Ibrox’s Fan Media Don’t Let The Facts Get In The Way Of A Good (Smear) Story.

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One of the narratives doing the rounds in the gutters of Sevco social media today – and which I highlighted yesterday – is this suggestion that Celtic “timed” the announcement of the Australian tour to detract from a certain other story.

There are three basic elements to this which I want to highlight, but let’s start with the obvious one. This entire narrative, apart from being loathsome and disgusting, is based, not surprisingly, on a brazen and barefaced lie.

Celtic didn’t chose the timing of the announcement.

That decision was made for us by two entirely separate bodies; the Australian media, who knew every detail of the event and were writing about it in advance of our announcement, and the Scottish media, who lazily simply copied and pasted it from what the Australian press had put in the public domain.

That story was out there. The facts were out there.

The entire thing was already public knowledge and all Celtic did was confirm it, not that they had to.

The Australian media had this thing cold. Some of their sports writers had been talking it about for weeks, not that most of us believed them. But they had it. They knew what they were talking about.

As tends to happen, our media was running it shortly thereafter.

Most of the early coverage by the bloggers came either from the Australian story or the follow ups in Scottish press outlets.

I don’t believe Celtic wanted it out there any more than the Ibrox club did, not that early, but once the story was in circulation there was no point in keeping it quiet.

In fact, Celtic’s confirmation of it was actually pretty low-key at first, and at no point in the course of publicising the tour did we do what would have generated the maximum headlines; we never, at any stage, publicised it on the basis of the game against them. Indeed, it took weeks before we even confirmed that they were a participant.

It was the Australian media who made the decision to go large for us, by immediately requesting numerous interviews with Ange himself, which Celtic were happy to grant. This is another area where their social media outlets are basically telling lies; it was not Celtic who christened this the AngeBall Homecoming Tour … that was their media, with a steer from the organisers themselves. I get why Sevconia hates that, but we can’t let them lie about it.

The Scottish press then followed suit, by asking the manager about it for the next two weeks, almost every time he was in front of a camera.

The second element of this is the utter lack of knowledge of the media – and these are “official media partners” of the club – that is betrayed in the very idea that announcing a friendly match would have wiped away the coverage of a major event involving our club. Professionals in the mainstream press would have sniffed that strategy out in two seconds flat and not one of them would have gone along with it.

Which brings me to the third thing here, which is that this whole affair shows Sevconia’s dark obsession up for exactly that. An obsession. And when you are obsessed with something it is difficult to understand that the rest of the world might not be.

For years now the mantra over there has been that there is some huge “cover-up” of this whole issue. Which is weird to me since I’ve read literally acres of media coverage on it, watched at least two full-length documentaries on abuse cases in football where the Boys Club issue is discussed in detail and we’re only in the place where court cases are even possible because the Scottish Government – allegedly a co-conspirator in the “cover-up” – abolished the statute of limitations and then legislated to allow complaints to be grouped together.

Without those changes, all of this would be moot.

I’ve written on this blog, previously, that their default positon is hatred.

Theirs is easily the most poisonous and vicious and hateful football support on this island.

No other even comes close.

They went from singing about being up to their knees in our blood to mocking the dead of the Great Hunger to slandering our greatest ever manager only to arrive now, at the very bottom of the scum swamp. And looking at the world the way they do they see only two sets of people; those who share their hatreds and those who don’t.

And anyone who is on that side is their enemy.

They really do believe that because they want wall-to-wall coverage 24 hours a day, seven days a week, that it should be so. And when it doesn’t happen they gnash their teeth and claw and bite and throw their shit around like lunatics in an asylum, unable to understand why the rest of the world doesn’t want to dwell on this awful subject all day, every day, in the way they do, and in a hope (that will be in vain) not that the victims get justice … but that “Celtic is brought to justice.”

Football justice, first, although none of them can name the rule we supposedly broke.

Financial justice next, which means administration at the very least … this is their biggest, and most ridiculous fantasy, as though our club has no public liability insurance or the means to settle this.

These matters, and others peripheral to it, are in the hands of the authorities and working their way through the system.

What’s more, the judgement they think we “announced” this to detract from, and which happened several days before the Australia story broke, was given plenty of coverage in the media; just not enough for these vampires, who thrive feeding off the pain and suffering to get their fix of fenian blood by other means.

I abhor these Peepul.

I really do, and I long since came to understand that in the half-lit corners of their forums and websites that they are capable of rationalising all their hatreds and paranoia and spite … and we allow them that because it is their club which has to deal with the tarnished reputation they bring it, and the only people who ultimately suffer are the many fans of their club who are sick of it being polluted by their filth.

