Sickened Sevco Fans Don’t Like The SPFL’s Tribute To Celtic’s Multi-Pass Goal.

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There’s always somebody, right?

There are always a handful of people who cannot step back and appreciate football when played as a form of art.

The sixth goal at the weekend was one such goal; over 30 passes and 100 touches of the ball without the opposition getting near us. It was a remarkable series of moves, culminating in a great finish.

The SPFL has tweeted their version of it, which is a damned sight more than BBC Sport did when they showed you something like the last 15 passes in their highlights package and never even bothered to discuss the full move in all its scope.

In fact, someone online, commenting on the SPFL clip, claims that even it is a shortened version of the full move, which he says started almost straight from the kick-off from goal number five.

The SPFL certainly did the move justice. The clip lasts more than a minute and a half. In that short space of time you saw the full effects of Celtic’s style of play.

And of course, it hasn’t pleased everyone.

A handful of sickened Sevconuts have come on to moan and bitch and sell the move short.

From one goon calling us “flat track bullies” – whatever that means in his demented mind – to others wondering why there were not tackles attempted (the away side was trying not to get pulled out of their defensive shape, and it is the express reason for us playing so many passes) it’s clear that they’re feeling the pain.

I do love it when they get like this, when they get so bitter and angry that they cannot even see straight.

That was a contender for goal of the season and they know it.

In any just world it would win that award hands-down, but of course this is Scotland where Dick Campbell might yet win manager of the year in spite of what Ange is putting together.

Celtic fans have been quick to leap onto the whiners and give them a bit of stick.

They certainly earned it. This isn’t the sort of thing to get worked up over.

It’s funny seeing them unable to even acknowledge the quality of that goal … they continue to try and convince themselves that this isn’t even a very good Celtic side.

And they more they deny it, the more scared we know they really are.

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  • Tony B says:

    Old Firm FC fans; whit they like?

  • Steven Welsh says:

    Wait to see them implode when they learn all 5 of Celtic’s league games are live in Sky ?

  • Pan says:

    When you lack intelligence or the ability to think and reason, like some Sevconuts, then you have very little chance of appreciating a build up from Taylor exquisitely dribbling out of the corner flag area to start the passing sequence off and then passing the ball away from the left side of Hart’s goal area resulting in passes throughout the whole team all over the park and this happening for around 2 minutes without the opposition touching the ball, before finally, O’Riley receives the final pass and pushes the ball forward a little before gliding the ball into the opposition keeper’s top right hand corner.

    This is perhaps the longest sentence I have ever written and undoubtably this sequence of passes is also the longest ever leading up to a classic goal that I have ever seen in 60 years of following the bhoys in green.

  • Martin H. says:

    Great goal, and one of these performances, that you didn’t want the game to end.

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