If The Aussie Tour Wants To Promote Scottish Football, Let’s Invite Another Team.

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The media had a weird way of looking at the game in Australia.

They wanted, desperately, to promote it through the prism of Ibrox but the Aussie media would not allow that.

They wanted it to be about Ange.

Some of our hacks then tried trying to make it about Scottish football itself, I think in an effort to win over some of us.

But you know what? Ange has talked about the benefits to Scottish football of us playing over there.

And I wonder if this isn’t the right time to double down on that.

What the media forgets is that there is more than one club in Scotland … and there are more than two.

The organisers of the event could easily find another club to play in it, especially when there is a few million quid on offer. But here’s the thing; if they want to screw with Ibrox in a way that will really make their point, they should give that money to Hibs or Hearts or Aberdeen, or one of the other clubs in our league.

If Bisgrove is telling the truth the money is even greater than the SPFL gives to a title winner … great.

Make one of these clubs grateful for Ibrox’s blind stupidity. Promote Scottish football as was apparently the hope of some of our hacks (aye, right) and in the process give one of our clubs a chance to put itself out there and build its own audience.

Our media has to stop trying to promote the game here through two teams (or just one, their favourite one) and start trying to promote it through all its clubs.

I would love to know how they would react to a Celtic-Hibs game abroad or a Celtic-Aberdeen game abroad, and since the idea of the Glasgow derby abroad is dead, if the Aussies gave Scottish football itself such a shot in the arm why not take an Edinburgh derby to the far flung corners of earth instead?

Do they think no-one would watch it? I’ve been at four of them; one at Hampden, two at Easter Road and one at Tynecastle) and the atmosphere is great.

Scottish football should not lose out because the Ibrox club panders to its gutter fans.

If the Aussies really are interested in writing a monster cheque for this tour then give it to a club which will make better use of it than paying some ex-EPL crock to sit on the bench for months.

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  • REBELLIOUS says:

    Very good again today James, one point, the money should be offered to The HIBEES.

    End of. NOT the jamboes… NO WAY!

    Thanks really enjoying the blog atm, HH?

  • Bhoy4life says:

    Fantastic idea, if just from the point proving just how unimportant Sevco really are in the grand scheme of things.
    An Aberdeen or Dundee Utd could use real cash like that in the proper manner, it would just disappear down a black hole at Sevco.

  • Ed says:

    I agree James, Hibs and Hearts both have also history with Australian players.
    And Aberdeen, Dundee Utd or even Motherwell would also be nice to promote the Scottish game.
    Personally I hope Hibs or Aberdeen.

  • JimBhoy says:

    Bit of Sunshine in Sydney in November, couple of games to give to mostly fringe players game time and pick up > £10m, great bit of business. Hoping we can do it for a few years.

    I feel the real reason sevco pulled out has yet to surface. It will all come out in the washing.

    Jingle-Jangle Jackson saying £5m penalty will be close to the truth cos he would be getting the spoon fed to him by his old chum Kingy.

    Another day in court if sevco are still in existence.

    HH to a Celtic victiory Sunday.

  • Benjamin says:

    I don’t disagree with the sentiment, but I have a difficult time believing the organizers want another SPFL team other than Celtic at this point. But what do I know? Maybe they cheap out and offer £1m plus travel expenses and pocket the rest.

    If I were the organizers, I would wait to see if the Australian national team wins their World Cup playoff. If they miss out on the World Cup, including their national team in this tournament would be an obvious solution.

  • Andy Franks says:

    Brilliant idea – would be great for scottish football, not to have the Old Firm tag – well, tagged on

  • john clarke says:

    The Sydney Super Cup (I hate the word Super) is a biennial event where two foreign teams of the highest standard play in Sydney. Rangers and Celtic were to be the first two teams. It’s all about Entertainment, Tourism, High Class Football and Making Money. To make Money you need “Bums on Seats” and wide TV viewership. Another Scottish Club won’t do it. If you asked Australian football (English type) loving youth and youngish adults <40 years old to name three SPL clubs; the answer would be Rangers, Celtic and err, umm. You're dreaming, James…I don't mean to be rude. The replacement to Rangers, may be no team; certainly, no Scottish fifth rate team and nothing less than a Manchester City bench plus a few stars. Rangers Board have quelled the ire of the fans for the "Dirty Old Firm" game. Could save cleaning rubbish thrown onto the pitch, stop a few fights and stop linesmen being pelted with tennis balls.
    I am confident Rangers will be in Sydney come November.

    • Stephen McAdam says:

      Strange you name them before Celtic as in ” r#%@%s and Celtic” no Tim does that Ever! plus I think he was just making a point, he knows it probably wont fly but regardless I lived in Sydney and spurs got 78,000 at Homebush in 2015 so they show up for Celtic v hibs etc and the poison are just thst a poison club with most perma raging fanbase on the planet so Sydney dodged a bullet big time as did that disgrace of a board at our great club

      • john clarke says:

        Stephen, I do not claim to be connected to the notorious Tim Molloy gang of Glasgow.
        I am a Taig, which bothers me naught and 87.5% Irish which also bothers me naught.
        I put Rangers first because I read that they have a greater fan base than Celtic in Australia.
        Enjoy the game. I hope Rangers Fans don’t misbehave. I need a rest. I can assure you I am not a Rangers stooge. I think Hibernian FC is a magnificent Club because of its good intentions right from the start. It is secular, non racist and welcomes all. I wish they could win the Premiership. Celtic started with the best intentions but it supporters reacted badly to the most bigoted, sectarian people in Great Britain; the Glaswegians. The Irish emigrants of the Famine and the Big Migration of the 1880s should have moved to Eastern Scotland. Mind you, during these times Glasgow was one of the richest Cities in Great Britain. That’s it.

  • Stesano says:

    Good idea tho media would really show themselves up by their lack of interest, they know they rely on the newco readership hence the total pandering and denial ,it was always thus but way worse now since most Tim’s dont buy those rags

  • Robert Kennedy says:

    Great idea have a word with hubs it will be a home coming for some of there boys as well.

  • john clarke says:

    I did hear Ange say he wanted to promote Scottish football around the world….it was after the Alloa rough house game. All SPL Clubs have the same aspiration. It means more revenue from TV broadcasting rights. Presently, the SPFL are paid a pittance from a TV broadcaster, relative to other EURO Leagues; particularly Scandinavian Leagues. It doesn’t worry me in the least….the SPL is interesting to follow and of plenty high quality. No one can deny its contribution to the EPL. Right now the world is awash with “pay to view” Sport Broadcasting. Does Scottish Football have a competitive advantage over the multitude of other Football Leagues and sports? I don’t believe the adage “more sport is not enough”.

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