Keevins Doesn’t Get To Jump On The Bandwagon After Predicting Celtic Would Be Third.

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We are a tolerant and understanding support, and when one of my mates sent me a bunch of the hack’s predictions – made at the start of the season – in which each and every one of them said that the Ibrox club would win the title, I smiled.

People are entitled to their opinions after all, and those gelled with what a lot of Celtic fans might have believed.

Only one of those predictions stood out; that of Hugh Keevins, who predicted the Ibrox club first and Stephen Glass’s Aberdeen second.

He had us in third.

He only changed that prediction once; a matter of weeks later when he wondered if we might be fourth.

I have no problem with people jumping the fence. I have no problem with those who switched their predictions in January.

But Keevins didn’t in January because he never accepts getting things wrong.

He was asked then whether he thought the Ibrox club would still win the title, and he did. Indeed, he predicted that Van Bronckhorst’s side would not lose a game, just prior to them coming to Celtic Park and getting well and truly scudded.

But nobody asked him – and nobody will – how his prediction about us coming third was going to pan out. Because that wasn’t a prediction but screeching attention seeking, Keevins rattling the bars of the lunatic cage. The ultimate proof that this yahoo cannot be taken seriously, no matter how seriously he takes himself.

When you listen to Keevins, he always sounds articulate and semi-intelligent only after the fact. He is great at Stating The Bloody Obvious, but then you could get that sort of intellectual heft by asking the drunkest guy in the pub.

So no, he doesn’t get to jump on the bandwagon.

He doesn’t get to say “I got it wrong,” because getting it wrong is tipping the Ibrox club to win the title.

He didn’t get it wrong. He got carried away in his anti-Celtic rhetoric. His outlook is poisoned by his virulent detestation of those who rule the roost at Parkhead and have disdained him for years.

Worse, he masquerades as a journalist although it’s quite clear that he does not know the first thing about the sport he has spent his adult life reporting on. His level of cluelessness is extraordinary.

He is not even a joke any more.

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  • harold shand says:

    All season he’s been like a vulture , circling , waiting on Ange blowing it , so he can go on that radio sh*t show that’s crawling with huns and stick it in

  • Scud Missile says:

    He went to the same school as big BENNY from Crossroads,you should see wee Shug with his tea-cosy hat blends right in there with the klan BENNYS at ibrox.
    Tonight he was banging the drum( no joke intended) about sevco being 5 YES 5 games away from winning a European trophy.

  • David Clark says:

    The same Mr Keevins predicted “ The Rangers “ would win each of 7 Celtic victories culminating in a 1-0 CP victory courtesy of Chris Sutton . He’s always been a bigoted Auld man . ??

  • Tony B says:

    Auld doddery Spew Heavins is demented but that’s exactly what the deluderinos who listen to his show want to hear. Reassurance for the Gullibillies is what it’s all about.

  • vincent mcsherry says:

    the whole intention of Keevins is to wind up the Celtic support and it looks like he has succeeded! I am afraid if you continue to take the guy seriously you deserve all you get!! HH

  • Hugh mcavoy says:

    Totally agree his inability to see past his blue nose will never change, onc a hater always a hater

  • Bhoy4life says:

    Sycophantic no mark.
    His predictions for next season?
    Sevco will come back and take the title, it’ll be close tho, and they’ll get a cup, a double for Sevco, and we’ll manage 2nd in the league.
    Hibs for the other cup, we’ll have another empty season.
    He gets paid for that sh ite out of our licence money.

  • John S says:

    If he is a jester I must say I have never found him funny. Like Max Miller.

  • Keith Devitt says:

    On beat the pundit last night one of the questions was “name the 4 clubs in the SPL this season. Shug said rangers ?????

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