The BBC’s Resident Idiot Gives A Car Crash Interview On Why Celtic’s Boss Shouldn’t Be MOTY.

Image for The BBC’s Resident Idiot Gives A Car Crash Interview On Why Celtic’s Boss Shouldn’t Be MOTY.

The BBC’s new resident idiot, Ricky Foster, who is probably one of the stupidest people ever given a pundits chair, has beautifully summarised what I said earlier about the arguments against Ange winning the manager of the year award as being a tissue of lies.

Foster’s argument, in favour of Robbie Neilson, is so brazenly bad that it blows your mind.

It also sums up the whole anti-Ange chorus going up from some of these folk.

Speaking on PLZ, he got himself into one Hell of a state trying to defend his clownish view.

“I’d probably go for Robbie, just because of how big the transformation has been,” he said, and that’s the part where you should properly start to laugh because of course there can’t possibly have been a transformation at Celtic, can there?

Not the club that finished more than 20 points behind their rivals last season and who lost four key players and a number of others, and who didn’t appoint a manager until pre-season training was about to get underway.

“Ange Postecoglou has done a fantastic job, but he’s at Celtic and they are expected to win leagues and cups,” he said next.

Except … as the anchor was quick to remind him, nobody expected Ange to win a damned thing this season and they all said so before a ball was even kicked, and they were certainly saying it loudly after the start to the campaign we had.

When he was asked straight if he was saying Ange was expected to deliver a title this season he actually backtracks.

“Probably not, no,” before adding this incredible caveat. “But he doesn’t have budget restrictions like Dick Campbell does.”

So why then isn’t he nominating Campbell for the award?

When asked if Neilson has budget restrictions compared to Campbell (which is a great question, because it shows the utter nonsense of this line of reasoning) he stumbled.

“I suppose neither does Robbie, to an extent …”

So budget restrictions on Neilson as compared to Ange is why he went for Neilson. But compared to Neilson, Campbell has budget restrictions, but Foster isn’t going for him.

So having lost the argument over the transformation – Celtic has been utterly transformed and everyone knows it – he shifted to how we were expected to win stuff. When challenged on the veracity of that claim he jumped to budget restrictions. When it was pointed out to him that Neilson has a vastly bigger budget than Campbell what did he finally end up with?

“Just to be different from the lads, I’d go for (Neilson).”

So in the end, damn all to do with expectations, transformations, budgets or any of that other stuff.

But “just to be different.”

He might as well have said “Because I won’t nominate the manager of Celtic” and have done with it, because that’s what he meant and we know full well that’s what he meant.

What an absolute moron he has been made to look here.

What a car-crash that interview was.

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  • Jimmy R says:

    I am sure it would be interesting to unearth Foster’s comments on Gerard last season. Although having won the cube root of nothing in his previous 2 seasons, perhaps Gerard wasn’t “expected” to win last season’s title hence he was a worthy winner. Aye! Right!

  • Scud Missile says:

    Ah daft arse Foster definitely a sandwich short of a picnic that guy.Another pundit that needs to put his crayons away with his dot to dot colouring in book before he speaks.

  • Seppington says:

    Well I thought that for all his stupidity at least he wasn’t staunch but that is a massive sign of severe petty anyone-but-Celtic staunchness right there. Time to re-file Pricky Bawster under “100% Hun Twat” in the mental filing cabinet of bawbaggery…

  • Scud Missile says:

    Foster another one from the ibrox klan base who had to wait on the grey bus to pick him up and take him to school.

  • harold shand says:

    He’s making sure he stays employed by the BBC

  • Bhoy4life says:

    Ange won’t be giving a seconds thought to that award nor will he once its handed out.
    We shouldn’t either.
    Anyone with the slightest understanding of how football works will know within themselves who deserves it, let the narrow minded, self serving sycophants show themselves up for what they are.
    In a matter of a season they have said “who is this guy? He’ll be sacked before xmas…He won’t win a thing…Celtic are in disarray…to now see a league and cup double, almost a treble….and they don’t think that merits an award?
    Clowns to a man…?

  • Pan says:

    Absolutely first class and logical article James.

  • Boab says:

    Foster never based his choice on opinion, an opinion has to have a reasi ing behind it and he had niether, consider he stumbled over his two attempts at a rationale that was not rational he settled for just to be different. Therefore when cornered he neither expressed n opinion or any logic to his choice, he simply ended on his bias that was obvious he nor the BBC cannot stomach Ange collecting awards, after all the gaffer was meant to be goig by xmas and other media mocked a guy they kew othing of, churalism alive and kicking in this backwater.

  • Tony B says:

    His wife is a big hun cheerleader and she clearly wears the trousers so there’s no way he would have nominated Ange, plus being a hun himself, by definition he knows fvck all ablout football.

    Hence anyone but Ange.


  • Starman says:

    Dik by name, Dik by Nature lol! Just another BITTER WEE HUN BASTARD giving his ‘Unbiased’ Opinion BAWAHAHAHAHAHA!!

  • Sean says:

    Sorry but must ask who is he and what’s he achieved in football

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