Ignore The Media Gushing. Celtic Are The Stars Of The Show And Our Day Is Sunday.

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As we head into the weekend you might be forgiven for thinking there is only one story in the Scottish game, the one being broadcast at high decibels in the media. Ignore it all.

Come the day of the cup final it Celtic who will dominate the news and one question will be getting asked; can Ange Postecoglou lead us to our fifth domestic treble in six years?

Let’s put things in a little perspective.

The Ibrox club has reached the semi-finals of the Europa League winning six games in that competition.

Know how many games we won in the Europa League before exiting our group with nine points, which was one more than they got?

Six games.

Do not let anybody kid you on here.

Some clubs carry incredible luck.

We have won the only domestic trophy which has been handed out.

I know because I was there to see it and many thousands of us were. I still have pictures from that day and you can watch the highlights on YouTube. I say all that because it’s sort of been swept aside in all the gushing which was going on over Van Bronckhorst and is still going on to some extent or another in the Scottish media. But it happened.

We have a six point lead in the league. We’ve played their side twice since the turn of the year. We won both of them, including on their home ground where we gave them a goal of a start. At Celtic Park we swept them away.

Sunday is our day. Sunday is all about us.

It’s about what happens if we show up for business as we have this season over and over again. The diabolical narrative that the league has been lost and not won is arrogant tripe being pushed by people who simply cannot believe the evidence of their own eyes, which is that we have emerged as the better team from a standing start.

Nothing was given to us.

Nothing has been handed to us and one of the great pleasures over the remainder of this campaign will be in watching us demonstrate that again and again.

This is Scotland and so we have to, but we shouldn’t have to … our rivals get acres of ink based on European form which is part myth and part fantasy, but we have to fight for every bit of credit and we still don’t get a quarter of that we deserve.

Such is life. But we endure it, and we’ll triumph anyway.

At some point, when they are forced to cover the victory party, they have to acknowledge our brilliance.

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  • Smokey says:

    Sure the media in Scotland are making Sevco world beaters BUT that Braga team has to be the worst in any semi final have seen in recent years, they were absolutely hopeless.
    It will not be easy on Sunday with our big Greek out and if true that Kyogo wont start then
    Maeda will hopefully have them run ragged……big Nir will be needed at some point.

  • Sean says:

    No James I’m not buying this at all, then being in a euro semi is a great achievement, if that was Celtic in the semis , it would be world beaters. This is the hypocrisy of being a Celtic and rangers fan. I’m a realist and tell it like it is, they are getting praise and rightly so, we have been hopeless in Europe, for whatever reason they have more of a European style than us, there style of play is suited more to European football. They deserve the praise for getting to a European semi, when you consider the finances of the other sides who have been knocked out.

  • Tom Foolery says:

    Ffs James, it’s the day straight after a Scottish club has just reached a European semi final….what the hell do you expect them to be talking about. And let’s look at the situation of that club. They’re a 10 year old club who only 4 or 5 years ago were getting pumped in Europe by joiners and postmen from Luxembourg…and they’ve got to a European semi final with a fraction of the money our club has spent. So what the hell is our excuse!?! Maybe it’s the small mindedness of a section of our support who are happy getting pumped in Europe as long as we win the LC and SC…Ffs

    • Scud Missile says:

      Great Post Tom but sometimes you have people on here that you could not put a fag paper between them and people that post on FF when it comes to everything that needs to be negative about the rivals.
      As I said a watched the game and sevco deserved the win.
      They got a couple of goals chopped off which should have stood.
      Had that been us in their situation last night goals chopped off Bragga playing the way they did we would be spitting out the dummy.
      Remember these are only opinions on here which are like arseholes,everybody has one.

  • Scud Missile says:

    Look I watched the RB Leipzig game before the sevco one and that mob did not impress me either.
    Let’s not kid ourselves on here sevco are in with a shout here of winning this thing, to deny them that would make us look like it was sour grapes.
    The pressure is still on them as to crash out of the cup on Sunday and not to progress to the final of the Europa league then the baw really would be burst over there.
    The Europa league would be last thing for them to cling on to,but to see it all come to a horrible end for them would be even better than getting the 6 winning numbers on the lottery with the bonus ball thrown in for good measure.

  • Mark B says:

    Reaching last four of Europa League is a stunning achievement… our best team in a generation did it only once. Stop with the awful sour grapes. I hope we win Sunday but it will be a tough hard fought battle. The treble is possible for us but it will be a heck of a battle.

  • Jack says:

    No matter what happens between now and the end of the season, Celtic have been magnificent. It’s now a pleasure to watch Celtic. Big Ange, his staff and the players should be very proud. Here’s hoping we can win, what would be, the sweetest treble of all.

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