Kent about step overs etc ?

    Can you imagine what he’d be writing if Ange blew a 6 point lead to end up 6 points behind ?

  • Gerald Allen says:

    He’s an even more detestable **** when you realise that his parents or grandparents are from Ballymote, Co. Sligo the birthplace and home of Bro. Walfrid the founder of Celtic Football Club. H. H. H.

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