Ibrox’s Spite And Pettiness Was Summed Up Today In The After Match Interviews.

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Just then, as I was finishing an entirely different article, my sister drew my attention to the most astonishingly petty act from the Ibrox club in a long, long time. She found these two Tweets and thought she’d pass them on to me.

As you can see from that one, Van Bronckhorst spoke in front of an advertiser’s board in which the league sponsors logo is covered up, on every single square, by pieces of tape.

This, don’t forget, isn’t even their ground but that of Motherwell.

That picture shows that those squares then had to be uncovered for the Motherwell manager’s own interview.

Which means someone actually got paid today to basically do that. Someone, hopefully from Ibrox’s own media team, was given the duty of poking the SPFL with a stick.

Earlier in the week I wrote a piece about appeasement policy and how in the case of Ibrox it has led, inexorably, to the point where they simply refuse now to act with any sort of integrity.

This is a sterling example of it. They wouldn’t even sent their manager out there to talk in front of a board in which the league’s principle sponsor has its name.

What in the name of God must cinch think of this? How in the Hell are we ever supposed to find people to invest in the game when the second biggest club in the country behaves in such a shabby manner, embracing chickenshit as its official club policy?

People who regard Scottish football as a backwater would do well to focus on that act of pettiness and spite. It is the mark of a club with an absurd insular mentality, but worse than that is that the league permits this club to behave in such a manner at all.

They are a joke, and the problem is that with this kind of behaviour they make the rest of the game into a joke as well.

They really need to be stopped before they do more damage.

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  • John says:

    Hold any money back from them that they are due at the end of the season and you will soon hear them, court case hopefully.

  • John A says:

    Hateful batards will still take their prize money from cinch

  • Kevin Kanee says:

    All the clubs in the league should meet up at the end of the season. An either come up with some sort of proposal to the sfa/spfl that sevco get a 10 point deduction for the start of next season or half a million pounds fine for bringing the game into disrepute in this country but we all know there’s more chance that the sfa/spfl give them a 10 point lead an half a million.

  • jimmyw167 says:

    The prize money should be used to pay for VAR, this way it will mean no club, not even sevco, will need to pay anything, for now at least.

  • Bennybhoy57 says:

    Spiteful..hateful..deceitful..resentful, that’s just the board members.
    Old Firm FC Supporters take it to.another level outside and inside the ground.
    They really are a despicable New club from top to bottom.
    I’ve never wanted a league title more than this one.
    Shut All this 55/56 nonsense up.

  • Seppington says:

    If you can’t play by the same rules as everyone else then no second-place prize money for you. Of course the SPFL will bow and scrape and hand it over like the weaselly cowards they are…

  • Pan says:

    They behave like that because the Establishment, the media, our politicians, the police, the SFA, the SPFL, referees and the law encourage it by their inaction. Words of condemnation are not enough and are easily and deceitfully spoken. They are all cowardly and allow the bully boys to get their way. What a pathetic situation!

  • Paulzobhoy says:

    I hope they are refused the opportunity to do this next Sunday
    They have no right to do this but then again if we give them a real doing they wont do interviews

  • kingmurdy says:

    why did the home club allow these people to deface their property…..if the background board not actually owned by the home club, then certainly in their safe keeping ?
    motherwell fc….sfa….spfl….and CELTIC FC board – ALL SHITEBAGS !!!!!!!

  • Donald Macintyre says:

    Please god tell me that the old firm fc are getting nothing from Cinch and the other 37 do, there money can be used in grassroots. They have done absolutely nothing and as a consequence they should be given the same back, nothing for the Cinch deal

  • Jjim says:

    So last week they are begging the league for help , in the form of moving schedule to accommodate THEiR schedule, Fast forward a few days & they come back to smack them in the chops with this petty infantile agenda. Talk about biting the hand that feeds them.
    Seen primary school kids better behaved.
    E M B A R A S S I N G !

  • Martin H. says:

    Why was it allowed to happen in another teams ground?

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