Lennon Is Whinging Again About His “Unfair Treatment” By Celtic Fans And The Press.

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You know what? I am sick and tired of this guy and wish he would shut it already.

I’ve never known anyone in football to screw up so spectacularly and not have a shred of remorse or self-reflection about it. He’s told PLZ that he was “treated unfairly” by a section of the media and a section of our fan-base.

What absolute garbage that is.

I really am weary in my bones of this whinging and self-pity from Lennon.

You’d think he was the only manager who ever got sacked after winning things the year before.

Roberto Di Matteo lost his job at Chelsea less than a year after winning the Champions League for God’s sake.

Claudio Ranieri won the most unlikely title of all time … he didn’t last a year either.

Has Lennon forgotten that this business is about results, and about results in the here and the now?

He is the guy who sent out his team for a critical European game at home last season, a winner-takes-all fixture, with no striker upfront and then went in front of the media after the match and torched his own dressing room with a flamethrower.

It was the most reckless act of managerial self-harm I’ve ever seen and I knew, we all knew, we were in trouble that night.

The two defeats at the hands of Sparta Prague were sacking offences in their own right, as was the debacle in the League Cup.

Nobody else was responsible for that stuff, it was down to him.

His signings were garbage. His tactical sense was non-existent. The team was unfit and demotivated.

Who was responsible for all that if not Lennon himself?

Other clubs coped just fine with lockdown.

One of them went unbeaten in our league, so what in God’s name is he talking about?

St Johnstone had enough about them to win not one but two domestic trophies during a spell when they had to make cuts in their playing budget. Lennon spent how many millions? £15 or so?

On junk. To make us worse.

It was his job to make sure that the team didn’t lose focus or let the lockdown affect them.

Would Ange have allowed standards to slip like that?

Would he have tolerated it?

Or would he, perhaps, have worked harder and done more and got something out of the team?

This guy … it’s gotten so bad with Lennon that he has almost run out of defenders, even amongst those who would never hear a bad word about him.

Not only was in he in a job he should never have been near, but he had it longer than he ought to have as well … he should have been sacked by mid-November at the very latest and hung on for three more catastrophic months.

He simply refuses to accept that he is the primary architect for what went wrong last season, and he can cry the blues about circumstances going against him all he wants, but under pressure he revealed himself to be a second rate coach.

If this was just a handful of his critics talking that’s one thing, but he is not rated in the wider game.

Since he lacks self-awareness, let me remind him that he’s coaching in Cyprus, not in La Liga.

He couldn’t even find a gig at an English Championship side, which is the level many expected to him to fall at.

Not me. I never thought he’d be in a dugout again; like his pal, McCoist, I thought he was done and would revert to punditry instead.

Lennon is never going to apologise or accept that he was wrong about anything.

As such, I feel like continuing to write about this subject is a lost cause and I’m not going to do it anymore. Someone asked me the other day why I didn’t do a piece on Lennon when he got the Cypriot gig, and I was pretty blunt in saying that I just don’t care.

I am going to choose not to care anytime he talks about Celtic in future, unless he says something so off the wall, so outrageous, so unexpected that I have no choice; like that apology maybe or the words “I got it wrong, I blew it.”

That would be worth commenting on.

That aside, I don’t really think there’s anything more to say on the guy.

We’re never going to get a shred of humility or acceptance from him … so unless it’s something pretty major he’s got the last shred of my attention that he’s ever going to get.

I don’t imagine I’ll ever sit down to write, specifically, on Neil Lennon again.

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  • MND says:

    Glad to hear you will not be giving him anymore airtime James.
    Shudder to think where we would be if he took over a situation like he left Ange.

  • Seppington says:

    I had sympathy for him but by this point in the whinge cycle it has evaporated. If he thinks he’s been treated harshly by a section of our fans (would that “section” be “most”, Neil? Because you didn’t have many backers left by the end, and even less now) I don’t know why he thinks his constant bitching and refusal to take a shred of responsibility is going to make that st situation better?

    He needs to get on with job he has instead of continually moaning about his last one. I haven’t checked but I take it this hard-done-by fantastic manager is guiding his new club to glory?

    Fantastic moanager mair like.

  • Jim says:

    Narcissistic Personality Disorder.
    Constitutionally incaple of accepting ANY blame or ANY criticism.

  • Donald Macintyre says:

    This is the best article I have seen on the ginger whinger, his attempts to rewrite history is the only thing he seems good at. When things started to go wrong, everyone apart from him got the blame, he is a dinosaur of a football manager with no insight or ability.
    I keep waiting for the he’s sacked news report and if he doesn’t, Parker must be one hell of a coach

  • Danny Grant says:

    The wee man wasn’t a good manager and not even a what you could call a great footballer . The thing is he was subjected to the most abhorrent treatment of any player or manager in history, being attacked by so-called supporters and commentators alike. Amid all this stuff, bomb threats and pitch attacks he stood firm and faithful to Celtic. I think if he wants to have a wee bit of a crying match or a grumble he’s well entitled to.

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