It Will Not Be Down To “Timing” If Ange Doesn’t Win MOTW. It Will Be Down To Bias.

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Aiden Smith of The Evening Times has offered a possible rationale for Ange not winning the manager of the year award; timing.

What rot that is. His argument appears to be that the because certain issues are not settled – including the league – that someone else might emerge as more worthy. That’s a joke, it really is, and it is pathetic for anyone to make that case.

Is he really telling us that the manager on the longest unbeaten league run in Scotland, the manager who already has a major trophy, the manager whose team has a six-point lead with four games left and who began this campaign having lost his captain and a number of other key players and had to virtually rebuild his team isn’t already, clearly, plainly, the front runner?

Who are these people trying to kid? Of all the faux justifications being offered for why this award might not go to the Celtic boss, that is far and away the worst.

The simple truth of it is that there are just some of them who will not give it to Ange, who do not want to give it to Ange, who cannot bring themselves even to believe that there might be a case in which Ange is the best candidate. And some of these people aren’t even pro-Ibrox as much as they made their minds up about this guy and refuse to change that.

The excuses are getting more and more desperate, and the squirming over it proves that even some of those who are making them find them embarrassing and cringy. Ange has earned recognition. He has more than earned it.

If some of them are so bitter that they cannot process that or acknowledge it then these awards are worthless junk and the whole concept should be chucked in the bin.

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  • harold shand says:

    David Martindale was one they were talking about in the Record this morning , not getting into the top 6 now gets you manager of the year .

    Absolutely anyone but Ange


  • Bhiy4life says:

    All these wee stories are only out there to make the result less of a surprise when it happens.
    Ange ain’t getting it.
    Ange has chewed them up and spat them out all season and they can’t handle that, this is their revenge.
    Ange won’t give a 4X.
    We shouldn’t either.

  • Gordon Ashley Ayr says:

    I would have no problem with dick Campbell winning, to take Arbroath to second against 9 much bigger full time clubs is a bigger achievement than what ange has done

    • Seppington says:

      Second is never better than first. Plus Campbell is a racist dinosaur so to Hell with him.


      • Seppington says:

        …unless, of course, there’s a highly unlikely dropping of points and we lose the league. Then there’d maybe be cause for debate, but I don’t see it happening….

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