Ibrox’s Behind The Scenes Apology To Celtic Is Cowardly And Dangerous.

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So Celtic’s John Paul Taylor – an outstanding representative, as it happens – has confirmed today that the Ibrox club offered an apology to Celtic over the deplorable incidents at the weekend, and in particular the one where our physio was struck by a bottle.

They did so in private.

The question is, why didn’t they do it in public?

That club is absolutely gutless.

Why not say sorry to Celtic in public?

Who do they think would have objected to that?

The majority of their own fans abhorred the bottle throwing – although, as I’ve pointed out, they have tolerated the appalling songs and banners which fed into that atmosphere of absolute hatred.

Do they fear the small minority of nutters this much?

The nutters, as they should be aware, are the ones throwing the stuff in the first place.

Why is Ibrox still pandering to them?

For a visiting official to be struck by an object is a disgrace to the club and a source of deep shame.

An apology, in public, would have treated the issue with the gravity that it deserves. The club could then have publicly disassociated itself from those who carried out the incident. They have done neither.

This is the club that encourages some of its worst elements by putting them in the press room, fully credentialed. It knows that there are elements in the support – and in particular one specific section of their ground – which need rooted out.

They refuse to tackle these things in any meaningful way.

A private apology to Celtic is pandering to those people, Peepul they suspect might have renewed their squeals of outrage.

But think about what that would have done; it would have put the spotlight on the kind of “fans” who consider a display of solidarity with another club over such an incident to be unacceptable … what could do more to highlight their own disturbed mind-set?

That would have made them easier to take on.

Celtic will be appalled that the club does not feel that it can make a public statement on this matter in the face of their own supporters … it is a dangerous signal to send to the lunatic brigade, and it comes at a time when the club has done that already by cancelling the AngeBall Tour game in Australia.

No other club would behave in such a manner.

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  • Seppington says:

    “Why is Ibrox still pandering to them?”

    Money. They need every penny they can squeeze from their gullibilly fans and have likely realised that statement o’clock threatening said clowns means they stop buying hunnish tat.

    I know we’re obliged to give them tickets but in the circumstances we would surely be within our rights to stop these peepul coming to our home and doing the same things they did at Ayebrokes?

    • Brian says:

      The scum bag in our support who threw the bottle at the hearts player was rooted out very sharpies due to good cctv. What is the problem with their cctv is it spoor man’s cctv with poor imagery? Or are they just not interested!

      • Seppington says:

        It must’ve gone in the liquidation, never replaced by Cheapo Chuckles, El Chapo Easdales, the Lying King…and apparently Dougie the Chin…..

  • John mcghee says:


  • john clarke says:

    After the tennis ball and toilet roll throwing at the Dundee game, their Club Admin gave Rangers Fans a public serve and a powerful kick up the behind. They didn’t hold back. I was impressed. They are showing their intent of not being intimidated by their Fans.
    Yes, both a private and public apology over their supporters unlawful actions at IBROX, was appropriate. A public apology to all and sundry, would add steel to their their jelly spines.
    A broadcaster or journalist may read your opinion piece James and may politely ask Rangers Club for a Public apology to Celtic and others such as SFA etc. It may not happen because the news cycle moves so fast.
    I do congratulate Rangers Admin “for their courage and intent”….a change is on its way.

    • Seppington says:

      “It may not happen because the news cycle moves so fast.”

      Aye, that’ll be it…no other reason for it to not happen…eh?

  • Saulgoodman says:

    The celtic board !! Wtf are they gona do , spineless gutless there’s your 700 tickets we’ll pay for the wrecked seats + toilets , these guys make me sick , if ever there was a time to ban the scum for life from paradise this is it , but don’t hold your breath…

  • REBELLIOUS says:

    Celtic should have insisted on public apology and you’re right it does set a dangerous precedent.
    Again, cowardly ibrox hits new low, I cannot recall hearing if the sfa have acted either; another bunch of cowards.
    Looking forward to see Braga match, hoping for a fatal blow to Europa Lge hopes.

  • Allan says:

    Tell them to fkin ram it up their hole …public apology or fuck off n die… again..Hun fucks

  • Kareen love says:

    The Celtic employee could have been killed by this and it’s terrible that club can’t come out and condemn it. If was at Celtic park we would have a stand or our ground shut down if them over at hampden don’t deal with this it shows how bad this country is

  • HelpMordorPolis says:

    Unless the owners speak out then the bams’ machine will gain traction. Disassociation should have been the message.
    Rangers admitted they couldn’t guarantee a pro Celtic commentator his safety. As much as we scoffed at the idea Sunday fully validated that stance. Amazing.

  • Derek Duncan says:

    Deadco 1872,Sevco 2012 2 different klubs same scum support ,the cesspit that is the cradle of filth !!!!!

  • Sophie Johnstone says:

    I’m sorry our board still pandering to the rangers,our fans and employees need a public apology,will Celtic still say we’re not half of anything after even more cosying up to them

  • john clarke says:

    Rangers FC could easily send their Public Apology to the First Minister, Nicola Sturgeon to be read in Parliament and recorded in Hansard. That will then make the immediate news cycle. Unlawful acts by Scottish hooligans, are abhorred by all law abiding Scots.
    OK, SEPP?…rhetorical question!

    • Seppington says:

      They could but they won’t, that was my point. The media won’t ask about it because they are all of the same mindset as those in charge at the Scum Pit, i.e. fk Celtic.

  • Martin says:

    I’m pretty sure there’s a lot of sevco fans who are equally disappointed. Imagine the club you support behaving like this.

    It is indeed a dangerous precedent. How Celtic manage security for their visit is now key. My seat is definitely within bottle launching distance of the away section and I don’t really fancy either my dad or I being bottled.

    Search every away fan before entry. If that means they all miss the game so be it.

  • SSMPM says:

    Ban them

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