Matthew Lindsay’s Anti-Celtic Dirge Is A Shameful Insult To Our Manager And Players.

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The story of the day, beyond a shadow of a doubt, is the desperate dirge from Matthew Lindsay in The Herald and the Evening Times this morning, wherein he asserts that the club from Ibrox would be top of the league right now if the country had VAR.

This claim is absurd, idiotic and offensive.

It reeks of bitterness and bias. It pays no heed to Celtic’s exceptional form.

It is an abysmal regurgitation of one of the premier Ibrox conspiracy theories of this campaign, and it strips any credit from our club and in particular the manager and the players who are, without a doubt, the reason we are where we are.

Lindsay’s article stinks to high heaven not because the central thesis is as nutty as the proverbial fruitcake – though it certainly is – but because it ignores our spectacular run of form.

It ignores the ease with which we dispatched their club at home and the casual way we went to Ibrox and won three points in spite of being a goal down early on.

It ignores the vast array of talent at our disposal.

It is predicated on two separate myths; the first being that Ibrox’s collapse in form is why we’re top and taps into the idea that their “European form” proves they would be in front of us if only they got the decisions here that they’ve gotten in that forum.

Neither of those claims stands up.

For starters, their “European form” is illusory as I’ve said time and time again.

Six wins in sixteen games, which is the same number of matches we won in the same competition.

Their European form and their domestic form show a pattern of inconsistency which is not the mark of a title winning team; take a peek at our own form for what that looks like.

The idea that VAR at home would give them the same number of decisions as they’ve had in European games elevates hypothesising to a towering extreme. The games he highlights whose results would have been “different” had VAR been available … is he peering into a crystal ball to come up with that or what?

As many decisions would have gone against Ibrox this season as would have fallen for them.

VAR will not simply award them every decision that they want, which appears to be Lindsay’s delusional belief.

I have joked about this; they want VAR only until it gives a decision that they don’t like, and then the bitching and wailing will start anew.

The only people seriously pushing these two lines of lunacy are those who wish to deny the evidence of the league table.

It is ridiculous that a writer at a national title has put forth such complete tripe.

The claim has no foundation whatsoever and although its intent is to provide an alternative theory for why Celtic are top all it does is make the writer himself look like a fool too poisoned by own his own bias to see straight.

It is the worst piece of “journalism” this year, and that is saying something.

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  • Seppington says:

    “It is ridiculous that a writer at a national title has put forth such complete tripe.”

    Is it though? These are huns we’re talking about here….

  • Stephen McAdam says:

    Like cqn stated there at least 5 big decisions the poison got before Christmas! Listen we all know how huns work right through life in brigadoon they always have an excuse for failures and for their vile hate filled perma rage behaviours this is handed to them by the hun media ,tho it’s not needed that are great a deluding themselves in every aspect If life , I playeded even 5s against some who after we hamneded then walk off with ball 5 minutes from time! In their twisted minds they weren’t beat they gave up!! Ha ha sums up the ideogly of the ” der hun Never me never us we never give in I ratheres by hammered to chuck it but the posion like tge bully doesnt like a scrap!” add in their vile perma rage and hate! What a weirdo set of creatures they are and lindsay its certainly one of said set. TREBLE incoming!! 5 out of 6 years! Choke on that! Brigadoon!

  • Stephen McAdam says:

    Rather be hammered than chuck it I meant

  • Dando says:

    This ML dross and the plea for a game reschedule, what’s next wee Frodo asking big Ange tae half the £45m champions league money?

    Also not one other team that remain in any of the 3 European tournaments have made such a request to their respective association’s.


  • Finbar muldoon says:

    Will Celts have won most trophies ever in scotland when we win the Treble? Asking for a friend. HH

  • Steve Boland says:

    Staggering that anyone wrote such tripe. Even more so that a supposedly serious national title published it. Moon-howler of the year award for Matthew (unless Dick Campbell wins that too…)

  • Peter Cassidy says:

    The blue media are hurting real bad lovely, regarding moving our match tell them to f#ck off lovely.

  • Charlie Kelly says:

    You need to go far to find a bigger clown than Keevins Yet here we go up pops one right on our doorstep,his sash must be cutting off his supply of oxygen to his brain or he’s smoking too much wacky baccy how he gets away with putting forward this Tripe ooops sorry forgot this is Scotland come along too celtic park and join in celebrations on winning the league

  • Peterbrady says:

    He is a indocranated bigot no doubt learned of bigot poison family and pass it on to offspring the filth of the scum the sooner they go the way of the dinosaurs and the rappanuhei the better Scotland will be

  • Johnny Green says:

    Chris Sutton labelling tomorrow’s game as the Desperation Derby has got it very right. Everything said by the huns in advance of it smacks of desperation and false hopes. I am particularly looking forward to the final more so now for the colourful sight of the thousands of tricolours being provided freely by the Green Brigade to the Celtic fans, Perhaps the Union Bears should do something similar and give out free Union Jack pampers to their own fans. prrrrrp

  • Yada Ya says:

    The 7 minute League, the 80 minute League and now the VAR League! Some Treble. They must be the most dumbed down support in the world matched only by the Scottish sports (supposedly) writers who cater to them.

  • james archibald says:

    i read it laughed at it then threw it in the bin where it belongs he king and the rest of them is the reason the herald is going down the tubes. it has become a staunch unionist paper again even mcwhirter has turned full circle

  • Dominic Sharkey says:

    You let yourself down here, James.

    Matthew Lindsay is a Sevco apologist with a laptop, writing in a disreputable, blatant hun fanzine, masquerading as a newspaper. He’s not writing this trash because he’s deluded – he’s writing an article full of unadulterated crap, for his target audience (who are deluded) in order to sell papers, attract advertisers and keep his job.

    Your job (in responding to this dung-heap) is to attract click-bait to your website and, in doing so, increase your advertising base and your income.

    As Michael Corleone would put it, you are both part of the same hypocrisy. Spare us the sermons – if you don’t like it you are at liberty to ignore it. It’s not written to influence you and you know it.

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