Ibrox Shame Mounts As Their SLO Focuses Only On The Incident Captured By The Cameras.

Image for Ibrox Shame Mounts As Their SLO Focuses Only On The Incident Captured By The Cameras.

The “official” response out of Ibrox has arrived, only 23 hours after the game, and it is as pathetic as it is possible to get.

The club has, through its hapless supporter liaison officer, issued a statement on the “incident” yesterday, said incident being the broken bottle which had to be picked out of the grass in the penalty area.

There is still no comment on the other, much more serious, incident which resulted in a Celtic club official receiving medical treatment.

Our club has had no apology.

Our official has not received the best wishes of the Ibrox board.

Their SLO does not mention it in his statement.

Is this because the cameras didn’t record it?

As I spoke the other day about my brief flirtation with string theory, allow me this analogy; it’s as if we’re testing out that old quantum theory question; “If a tree falls in the forest and no-one hears it, does it make a sound?”

Is Ibrox really going to ignore the incident involving the member of our backroom team, in the hope that if they do nobody will notice or care?

Even if the issue is the subject of a serious internal examination, nothing precludes them from acknowledging that it happened, saying sorry to our entire coaching department and our club and vowing to get those involved.

It is astonishing that nearly 24 hours later none of that has happened yet.

This whole thing is an absolute outrage.

Aside from banners which had no place in a football stadium anywhere – and which I’ll talk about later – sectarian singing and objects launched from three separate parts of the ground, we now have to contend with the appearance that one club is so aloof and arrogant and wallowing in its own self-pity that it cannot bring itself to do what any other club in the country would have done within minutes of the game ending.

It was a shameful day for the home club, and their handling of it is only making that worse.

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  • Justshatered says:

    It would be a shameful day if that club felt shame.
    Since day one, when Charles Green set the club up, they’ve pandered to the worst elements of the old clubs support.
    That has now become their core demographic and every decision they make has to be looked at as to how their support will react.
    They cannot alienate them as they are the life blood of the club. It would mea the directors having to cover more losses and those guys must surely be coming to the end of their financial tether.
    From our point of view, it makes them even less attractive to any sponsor. Who in their right mind wants to be associated with those scenes yesterday.
    That reduces income again so they have to then turn to those very same people for more money and pander to them again and again.
    So with each dreadful incident the circle becomes ever tighter and their dependence becomes more reliant.
    It’s kind water going down a sink.
    They’ll just end up in the sewer where they belong.

  • Tony says:

    James, it was 4 areas of the ground, Celtic players had bottles thrown at them when they went to congratulate our fans at the end of the game ..

  • Paul Conner says:

    Absolute disgrace. The 700 Celtic fans there had bottles thrown at then. Celtic physio assaulted by bottle thrown. Broken glass thrown onto Joe Hart’ s penalty area. Jota assaulted when taken a corner. Silence from Ibrox board- deafening. Please Celtic, on Health & Safety grounds, do not give theRangers 700 for upcoming derby at Celtic Park. I would hope that the Scottish football authorities instruct theRangers to play leaguecfixutets at home behing closed doors until further notice.

  • David Tolmie says:

    All games there should be played with only away fans in Attendance shutting them down suits them and under no curtainstances should they be given tickets for the last Glasgow Derby in the run in, personally I would never allow them back they should be banned from all away grounds HH

    • william kay says:

      I would let them in and erect a huge net in front of them. again the TV people would be questioning it.

  • william kay says:

    On Celtics next visit to Liebrox the technical staff should all appear wearing hard helmets and flak jackets in front of a TV audience.

  • Johnny mcglinchey says:

    Close the neel-dome down. HH

  • Paddymack says:

    They did send out a safety message last year when they told Chris Sutton it wasn’t safe for him at ibrox as a pundit working for BT sports

  • Tam says:

    When Sutton was banned because “the rangers” could not guarantee his safety now we know why. Thank God Joe Hart noticed the Glass on the pitch. Just imagine a loan player worth millions severed a tendon and his career was over a player from say Man UTD for example.. will clubs ever deal with them again… If they are daft enough the contract will have every if but and maybe in it

  • Seamus Campbell says:

    Bankier would have represented the club with a statement within an hour of the game ending, full apology, remorse and a commitment to catch tge guilty party.
    We would never send our JPT for something like this.
    On another note, have Celtic wasted their money in buying 50% of the “Old firm” brand name. Apart from the over the top “old firm” nonsense at the monkey house yesterday, the term is all over the written and broadcast media.

  • Googy says:

    It is classic Boris talk.? There were no parties.
    Oh OK there were but I was not there.
    Ok I was there but only briefly and thought it was work.
    Let’s have an enquiry and decide then.
    Enquiry has to wait till police investigate.
    Ibrox will want this kicked in the long grass.

  • Jim the Tim says:

    As usual nowt will be done as the bobbies are putting it back on the club to deal with had this been done in street a weekend lock up would be certain scotlands shame will get away wi it again

  • Brian. Attree says:

    Surely E U F A can intervene to prevent these animals from travelling to Europe and European teams visiting Ibrox. The way this club supporters treats it’s club directors, management and staff is beyond contempt. Please bring an independent assessor in before someone is maimed or killed.

  • Sophie Johnstone says:

    Seen some moronic Huns claiming Joe brought the bottle onto the park,they are a wierd bunch,did Joe crack it off the goalpost too,crackpots the lot of them

  • Owen Dolan says:

    The police and their favourite football club will do as they and the SFA and the government always do nothing to see here so jog on.Disgusting I know but that’s the way it is with the establishment club…..

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