But we must not allow them to lie.

It is becoming one of the defining features of Sevco social media; don’t let the facts get in the way of a good smear story.

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  • Cairncross says:

    Why does their old clubs history with regard to the horror of this kind of abuse never get visited ? The culprits were actual employees of their rotten old club. No names needed as its all out there in public view.

  • Cairncross says:

    Conveniently enough the old Ibrox clubs history with regard to the kind of events the SMSM and the Klan like to direct at our club, are never in the public forum. No names are needed, its all out there.

    They cannot claim the wished for parts of the old clubs history without taking responsibility for the bad and all of the debt.

  • Scud Missile says:

    The cheek of their fans and their bloggers writing about this issue,when one of their very own Prince Andrew their loyal Queens favourite son paid an out of court settlement of £12 million for the rape of an under age girl on numerous occasions and being caught up in the the paedophile ring set up by Jeffrey Epstein.
    What’s that about people throwing stones who live in glass houses.

    • Cairncross says:

      Its all very convenient for the Klan and the SMSM to whitewash over the old clubs history with respect to the kind of shameful events that happened there. No need to mention anything else as its all out there in public forum. They only want to try and claim the old clubs titles, many of which were tainted by cheating and one was just a halved title, without wishing to accept the debts and crimes as well.

    • Tony B says:

      They also conveniently forget Neeley and Dunn, both convicted of child sexual abuse committed while they were employees of the old club, whose victims were told to go away by an Ibrox director.

      Moreover, there is the embarrassing matter of Richard Gough, who was made a club ambassador AFTER his exploits with young boys came to light: indeed this was known about when he was at Dundee United before he came to the old club, and would almost certainly have been known by a revered manager of both clubs.

      Hypocrites? You couldn’t mark their necks with a blowtorch.

  • Cairncross says:

    Its all very convenient for the Klan and the SMSM to whitewash over the old clubs history with respect to the kind of shameful events that happened there. No need to mention anything else as its all out there in public forum. They only want to try and claim the old clubs titles, many of which were tainted by cheating and one was just a halved title, without wishing to accept the debts and crimes as well.

  • Johnny mcglinchey says:

    Be careful what you wish for, it is right that those who suffered under those beasts get some sort of compensation but these thick orange retards don’t realize that some of there fans in the stadium must have suffered themselves but don’t think about that. But after celtic they will be coming for them and lets see how the scum at the neely-dome find that. HH

  • Bhoy4life says:

    Have you noticed that the Scottish media never push that side of the story?
    Never print a word or ask a question regards abuse at Rangers.

  • SSMPM says:

    Andrew, their disgraced prince, will be proud of all the england supporting traitors of Scotland pictured tossing off outside their midden ground when they celebrate. Scum

  • Gordon Ashley says:

    Everybody already knows all this.. none of their vile smearing makes up for the pain us winning trophies causes them.. win trophies and rub them and our financial superiority in their unwashed vile beetroot faces, that is the only answer

  • Stephen McAdam says:

    They are utter poison we all know it, we all have experience of it and still they crave to be attached to Our Great club! How weird is that ,tho it cause thet know we are the only really big club here the ” o f” ha hadont make me laugh they love it cause it validates them and in their tiny minds gives them relevance! Listen lurking poison the World know what and who you are every city, town you visit you cause chaos its who you are and only in brigadoon Scotland is this tolerated! Your the vilest group of people anywhere on the planet! As my Dad always said ” only record they have is for invading every park in europe! In brigadoon the joke media use our great club to normalise the behaviour of these cretins! Not on your life! We are a Real Club born out of Charity ,love, unity and community not hate! They are the lowest of the low and tomorrow after we hammer them they cause more chaos and be aided by a media and authorises that allow then why? Cause they are them! Enablers! Disgusts me everyone knows who they are the police know the carnage they cause and they always have they have all the stats its all there. The ground should have been bulldozed in 2012 and we should bought it and destroyed it, as was easy as they turned their backs cause they expected to be saved ! Pathetic creatures they sicken me and as Ian archer said all those years ago World be a better place without them after he called the a permanent embarrassment and often a disgrace! Truer words never been spoken! Hail Hail now let’s get this done tomorrow in this hellhole of hate shut that poison up early doors CELTIC

  • Edward Mc Graw says:

    I think it would be fair to say that we are all, more or less, in agreement regarding feelings for the rangers, however, we can surely rise above the use of the word” retard”, it belongs in a less enlightened age and has no place on here,or anywhere else tbh.

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