Ibrox’s Morelos Statement Proves Again That They Just Cannot Tell The Truth.

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Ibrox’s announcement that Morelos is out for the season – and which they made tonight – comes as no surprise whatsoever. A lot of us on the Facebook admin team have been talking about this for the last few days.

When I was looking into Kyogo’s injury I learned a lot that at the time I’d rather not have known.

How handy it came when dissecting the Morelos one.

The crutches were the bad sign as far they are concerned.

They suggested a Grade III tear requiring an op. The prognosis was disastrous as far as their fans were concerned. The club didn’t want to tell them the extent of their injury, but it was obvious anyway.

The thing is, their statement tonight is ridiculous.

It blames an injury that he sustained whilst on duty with the Colombian national team. Whether this is an attempt at deflection or the precursor to them trying to sue their FA I don’t know, but it’s obvious nonsense.

See, if you watch their games – and I do and I always do, because I watch football and they are our closest rivals and I want to know how good or bad they really are – you’ll know that Morelos was toiling with an injury for weeks.

They had him on painkillers before and after games – and they admit this – but most importantly, the cameras clearly showed him sitting on the bench after he was subbed off against Dundee with ice on his thigh.

He’s been carrying an injury for weeks and maybe months.

They have aggravated his injury by over-playing him.

They could have pulled him out of the Colombia squad … they should have, when they saw how he was toiling.

But I suspect they sent him there knowing they’d made that injury worse.

Are we expected to believe that he went to Colombia feeling just fine and that he sustained a brand new, entirely different, injury – to the exact same part of the exact same leg – whilst he was there?

Why can’t that club just front up and tell the truth for once? Is it an alien concept to them? The only people who lie like this, reflexively, on every issue great and small, are sociopaths.

Is that what we are to assume here? There is no need for it at all.

And they aren’t fooling anybody either.

The Ibrox fan forums can smell this a mile away, they know when they are being fed a line and they know that their club statement is gilding the lily. These Peepul might be stupid but they aren’t daft.

If this is Ibrox trying to pay for the Australia fiasco with an insurance claim against the Colombian FA there is plenty of footage from the TV which proves that Morelos has been unfit for a while.

There are plenty of media interviews where they have freely admitted that he’s playing through the pain barrier. So whatever this is, it’s not going to work.

That club is a complete shambles from top to bottom.

The media has been banging on for weeks about how they were on the verge of an “historic” season, their greatest ever – eleven years old, and one major honour, it wouldn’t be hard to beat – but the truth is, they are a mess, a colossal, bumbling, stumbling wreck of a football organisation.

That will be borne out, in full, by the end of this campaign … and probably by the end of this month.

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  • PAUL MCCANN says:

    as we cannot call them liars i shall content myself by saying that they are strangers to the truth

  • JimBhoy says:

    If they are successful in getting compensation there is a general agreement with FIFA on the amount and I am sure it’s around £250k but I believe that is an injury in a game. I don’t know if he played at all…. I think they are onto Plums.!

  • Garry Cowan says:

    I think your giving them credit for not being daft that they don’t deserve their club is a shambles and none of them can actually see what everyone else can see

  • Bennybhoy57 says:

    Heard a rumour that while he was having his medical procedure, the club asked that he also was fitted with a gastric band.

  • Martin says:

    It’s obviously a ploy to get money. Everything they do is a pathetic attempt to keep the wolves from the door.

  • Tony Lamont says:

    I see the BBC were toeing the party line, reporting that he sustained the injury while with the Colombian squad

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