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The Aussie Press And The Organisers Promise Celtic Fans That The Ange Show Goes On.

Image for The Aussie Press And The Organisers Promise Celtic Fans That The Ange Show Goes On.

The good news to start the day is that the Australia tournament will go on without the Ibrox club.

There was never any real prospect of it collapsing, but the affirmation that Celtic fans over there will get to see their team play is excellent.

There was never the slightest danger of this not taking place.

This whole thing was about Ange, right from the start, and the Australian media is dying to see the big man back there with this Celtic side. The whole event is going to be great now, and hopefully the organisers can pull a big name out of the hat as an alternative to the pygmy club which has withdrawn.

Although I have an idea about that I want to write about later.

The Australian press seems pretty gob-smacked by what the Ibrox club has done, and nobody is buying any of their self-justifying nonsense either. I will be doing a lengthy article on them later on, but suffice to say, for now, that they may have pleased the head-banger fringe of their own support for a while, but sane people think they’ve lost the plot.

There are implications for our club, but they go beyond the scope of the tour itself.

The tour goes ahead. The AngeBall Tour goes on, and a lot lighter and more fun than it otherwise would have been. Whoever we line up for the match, the fans over there are in for a treat because as we all know well this team is a joy to watch at the moment.

Even better if we go there as champions and get to show off a selection of trophies which Ange has already won.

We can sew one of them up over the weekend, and I fully expect us to do so. Aussie fans, and our other fans around the world, will be tuned in for that as usual … some of them will be seeing this team up close soon enough.

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  • BhilltheTim says:

    Assuming the Sydney organisers now sue The Rangers and win (on top of whatever the court awards Mike Ashley), at what point will the SFA hit them with a charge of ‘Bringing the game into disrepute’? (Stop laughing at the back!)

  • SSMPM says:

    H ha that’s funny Bhill, the union bears, sorry SFA will never betray their club

  • Droopy McCool says:

    Delighted with this outcome, might even look at flights now…

  • Larsson7 says:

    Union bears,Heart and,Hand,Club 1872,who needs a board,when that shower of Dimwits can do it for you.
    Jelly and ice cream,again………

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