Sevco’s “Old Firm” Stunt Was The Desperate Act Of An Ex Who Just Won’t Admit It’s Over.

Image for Sevco’s “Old Firm” Stunt Was The Desperate Act Of An Ex Who Just Won’t Admit It’s Over.

There was, I’m sure, much mutual backslapping and general delight around Ibrox over the weekend between the directors and whichever person at the club came up with their wee “Old Firm” stunt today.

Putting the words up on the big screens.

Putting the words above the tunnel for the players to walk under.

The front of the program which some of their websites were sniggering over as if it was the height of genius.

The wee purple “Old Firm” flags which their club made sure were freely available to fans.

What was that about? Well it was clearly a message to our board; “we don’t care that you won’t let us use the term in Australia or for marketing. We’re going to call it that anyway.”

The reek of desperation from this stinks like a fish left under a bed in a house with the heating on.

This is what they are now, a club resorting to pitiful stunts designed to please their fans but which only sum up how wired to the moon those who run that club are.

Their own fans, by the way, are utterly embarrassed by it and how it makes them look.

They are, in doing this, a little bit like an ex who just doesn’t want to accept that the relationship is over and so calls every night, even though you hang up the phone, and tells all her friends that the engagement is still on, that you’ll “come around” even after you’ve chucked out all her shit and shredded all the pictures and blocked her on Facebook.

Honestly, accept that it’s done and move on already, will you?

If this was some desperado who just won’t get out of your life you’d call them, just once, to say “Stop phoning my mates and asking them if I’m missing you; I’m not!”

Here we can only convince them that they look desperate and clinging … and all they do is remind the world how little their own club actually matters in the grand scheme of things.

It says “we are defined by you even if you don’t want to be defined by us.”

Celtic stands alone, separate, apart.

Isn’t it incredible that the club who objected to being labelled our support act are basically, today, informing the world that although we want no part of them that they need us and want us and refuse to let us go?

What a pathetic shower they are.

And this is what we’ve reduced them to. Amazing, isn’t it?

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  • Benjamin says:

    I can’t help but think of the Monty Python’s Dead Parrot sketch with Rangers acting the part of the parrot and their board as the shopkeeper.

  • owen dolan says:

    James I am beginning to think all the stories about the uneducated sevco/rangers supporters is true.The football authorities in Scotland and Europe have turned a blind eye to every misdemeanour this club has committed including illegal practicies and attacking their own supporters then blaming it on someone else oh and Peter Lawell seemed to help them along for a few thousand quid.

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